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The Descendants of Adam and the Secrets of the Zodiac: Cancer

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Between two worlds
One of life, one of doom.
Seeing all rising and setting
under the Sun and Moon,
the stars to shine
on the mother's womb,
and raise great Moses,
from the tomb.

The Sons of Jacob and Sacred Astrology: Issachar (Cancer)

Issachar is a strong ass
Couching (lying-resting) down
between 2 burdens.
And he saw his rest was good,
And the land was pleasant,
And bowed his shoulder to bear,
And became a servant to tribute (servitude-slavery).

And it came to pass, that Leah, the first wife of Jacob, knowing that he loved his second wife Rachel more, was given Mandrakes by her first son Reuben, that he had found while in the fields. And Leah knowing the value which Jacob set by such a plant, proposed to Rachel that she would trade them with her. The price was a night in his bed.

In other words, she used them to gain sexual favour.

What is amazing, is that, despite the obvious rivalry between the sisters, Rachel agrees to the trade.

Those who comment on the works offer no understanding or explanation of the affair. Mandrake is a serious mind-altering drug, and Rachel had no intention of using it herself, it was for Jacob.

Imagine Jacob returning home from work, and his beloved wife telling she had procured some cocaine for him, and all he had to do to get it was spend the night in her sister's bed.

No wonder the priests ignore such things, they are ignorant of all truth.

But Jacob has no concerns about it, it's a triple whammy, SEX, Drugs, it's all Rock and Roll to him.

The deal done, all happy, Jacob goes to Leah, gives her a good seeing to and on his return Rachel hands over the Mandrakes. Leah conceives, and later gives birth saying.

God has given me my hire, because I have given my maiden to my husband.

so she named him Issachar.

[what a lucky man was Jacob, not only did he have two wives to satisfy his lust, but each of those wives gave him their blessing to use their servant maids, and supplied him with mind blowing drugs. No wonder every priest is a liar.]

And you Issachar, in your tents.

[and then he speaks of Zebulun and Issachar jointly]

They shall call the people
to the mountain
there they shall offer sacrifices
of righteousness;
for they shall suck of the abundance
of the seas,
and of treasures hid (den) in the sand.

Today the zodiacal sign of Cancer, is generally portrayed by a crab, a crab who is so often drawn as if it was menacing or threatening the lion of Leo, but it has also been symbolized in the past by such creatures as a polyp, and a lobster, and the Egyptians used a scarab.

The Egyptians choose the scarab because of its behaviour. Firstly, the young scarabs seemed to appear from ground fully trained and ready to do their given task; no parent was there to greet or show it what to do. As such they were regarded as children of the sun god: and an all-male species. There first task was to collect the discarded remains of Osiris, dung that is; after all Osiris was vegetation. Once they had rolled the ball of dung to a suitable size they embarked on the next part of their given duty. For the purpose of which, they quite sensibly turned to face away from the sun and began to push the dung ball with their back legs in the direction of the sun, thus avoiding blinding themselves. When they came to a suitable spot, they prepared a hole and then pushed the ball into it. The Egyptians pretended that the scarab beetle collected the sun as it rose at dawn then pushed it across the sky before dropping it at sunset below the horizon.

There was one more quality, or requirement, that any creature used to portray the qualities of Cancer needed, a salty environment. While the Crab, the lobster, and the polyp are obviously suitable, what of the Scarab? Well you may not know it, but it the sands of Egypt are very salty. And salt was a necessity for a fertile womb. The Egyptians believed in her form as Nun, the goddess of the heavens, was a salt-less, infertile and thus, a barren ocean. Only after, the Word had entered her, was she known as Nut, the fertile goddess of heaven. They also believed the Milky Way, was the sperm that flowed from the Word, through the heavens and back again. It was this continually flowing river of sperm that kept the heavens fertile.

Now any creature used as the main symbol for Cancer must somehow reflect all or most of the characteristics of the scarab.

The Greeks have taken the credit for replacing the scarab with the crab, and it was a good choice. For crabs are seen to emerge from the sand or water at low tide, as if by magic. Thus, they were pretended to be an all- male species. They then set about searching the seashore, scavenging for any discarded pieces of Osiris's body, remember that the 42nd and most fertile part of Osiris's body remained in the sea inside the whale.

[And they will suck (feast) on the abundance of the sea, and on the treasures hidden in the sand.]

No doubt crabs are inclined to shuffle along facing away from sun whenever possible, especially since they cannot blink. However, the crab is not very suitable for carrying or pushing the sun across the sky, but the sun god still had his barge, and the Greeks gave him a chariot and horses to compensate.

