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Nostradamus predicted Global Warming.

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Review by Lux Nova on 2017-07-21

When will the World be too hot?

In the New York Magazine, David Wallace-Wells asks "When will the world be too hot?", David expalins his perception of the ever-growing threat from global warming, and discusses the various and seemingly unavoidable consequences.

But Nostradamus predicted most of them 460 years before.

In part 1, of his paper, he talks of the general problems of sea level rises.

In part 2, he discusses the effects of rising temperatures and its effects.

In part 3, he discusses the effects on the food chain.

Nostradamus, Century 1 verse 67:

The great famine I sense approaching,
Will turn up here and there, then become worldwide,
So great and long lasting will it be that people will dig up the roots of trees and babies from their mother's breast.

In Century 2 verse 76, Nostradamus writes:

The sound of a rare bird will be heard,
On the pipe of the air-vent,
The price of wheat will rise so high,
Man will eat his fellow man.

In part 4, David discusses the possibility of plagues arising from the rising temperatures, and melting ice releasing long locked away diseases, and so forth.

Nostradamus. Century 2 verse 46. After great troubles for humanity,
An even greater one is prepared:
As the great motor renews the ages,
Rain, blood, milk, famine, iron and plague,
In the heavens fire seen, from a long running comet.

In part 5, David discusses the effects that might occur as the very air we breathe heats up and in part 6, the rising possibility of wars, as, a consequence, of the global temperature rise, making people more hot-headed than ever.

Nostradamus century 1 verses 55.

In the lands whose climate is the opposite of Babylon,
There will be a great effusion of blood:
Heaven will seem unjust, both on land, sea and in the air,
Sects, famine, realms, plagues, confusion.

In part 7, David discusses the inevitable economic deterriation that surely must follow in the wake of the effects discussed in the previous sections.

In part 7, David discusses the implications the global warming is and may have on the worlds seas, lakes and so on.

Nostradamus. Century 2 verse 3.

Because of the heat of the Sun on the sea,
From Negrepont the fishes, half cooked.

Nostradamus. Century 1 verse 69.

A great mountain, 7 stadia around,
After peace, war, famine, floods,
(will fall into the sea) it will spread so far that it will drown great countries,
even washing away the great foundations of antiquities.

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