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The Descendants of Adam and the Secrets of the Zodiac: Scorpio

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The clash of claws, life's blood draws,
The cymbals and Sistrims ring,
And the crazed priestesses
Howl and scream
The bars not closed,
The evil sowed.
Freedom and liberty
To say what you like,
The mad drunks cry,
As the mule of Bacchus
Looks on and sighs,
Not the claws, that draw you in,
but the tail stings,
And with death it rings.
Last orders at the bar for there will be
no more, no more.

The Sons of Jacob and Sacred Astrology: Dan (Scorpio)

A. Dan shall judge his people
B. [will provide justice for.]
As one of the tribes of Israel.
Dan shall be a serpent by the way,
An adder [viper]in the path,
That bites the horses's heels,
so that his rider shall fall backwards
I have waited for thy salvation, O Lord.

Dan is a lion's whelp [cub]:
He shall leap [springing out] from Bashan.
And Rachel said when her maidservant
Bilhah gave birth. AGod hath judged me, and
has heard my voice, and has given me a son.

Lines A & B, seem conflicting. A judge does not necessarily provide justice. But let it rest there, and look deeper into the mystery.

Scorpio is the domain of Canaan, son of Ham -winter, and thus AUTUMN. It is also the domain of Hercules; who through his tasks brings an end to the growing season. It is also therefore the domain of Samson, and in Judges 14-5, we read, >Then went Samson down, with his mother and father to Timnath, and came to [approached] the vineyards of Timnath [Timnah], suddenly a young lion came roaring towards him.

[ Timnath, -nah, signifies an octant, or 8th portion, segment of a circle, and the 8th sign in Sacred Astrology is Virgo, so Samson, who is on his way to meet Virgo, and thus must come down from his place in the heavens, is attacked by a young lion springing from Bashan. Bashan, as 'Shan' is a title of the annual sun, and thus Ba, is merely a contraction of bith or beth, which signifies, house, station, dwelling place of; thus, we have the station, place of the annual sun, Leo: the very same lion Hercules kills in his first task- labour.]

But this does not allot Dan to Leo, it merely compares him to a young lion, because of the way autumn seems to spring upon us. For in Jacob's blessing of Judah, of whom, we cannot sensible doubt was allotted to Leo, we read.

(Genesis 49-9.}
Judah is a lion's whelp:
from the prey, my son, thou art gone up:
he stooped down, he couched as a lion, and as an old lion;
who shall rouse him up?

So, while Samson comes down, Judah, goes up, as astrologically he would have to do, to attack Samson.

Dan shall be a serpent by the WAY [roadside],
An adder [viper] in [ALONG] the path.
That bites the horse's heels,
So that its rider shall fall backwards.

And here once again, there seems to some confusion, is it a serpent, an Adder, or viper?

Above, but near the Scorpion, and ALONG the Solar WAY, we would find the adder, which is named 'Coluber, or Serpens Ophiuci'. Which at later times, at its head at least is called 'Augur' and oddly enough the snakes head rises towards the corona above which is Hercules right heel. And what is more, Hercules is always depicted upside down and facing towards Sagittarius and Capricorn. Thus, if he fell backwards he would come to face towards Virgo and Leo, and be ready to carry out his labours.

In the past, even the best authors who have pondered these things, have considered the horse's heels, refer to either Centaurus or Sagittarius; firstly, I am inclined to think, it should be 'Heel', not Heels, singular, not plural.

I also noted that the head of the snake Draco sits directly above Hercules left heel, with no obstacle between them.

There are only two other figures in the Zodiac who may be capable of falling backwards. One of the is Aquarius, of whom it is stated tumbled backwards under the ever growing weight of the water collecting urn he was carrying on his shoulder. The other was Perseus, under the name of Achilles, who was shot in the heel with an Arrow, and the Hebrew word that has been rendered, adder, or viper, in Jacob's blessing of DAN, signifies, an 'arrow snake'. At least one, who has portrayed the signs shows Perseus, with the wing of one of his sandals broken.

Yet, for all that we still have a problem to solve; there are very few horses in the zodiac, and only Centaurus and Sagittarius have a rider on them.

But the Sun, has horses, and the Sun in Cancer, is when the wheat dies and ripens, it is the time when Helios the sun god allows his son Phaethon, foolishly to drive his chariot, and ends burning everything to death,



For he drove like a young HOT HEAD,

Voila vne belle sagesse. [ironically.]
That was a wise act,
The very cream of Apollo\,s panne
{brain Pan.]

Anyway, the snake Hydra's head rises onto the path of the solar way in Cancer, and all the figures of the Zodiac are representative of the sun, during its monthly course. And as it is Hercules, or Autumns task to bring an end to summer and bring about harvest and the end to the growing seasons. It seems, and is true, the rider the snake causes to tumble backwards is the sun.

Of the disciples, Simon the Zealot is allotted to Scorpio; he was a fanatic, who led a band of cut throats and robbers and thieves, who hid behind the law, to justify their actions, but just like the zealots of Islam, they robbed and killed Jews as well as Romans.

Another point which seems to eluded all authors is that TYPHON, is set in Scorpio. Now Typhon was a form of-or son of Set-Seth, he was a storm god. Cain was made a storm god, for killing his brother Abel, being made a restless wanderer over the surface of the Earth. Canaan-Autumn, son of Ham-winter was placed in Scorpio, and was a form of Typhon. Typhon's wife was oddly enough named Taurt, and was general portrayed as a Hippopotamus. She was also called Nephthys, even, the Amazon Queen, who possessed the Hippolyte Girdle, a restrictive device. [ for greater insight, see my treaty on Hercules and Samson, and the 9th labour of Hercules.]

So, Scorpio seems to have two completely opposing characters, one as the hero Hercules, who has connections to the Messiah, secondly as an evil destroying storm god connected to Seth- Satan?

Which brings us back to our first question,

Dan will judge his people,
as one of the tribes of Israel.

Dan is not a man, he is a sign of the zodiac, and that sign, was Scorpio. Like Canaan, son of the winter god Ham, he is made a slave to Spring and Summer. And the judgement he has to and quite obviously does make, is to end the lives of the months or tribes that are associated with Spring and Summer.

It may, or may not surprise you that the tribe of Dan, rejected using the Scorpion on their tribal flag, they also rejected the crocodile, even though the Egyptians placed one in the sign of Scorpio.

So, seeing nothing else suitable in their sign, they turned to their great Hero, Hercules-Samson and asked for his help and advice. Hercules spotting an Eagle perched behind the Lyre, harp in Sagittarius, reached out his right hand, grabbed the Eagle and they put it on their standard. And the Eagle responded, by making Dan Dare one of their heroes too. Don't you just love history. [The Eagle comic, Dan Dare, British science fiction comic hero, from 1950s-].

Now the entire Old Testament is concerned with prophecy, history has nothing to do with it.

And Dan's judgement has severe consequences for the world. Those of us who have lived in the Spring and Summer of this world, where the whore of Babylon plies her wares, in the lands where the laws of Sodom and Gomorrah flourish, are in serious danger, Autumn has started, the deserts grow, the rains pour ever heavier, in a flash, the thunder and lightning strikes, who knows where or when, but lightning is only born to strike and die with its victims.

The lion is slaughtered, but how long will it be before we realize another wear's it skin. While it busies itself cutting off the Hydra's heads, cutting off the lifegiving waters. Sooner or later it will it steal the girdle of harvest and stamp on the crab's womb.

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