The polyp sifted the seawater, through the delicate lashes of it dark eye: it had no problem with fulfilling the pretence that it was an all- male species, as it could not move; so how could male and female interact. And the lobster like the crab scavenged food, from the seabed. but apart from gathering parts of Osiris, they do not seem, to fit the bill quite as well as the scarab and the crab.

I mentioned earlier in the book that the crab was not attacking but trying to defend itself or something it was guardian over, against the lion of Leo.

And amongst the stars of Cancer is an area called the womb or manger.

Now consider the actions of the scarab more closely; what the beetle is doing, is making a womb, an egg so to speak, in which it intends to deposit its offspring. The ground is dry, fresh, moist dung is ideal, the dung ball is buried to conserve as much moisture as possible and protect it from the heat of the sun.

Now in Jacobs blessing of Cancer, Issachar, he is given to say that he is like a raw-boned donkey between 2 saddlebags, this is a strange concept considering when the books were supposed to be written; a stall in barn is obviously what the writers of the New Testament understood from the words. [ I am inclined to the modern saying, between a rock and a hard place. But the translation giving 'saddlebags' is not correct, if we search others works we would find the line rendered, >couching down between two burdens, [G] also, 'in the cattle pens,' and considering Jesus is born in a barn, and Mary used a feeding trough as a crib: and furthermore, that we find 2 asses in the sign of Cancer, {who were portrayed as donkeys.} We should surely favour the later translation.] [G -the Geneva Bible.]

[ Cotgrave.] Cancre' il est demeure entre deux selles a' terre'.
Between two stools his tail is come to ground; or, between two stalls he rests.]

Also, we might remember that Samson, who was no different to Hercules, came upon the fresh jawbone of a donkey at Lehi, with which he slew a 1000 Philistines. The word given as donkey in that story is also incorrect, it should be rendered as an Ass's jawbone. After he has finished the slaughter Samson feels he is dying of thirst, and calls out to the Lord. The Lord then opens up a hollow place in Lehi and Samson, drinks and his strength returns. The word rendered Lehi actually signifies a jawbone. Now prior to crushing the crab of Cancer, Hercules having already killed and replaced the Lion of Leo, and turned up the heat, has already cut off the supply of life giving water supplied by the Hydra, whose head in astrology is below the crab. Cancer was the sign in which many ancient cultures of the east refrained from labour in the fields. The heat was too much and there was nothing to do but await the ripening, death of the crops, ready for harvest. The ancient Babylonians, referred to the month of Cancer, as the time for making bricks. It was the month the Ancient Egyptians called Payni, and during the month of Cancer they baked a type of biscuit, on which they burned the head of an ass. These biscuits were taken to the temples and deposited with the priests as a bond, a binding commitment to give a percentage of their harvest or profit thereof, to the priests in return for prayers for a bountiful harvest. It was in fact the first obvious,

P A Y N I.

Pay As You earn National Insurance Scheme.

The disciples of Jesus were allotted to the star signs. Thus, it should be no surprise that Matthew the tax collector was allotted to the sign of Cancer. Furthermore, in my essay on the Essenes I have made it abundantly clear to the sane thinker, that they worshiped the Sun, and they became the first Christians, when the locals of Antioch, nicknamed them, Christians. And thus, it is correct and true that the Disciples were also Essenes, even though they were renamed Christians. You are blind, the word Disciple, means, student-follower, of the DISC; and that Disc was the Sun. And they say the first miracle of Jesus was to turn water into wine. But only the Sun, brings the grape water to ferment and produce wine.

And did not Jesus say of the disciples,

You are the salt of the earth. Mt 5-13.

And did he not also say.

Men without knowledge of God,
Are like vegetables without salt,
While both are still edible,
Neither is desirable.

That is to say the disciples represented the knowledge of men, and that knowledge was based on Astrology.

Alas, as the writer of the most beautiful book Isaiah said.

The ox knows his master,
The donkey his owner's manger,
But Israel does not know,
My people do not understand.

And Jacob said,

When he sees how pleasant is his land, he will bow his shoulder to the burden and submit to tribute (forced labour, or slavery).

[sounds like the perfect description of how the Hebrews were in Egypt.]

So, in Cancer we have a manger in a stall, with an ass or donkey nearby, now where have we heard that before? And indeed, we are told that Zeus's wife Hera sent serpents to devour Hercules in his crib-manger, but he throttled them with ease.

John the Baptist

In the previous section on Manasseh and Ephraim (Taurus & Sagittarius), I explained the situation of Abram and Sarai, and we encounter a similar problem when it comes to John.

