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Nostradamus predicted Donald Trump 400 years ago [Part 2].

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Review by Lux Nova on 2017-06-25

Posted 7 months ago Joe Vesey-Byrne in offbeat.

'A fol avantureux n'est mestier d'avoir sens.'
An enterprising fool needs little understanding.
(R. Cotgrave.)

In the first part, the writer informs us that some people thought Century 3 verse 81 was about the election of Donald Trump. He continues, other verses have been related to the presidential election.

'In Century 8 quatrain 15 (Nostradamus) writes.'

"The masculine woman will exert herself to the north,
She will annoy nearly all of Europe and the rest of the world:
Two failures will put her in such an imbalance,
That both life and death will strengthen Eastern Europe."

His comment.

'Not to be rude, but some have suggested the 'Masculine woman' is Hilary, and the stronger eastern Europe is Russia?

You may not like Hilary Clinton, but to pretend she is more like a man, seems pretty unrealistic to me.

The writer does not say who's translation he uses, it may have come from ? who he asserts the previous translation came from, it is certainly not his, in truth it is taken from Mario Reading, 'The complete Prophecies of Nostradamus'. The Verse concerned can be found on page 741 of the book. And this cannot be disputed, and let me tell you why,

While you might argue that two, even 3 or 4 translators looking at the same French, can quite reasonably come up with the same translation, it would be almost impossible for them to come up with exactly the same totally wrong one.

Line 3 reads,

'Les deux eclypses mettra en telle chasse'.

Eclypses= eclipses, as when the moon comes between us and the sun and turns day into night. Chasse= a hunting; a chase, pursuit, etc. to find out who the two eclipses are see my files on, Africa, Asia, Barbarian, Hister, and follow them from the leads there. For these two characters between them will cause absolute chaos in the world.

For the woman who in terms of bravery, seems more like a man, for in reality it has little to do with her looks, see Queen and ladies book.

This verse has nothing to do with Hilary Clinton, who even today is for her age reasonably good looking, and certainly cannot be fairly described as manly, it has nothing to do with America, and nothing to with any election.

Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to have a sensibly conversation with Knowing Nothingus, who more informed than this writer. But as the man said, 'I'll be back'.

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