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Welcome to the Secret Vault Astrology section where we look at astrology from a holistic viewpoint, examining the common features of astrology, predictions, typical characteristics and how they associate with ancient myths, religion and fable. Our aim is to introduce wider understanding and associations so you can forum your own opinion and read further into related topics.

The Descendants of Adam

In our first Astrology review, we take a look at the Descendants of Adam and examine the stories from the Bible from an astrological perspective. In each star sign, we examine the names and events to provide insight into the framework of stories and events to demonstrate a solid theory and considered argument for the truth within the texts. Understanding the astrology of the Descendants of Adam also allows us to understand the origins of the attributes of the associated star signs.

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Star Signs and Birthdates

  1. Aquarius: Born between the 20th January - 18th February
  2. Pisces: Born between the 19th February - 20th March
  3. Aries: Born between the 21 th March - 19th April
  4. Taurus: Born between the 20th April - 20th May
  5. Gemini: Born between the 21th May - 20th June
  6. Cancer: Born between the 21th June - 22th July
  7. Leo: Born between the 23th July - 22th August
  8. Virgo: Born between the 23th August - 22th September
  9. Libra: Born between the 23th September - 22th October
  10. Scorpio: Born between the 23th October - 21th November
  11. Sagittarius: Born between the 22th November - 21th December
  12. Capricorn: Born between the 22th December - 19th January

Astrology: The Descendants of Adam

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