We are informed by the author that Johns father is called Zechariah, of the priestly division of Abijah: and that his wife, Elizabeth, descended from Aaron [Moses brother] is barren. Just like Osiris and Isis of Egypt, we are told, they are upright and blameless before the Lord. And just like Abram and Sarai they were both 'well along in years'. [We are told Abram is 99 years old and Sarah 89, when the Lord informs them of their new names and that Sarai, under her name Sarah, will conceive.]. So initially, we find our couple, in a similar situation to many Biblical couples.

Isaac's wife Rebekah, Jacob's first love and wife Rachael, were both sterile until the Lord opened their wombs. But, let us consider the name Zechariah.

We are in this section discussing the sign of Cancer. It is the month when the wheat died, burned by the Sun and deprived of its life sustaining water. It is the month when the Greek god, Phaeton, son of Helios the sun god asked to drive his father's chariot of the sun for the day. Helios reluctantly agreed to his request, knowing it was a foolish task. But Phaeton could not control the horses, who ran amok across the sky, at one point he came so close to the ground that the people and the earth were scorched, and the crops died.

And in the story of Samson we find that when the men of Judah tied him up with ropes, in order to hand him over to the Philistines, as he approached the place they were taking him, the ropes on his arm became like charred flax.

And the first time, Delilah tried to disable him by tying his hands with fresh thongs, he snapped the thongs as easily as a piece of string snaps when it comes close to a flame.

And Cancer was the month when Hercules turned up the heat and scorched the crops to death.

The ancients considered that Leprosy, a form of skin cancer, and all forms of cancer, were linked to that sign.

So, Phaeton thought he could control his father's horses, what a diabolical,

C H A R ade,

yet Helios foolishly let him. Take

C H A R ge

of his

C H A R iot

and Phaeton

C H A R ged,

uncontrolled across the sky, and driving too close to the earth, he

C H A R-red,

the people, animals, crops and trees to,

C H A R coal.

But Phaeton did not possess the

C H A R acteristics


C H A R ms


C H A R isma

of his father Helios, he was a mere

C H A Rlatan,

for surely he should have been more

C H A Ry [wary, careful]

and used a

C H A Rt

to plot his course.

[ I S S A C H A R.]

Thus, John the Baptists father is called,


Now we are told by Luke, that while Zechariah and his fellow priests we on duty, he was chosen by lot to enter the temple of the Lord and burn incense, while he was doing this, the assembled worshipers prayed outside. But such actions were Egyptian by nature, surely not Jewish? We are told he did this when the Time for burning incense came. The name Lot, does not signify, by chance or randomly as too many have assumed. There was nothing randomly done, or done upon a momentary whim, or in a moment of lunacy by the priests. The word 'lot' is a male title of the moon.

In the Egyptian myth of the contentions between Horus and Seth, Seth challenges Horus to a boat race [ see my treaty on Egyptians myths.] the important point of the myth in this instance are the actions of Horus towards his mother Isis. For she having harpooned Seth, lets him go; this so angers Horus that he leaps from the water, cuts off her head, places under his arm and runs off into the desert with it. This is the harvest moon, and 3 days later the male moon Thoth takes over, and Scorpio arrives, thus harvest time, and the lightning bolts of Sagittarius begin to set fires upon the earth. It was pretended that the gods, and Seth in particular that did this because they loved the aromas released into the air, by the burning crops, orchards and vineyards: especially Seth who delighted in watching his brother Osiris being consumed by flames.

To avoid, or at least ward off these potential disasters the priests burned fragrant and expensive incense in the hope of satisfying the gods desires, thus avoiding potential disaster and famine. Thus, we would not be far wrong as interpreting the name Zechariah as >the suns burning of Zion. It is while he is performing these duties that Zechariah is informed that his wife will conceive when he returns to her from his official duties.

Thus, he returns and Elizabeth conceives. Now if you still doubt that Elizabeth and Isis are but the same character consider this. After conception Elizabeth remains in seclusion for 5 months. This is because, they allotted 7 months of the year to growth and Isis, and thus Just like the Spring and Summer Sun of growth, she is not seen for the remaining 5 months. You must remember the ancient Egyptians only recognized 3 seasons, spring, Summer and Winter, Japheth, Shem and Ham. [ from Aries to Libra Isis reigns, but from Scorpio to Pisces, she is not seen. [Now, there will be some, who say, the seasons move with the heavens. That is to say, Spring did not always start in Aries. 2160 years before Aries, Spring started in Taurus, and 2160 years before that, Spring started in Gemini. Those clever fellows would be right, except that Sacred Astrology began in Zeph ti, first time, and for the purposes of prophecy it remains static. That is because time ends where it began.]

John the Baptist, is subject to further requirements by the angel that tells Zechariah of his birth. Like Samson he is not permitted to drink alcohol in any form; like Samson we are told that the Holy Spirit of the Lord will be with him from birth. Thus, like Samson he was born a Nazarite. But soon after birth John disappears from sight and remains hidden in the desert awaiting his time.

