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Books on Other Phophets

by congregatio on 2017-09-20 11:23:12

I enjoyed the Nostradamus books and the map (very cool), do you have any other books on prophets/prophecies that I can read?


Replies to Books on Other Phophets

books on other prophets and prophecies.

by LuxNova on 2017-09-26 23:10:32

The secret vault is an ongoing concern, still in its early stages at this point, as you have seen the forums are coming on line. There are a great number of books yet to be uploaded to the vault. in terms of prophecy we have a long way to go. Indeed, the biblical astrological books already on site, are based on a mixture of Astronomy, astrology and prophecy. Coming very soon now will be a dictionary especially prepared for use with Nostradamus' words, Centuries 1-10; words and places from the presages, the Sixtains, and the part centuries 11 and 12 will be added in due course. also, we will feature an in depth analysis of a randomly chosen Nostradamus verse, on a weekly basis. There is also a book on the truth behind Hercules story, and one on the Biblical Samson waiting their turn to be uploaded. For the future, books on Isaiah, the true prophecies hidden in the Mort de Arthur, and the truth behind the myth of Robin Hood are being prepared. over 7 E books are undergoing proofing etc. for future publication, including, March of the Antichrists 1 and 2; and the truth behind the story of Noah. hope that helps. LN.