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Nostradamus predicted Donald Trump 400 years ago [Part 3].

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Review by Lux Nova on 2017-06-25

Posted 7 months ago Joe Vesey-Byrne in offbeat.

As the writer continues in the same vein, pointing out yet another verse, he, or some, or someone else might have suggested has a connection to 2016 presidential election in America, we get;

'Quatrain 20 from the same Century speaks about a rigged election [c8 v 20.]

The translation he gives us is word for word the exact same as that of Charles A. Ward. He could not give Mario Readings version, because despite the fact that that the author calls the book the complete Prophecies, he misses out several, c8 v20 being one of them.

Century 8 verse 20.

The false message about a rigged election,
To run through the city stopping the broken pact;
Voices bought, chapel stained with blood,
The Empire contracted to another.

The writer's end comment. 'Perhaps a reference between Trump and Vladimir Putin's foreign policy.

Only time can prove us right or wrong.

Who is this 'us' then? After distancing himself from all the previous verses and their supposed intent, presumably, he now counts himself amongst the Some think.

The translation given, no matter who may claim otherwise, is word perfect to that of Charles A. Ward.

But how does the verse tie into the intrigues of Trumps election? The verse implies that the rumours of a false, or manipulated election are indeed false, that is to say they are unjustified. If it was about Trump, then Nostradamus is saying all those rumours connecting him to some sort of collaboration with Russia, are false.

What pact, agreement that had been broken, or was about to be broken was stopped by his election. It appears from the media reports that he is hell bent on breaking previous agreements, not reinstating them.

In line 3 'voices bought' the original implies bribery, false testament, whether by money or promises of position, it amounts to the same. Somebody or several people are bribed to speak falsely, leading to the murder of one or more in a chapel, church. This event is not historical, neither the present, but of the future.

This writer knows nothing, a mere tick latched onto the tail of an ass.

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