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Nostradamus Prophecies: Century VI Verse 40 in French to English

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Century VI Verse 40 in French

Grand de Magonce pour grande soif estaindre
Sera priué de la grand dignité :
Ceux de Cologne si fort le viendront plaindre
Que le grand groppe au Ryn sera ietté.

Century VI Verse 40 in English

The great one of Magonce of thirst to die,
Will be deprived of his great dignity,
Those of Cologne will come to complain so much.
That the great groppe will be thrown into the Rhine.

Century 6 Verse 40 Location Map

Nostradamus Century 6 Verse 40 includes references to the following locations. You can access other verses where Nostradamus mentions the same locations which is interesting for analysing and comparing the phophecy content to location and events.


located on both sides of the Rh, near Germany's border with Belgium and the NetherlandsAppears in Verses: Century 3 Verse 53, Century 5 Verse 43, Century 5 Verse 94, Century 6 Verse 1, Century 6 Verse 40
Capital of the state of Rhineland-Oalatinate, located on the Rhine river at its confluence with the Main opposite Wiesbaden, in the western part of Frankfurt Rhine-MainAppears in Verses: Century 5 Verse 43, Century 6 Verse 40
See VersesAppears in Verses: Century 5 Verse 43, Century 6 Verse 40, Century 6 Verse 87

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