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Gaps in the Nostradamus books

by congregatio on 2017-09-22 17:14:01

Why are their gaps in the Nostradamus books, some verses are missing

missing verses

Replies to Gaps in the Nostradamus books

Nostradamus the missing verses.

by LuxNova on 2017-09-26 13:30:23

The most commonly given reason by previous authors is that the books were censured before being released; either by the Catholic Church, or by some other unnamed authority. some suggest he may have removed them himself, feeling perhaps they were too risky, and might attract the attention of the church inquisition, but none of the reasons so far suggested are satisfactory. Mainly because there are many verses in the Centuries that mention the demise of the priesthood in general, and some are very obviously about the Catholic Church. But it is may belief that they are not missing at all, but they had already been published, as Presages, in Nostradamus' yearly Almanacs. Certain characters and events mentioned in the presages, also appear in the Centuries. I will -and do deal with subject in greater detail in the coming E books, although as yet we are unable to confirm any publishing dates. LN.