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Nostradamus Prophecies: Century VI Verse 49 in French to English

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Century VI Verse 49 in French

De la partie de Mammer grand pontife,
Subiuguera les confins du Dannube :
Chasser les croix par fer raffe ne riffe,
Captif, or, bagues, plus de cent mille rubes.

Century VI Verse 49 in English

The great pontiff of the sect of Mars,
Will subjugate the areas of the Danube:
To pursue the Cross by hook or crook,
Prisoners, gold, jewels worth more than a million rubies.

Century 6 Verse 49 Location Map

Nostradamus Century 6 Verse 49 includes references to the following locations. You can access other verses where Nostradamus mentions the same locations which is interesting for analysing and comparing the phophecy content to location and events.


See VersesAppears in Verses: Century 5 Verse 68, Century 6 Verse 49

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