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Nostradamus Prophecies: Century III Verse 90 in French to English

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Century III Verse 90 in French

Le grand satyre & Tygre d'Hycarnie,
Don présenté à ceux de l'Ocean :
Vn chef de classe ystra de Carmanie,
Qui prendra terre au Tyrran Phocean.

Century III Verse 90 in English

The great Satyr (Satrap) and tiger of Hyrcania,
A gift presented to those of the Ocean:
A fleets chief will set sail from Carmania,
One who will make a landing at the Tyrren Phocean.

Century 3 Verse 90 Location Map

Nostradamus Century 3 Verse 90 includes references to the following locations. You can access other verses where Nostradamus mentions the same locations which is interesting for analysing and comparing the phophecy content to location and events.


A historical region that corresponds to that of the province of Kerman; one of the 31 provinces of Iran, in the southeast of the country, which has its administrative centre in the city of Kerman. Appears in Verses: Century 3 Verse 90, Century 10 Verse 31

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