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Nostradamus Prophecies: Century X Verse 17 in French to English

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Century X Verse 17 in French

La Royne Ergaste voyant sa fille blesme,
Par vn regret dans l'estomach enclos,
Crys lamentables seront lors d'Angolesme,
Et au germain mariage forclos.

Century X Verse 17 in English

The foreign queen seeing her daughter pale,
Through her regret in enclosed in her stomach;
Cries of lamentation there will be then of Angolesme,
And of the German marriage foreclosure.

Century 10 Verse 17 Location Map

Nostradamus Century 10 Verse 17 includes references to the following locations. You can access other verses where Nostradamus mentions the same locations which is interesting for analysing and comparing the phophecy content to location and events.


[angolesme] commune and capital of the Charente depart In the Nouvelle Aquitaine region SWFAppears in Verses: Century 10 Verse 17

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