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Nostradamus predictions about America.

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Review by Lux Nova on 2017-07-26

We recently received a message from one of our community which noted an article on Reddit where our Nostradamus Prophecy Locations Map was mentioned.

We are really pleased with this tool which allows our users to find locations and click through to see the relevant verse and, where relevant, information about the location itself. We plan to add more locations and prophecy overlays in the future, please join our community on Facebook (launched in July 2017) where we release all information on updates to our site.

In the Reddit Article [ Click here to read the original article ], which has some really nice words and praise for our work, there are some points made on Nostradamus and his predictions about America and Russia. Unfortunately, there are some common misinterpretations here that are repeated by a number of Nostradamus Authors so we felt it important to explain this misconception in more detail.

Point 1: Nostradamus and Russia Prophecies

The reference to 73 years 7 months occurs in Nostradamus's 2nd Epistle introducing the last 3 Century's.

The verse does not mention Russia, or the North in particular. What it does mention, is what appears to be a shift in earth's Axis, or perhaps a change in the magnetic poles, lets look at the verse itself:

in the month of October there will be some great shift will be made,
as such that one will think the gravity of the earth has lost its natural movement,
and been engulfed in a pit of perpetual darkness.
This will be proceeded in the spring,
and followed after by extreme changes,
and exchanges of realms through great earthquakes.
This will bring about the birth of a new-(unknown of before) Daughter of Babylon,
augmented by the abomination of the first holocaust,
and it will last no more than 73 years and 7 months.

Our take: the Russian connection is old hat, a previous author some 20 years ago pointed out the connection between the 73 and 11 months. Whilst there is a clear connection in numerical terms, let's remember that as Nostradamus tends to distract, he explains himself that he cannot provide a direct truth. We should therefore not assume that the two elements are directly related, in fact we should challenge the connection and consider the holistic texts. This is one of the versus where Authors do their special math (1+1=3) and shout Eureka, the reality is never that transparent.

Point 2: Nostradamus and America Prophecies - "The Deepest Part of Western England"

The verse that mentions the deepest part of western England is Century 5 Verse 34. The verse refers to a time when the leader of Great Britain will be somewhere in Devon, not too far from Plymouth. Due to an alliance being made at that time, a great fleet will be gathered, which will later depart from England heading towards the gates of Hercules on a journey to Italy. It has nothing at all to do with America.

Point 3: Nostradamus and America Prophecies - "The Mythical Land of the West"

The so called 'mythical land of the west' is not called Hesperia, it was supposedly in the west (hesperia) and was known by the Greeks as Elysium, or the Elysian Fields; according to the myth after leaving the Mediterranean Sea via the Pillars of Hercules, you were to travel via the shores of Portugal and Spain, till you reached the Iles of the blessed.

In Century 1 Verse 28 it states, the tower of Bouq will fear the barbarian fleet a one point, then at a later time it will fear the fleet of the west (hesperique) the very fleet spoken of in the previous verse Century 5 Verse 34.

In 2v65, it mentions Hesperia and Insubria, thus Spain and Italy. In 4v36, after their victory in the insubrian campaign we have the French celebrating with games, with the great ones in the mountains of Hesperia being captured and tied and trussed up, with Spain and Rome trembling with fear.

In Century 4 Verse 99 rockets are being fired deep into the Hesperies (west) pushing back the Celts.

In Century 6 Verse 56 we find the dreaded French army of Narbonne, frightening the Hesperians greatly, parpignan in France empty, then Barcelona joins the conflict, or quarrel, as Nostradamus delicately puts it. There are only 4 other verses that contain the word Hesperie (Century 4 Verse 50, Century 5 Verse 40, 10v81, Century 10 Verse 94) none of them have anything remotely to do with America.

Point 4: Nostradamus and "The Scottish Antichrist"

Century 10 Verse 66, tells us not that Scotland will face a false antichrist, but that they will have/produce one. This "Scottish Antichrist" will cause all sides to join a war, they had so far resisted.

Americh is not an unknown French word. Wider reading suggests that Nostradamus is referring to the areas of France which now encompass Brittany and Normandy, formerly known as Amorica or Aremorica.

Nostradamus and America Prophecies???

The simple fact of the matter is that Nostradamus had no real interest in America at all. Research and analysis identifies one verse that may mention America, that is Century 4 Verse 96. To be clear it may "allude to America", but it does not mention it by Name.

As always we allow you to form you own interpretation and hope, like us, you look at the facts of the translation to identify patterns and truths in Nostradamus Prophecies. Whilst clear study and analysis leads to transparency and understanding, it is sad that too many authors force a set of "facts" to suit their fictions, the net result being the expansion of false truths and misdirection... oddly, we know a guy who predicted this...

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