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Nostradamus Prophecies: Century VI Verse 54 in English

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At the break of day and the 2nd crowing of the cock,
Those of Tunis, of Fez and of Bejaia (Algeria) [formerly, Bugia, Nostra' has Bugie.]
The king of Morocco captured by the Arabs,
Year 1607 by the liturgy.

Century 6 Verse 54 Location Map

Nostradamus Century 6 Verse 54 includes references to the following locations. You can access other verses where Nostradamus mentions the same locations which is interesting for analysing and comparing the phophecy content to location and events.


Capital and largest city of Algeria, it is situated on the Med Sea, in the north central portion of the countryAppears in Verses: Century 1 Verse 73, Century 6 Verse 54