When Johns time does come, we are told of his preaching and baptizing etc. but let us skip that part for a moment.

The end of his life is strange to say the least. We know from Luke that he upset king Herod and was kept in prison. Then on the evening of the celebrations of Herod's birthday, Herod's wife, Herodias, about whom John had chastised Herod, for marrying his brother's wife, brought her daughter to dance for the king. Herod was so pleased with her dancing that he swore to give her whatever she asked for; and after conferring with her mother she asked for the head of John the Baptist on a platter. Herod, not expecting this, but under swore oath granted her wish and John was beheaded and his head brought on a platter to the girl.

In the Jewish myths, the girl is called Saloame, and she entertained Herod with the dance of the 7 veils.

Now I have mentioned over and over, that the 7 relates to the 7 months given to Spring and Summer. And in the story of Hercules, the Hydra had 7 heads, each representing a month of the growing so in truth Saloame, whose name is made up from a combination of salt and loam- earth; starts her dance veiled in 7 layers of clothing, [so to speak.] gradually she peels off each layer, until she is stark naked. This striptease certainly pleases the lustful Herod, who grants her one wish. But the de-robbing of Spring and Summer is harvest. Thus, she is presented with a loaf of bread.

[Cotgrave.] >Ian le blanc'. The consecrated bread, or body of Christ in the popish Eucharist; (termed so by the Calvinists.) The name Ian, is the Gaelic form of John, and Ian, in both Hebrew and Scottish signifies, 'gift of God', which is exactly what wheat- bread is, thus 'Ian le blanc', should be 'the bread, or head of John the Baptist'.

This makes John the Baptist, no different from Abel who was harvest by Cain, or Osiris who was harvested by Seth. While all 3 of them are gods of vegetation, they are all manifest as wheat. And I tell you the truth! But what does that imply about his ministry and who Jesus was. For technically Aries, which is the sign all 3 [Abel, Osiris, John.] were allotted to, was the father of Taurus, but the true sign of the Messiah is Gemini. And Jesus's first miracle was to turn water into wine, but not any wine but the best, vintage wine, which comes from the grapes that are picked after the water in them has begun to ferment while still in the grape. This action is brought about by Seth, or the sign of Sagittarius, which begins to rise in TAURUS, the sign of Orion who tries to stop the Gemini twin from crossing over. Furthermore, did not Jesus say, I have not come to bring peace, but war, and mankind has been at war ever since.

But, that is not the end of our journey through Cancer. Let me remind the words of Moses in Deuteronomy 18. In this verse, he talks of Zebulun and Issachar.

Rejoice Zebulun, in your going out, and you Issachar, in your tents. They will call the people to the mountain, there they shall offer sacrifices of righteousness; they will suck on the abundance of the seas, on the treasures hidden in the sand.

Let us consider the abundance of the sea, and treasures hidden in the sand.

We know that Egyptians favoured the Scarab beetle, and we say the Greeks were responsible for replacing it, or already had the crab, as the emblem of Cancer.

I explained why the polyp was also used as an emblem. But the Lobster was also used as an ancient symbol, and in the Great Pyramid the chamber which has been labelled as the queen's chamber, we would find an emblem that looks remarkably like a horseshoe. And the walls of the queen's chamber excrete salt, and that was purposely intended, for the Queens chamber represents a salty, fertile womb. The ibis is another emblem much favoured by the Egyptians, and other cultures have used sea turtles. And it could be rightly said that most of these creatures used as emblems. Feasted on the abundance of the sea or things hidden in the sands.

But now I wish to journey into the occult mysteries of the Symbols, emblems used. v

The scarab beetles main task as the Egyptian god Khepri, was to collect the rising sun and then push it across the sky, and then drop it off into underworld at the end of the day. It was a sort of taxis service for the Sun.

But the Greeks replaced it with a Crab, this was predicted by the word, thus,

A S C A R A B, a taxi

A SAR[sun] CAB, became,


But the Greeks were not fond of this idea as it was not their own; so, they gave the Sun


and we were not fond of that either, so we sent him


And thus, the scarab god Khepri, became a

C A P R I,

and we have a great fondness for giving cars the names of sun gods, or stars etc. Orion, Mazda, Astra, and I am sure you can think of many more. And surely




Thus, I heard them say,

The Scarab,
he cleaned Egypt's ancient sands,
while the crab,
The rocky shores.
The polyp
sieves the passing waters;
while the lobster
sweeps old Neptune's floors.
To Matthew
Men's pockets are easily bled,
while John the Baptist
washed their dying flesh;
but Jesus,
he cleaned souls,
for that was all, they left.

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