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The Secret Vault: Literature, References and Resources

This section contains a list of references used on the Secret Vault and recommended books for wider reading on related topics. Wherever possible we link these resources to available books and/or website references. These links are for your use only, we do not necessarily support, agree with or endorse any of the information or opinions expressed on third party resources. We refer to these documents collectively as 'Resources' as we feel they form an excellent resource for those whom wish to explore specific topics discussed on the Secret Vault Further.

Forward by Lux Nova

Introduction of the bibliography given in this treaty.
Although I have read a great number of books, my reason for reading any particular book in the first instance is primarily is to find sparks, triggers, that will illuminate or prove something I already know but cannot easily prove. I have read many books that have proved a waste of time, others where only one paragraph or even a sentence or two has proved useful. Some purporting to be factual, are full of fiction, some scholars but poor students, and some see only in one direction and miss the point. The list is two parts, those that have proved most useful, and it is fairly short. The second group, have uses, as points of reference, or they contain many triggers, and may not prove useful to others. A few are not available in English.

List of books, that have been of great help to me over the years, and which may have generated used or usable quotes.
Almost all of these books can be purchased via Amazon, wherever possible we have added a link to the relevant book.


Holy Bible. KITTO. A family Bible, printed on behalf of James Sangster and co. London. By John Childs and son, circa 1870.

The Oxford NIV Scofield study BIBLE. 1909 addition.

The Christian and Pagan Creeds Collated. Rev. Robert Taylor, A. B. & M. R. C. S.

The Holy Bible. King James Version.

The Geneva Bible. 1587 version.

The Tyndale New Testament 1522.

Strong's exhaustive Concordance of the Bible.

The Apocrypha. I have several copies by various Authors. While the Catholic Bible contains two books, that should never have been accepted. The Apocrypha contains two books that should have been included in the Old Testament. Primarily the books of Maccabees, books 1 and 2. Which are staggeringly brilliant in their prophecy content.

The New English Bible.

Sir William Drummond.

Oedipus Judaicus. No O. J. no comment, as they say. Probably, undoubtedly the most controversial books of both its time and ever since, how it remained in print is a mystery, but thankfully it did.

See further books down the lists.

Origins; or, remarks on the origin of several Empires. WD. And T.J. Matthias.

S. Dalley. Myths from Mesopotamia, including, Creation, The Flood, Gilgamesh and others.

Randle Cotgrave. A French and English Dictionary

Access, read it for free at., this brilliant site allows you to search for French words. It has been extremely useful. You can purchase a copy via Amazon, but be warned it is an updated version, and due to its size the print is very small.

An introductory for to learn to read, to pronounce, and to speke French Trewly.

The author does not name himself directly. It appears at least that his first name is Giles. For the sake of publishing the authorities have decided to call the author 'Giles du Wes'??

I beg to differ, see my work on this, so called dictionary, which contains purported conversations between Giles, and Mary Stuart [Bloody Mary]. The book revolves around a Catholic plot, to make France head of an

Empire, and Paris, the new, Vatican City. [access this book, via the same pbm, site listed above.]

Dictionnaire de l'Academie Francaise de 1932-35.

Josephus, the complete works of. Trans' by W. Whiston. Kregel Pub', ISBN 978-0-8254- 2948-4. [although I have copies by other Authors, they are not complete works. He names and knows most of the Apostles, but no Jesus?]

On the subject of Nostradamus, I possess consult to varying degrees, works by.

Edgar Leoni. [ the English translation he has given seems almost word for word the same as that of Charles Ward, however his French rendering of the original is hard work as he leaves out letters from many of the words.] John Hogue. [ one of the more trustworthy ones, when it comes to giving the original French, but like other Authors he has a tendency to seek French words from their Latin origin too often.] Peter Lemesurier, who I nicknamed, 'Pete the Measurer', after reading his works on the Giza Pyramid. [he deals with the Sixtains, basically a set of 6 line verses, of which authorship is far from agreed. Unfortunately, he does not give the French version, so I cannot judge his translations. However, the names-nicknames used for important characters seem justifiable: that is to say that I would be surprised if they had not been written by Nostradamus.] Henry C. Roberts. Charles Ward. Ian Wilson. Jean-Charles de Fontbrune. Ned Halley. Camille Rouvier. J. Anderson Black. Richard Smoley. Nichel Zevaco. A Louis Cottin. James Laver. Mario Reading, [by far the worst author, he speaks like blind man on colours.] Original copies, accessed by the general media. And have owned others. For a more extensive analysis of the above mentioned authors books, see index of books consulted in putting together my own works of Nostradamus.

On, The Giza Pyramids. Works by Pete Lemesurier. Robert Bauval & Adrian Gilbert. Mark Lehner.

Muirs Historical Atlas (ancient, medieval & Modern).

The Lost Writings of Jimi Hendrix. Pub. Bloomsbury. ISBN 0-7475-2355-x.

The life of Jimi HENDRIX. Omnibus press, ISBN, 0-7119-2200-4.

Books etc. used for ref, and trigger my mind, but not generally used for generating quotes.

Note. Some of these books are only available in French or Latin, if you intend to purchase a copy, please check that it is in a language you can read.

Dictionary of WORLD MYTH. Hutchinson; ISBN 1-85986.

Herculanensia. By Sir William Drummond & Robert Walpole. Kessinger Pub. Legacy Reprints. ISBN 1104093588.

An Essay On, A Punic Inscription found in the Island of Malta. Sir W. Drummond.

Academical Questions. Vol 1. Sir W. Drummond.

Origins; or, remarks on the origin of several empires, states and cities: Phoenicia. Arabia. 1826. Sir W. Drummond & Thomas J. Matthais.

Norman Lockyer. The dawn of astronomy; a study of the temple-worship and mythology of the ancient Egyptians. [get it for pennies on Amazon fire. Great book, well worth reading.]

Francis Bacon.

Novum Organum.

The Essays.

New Atlantis.

Works by W. Shakespeare.

On Power.

Richard the 111.

Romeo and Juliet.

Works by Jacob Bryant include.

Religion and Philosophy. Vindiciae Flavianae: 2nd edition. Gale ECCO print editions.

A New System; or, an Analysis of ancient mythology. Volumes. 1. 3. 4. 5. And 6.

Works by Athanasius Kircher, include.

Prodromus coptus.

The Vocanos 1669.

Egyptian Oedipus. Secrets of antiquity. Daniel Stolzenberg.

Johannes Buxtorf.

Catalecta Philogico Theologica.

Epitome Gramaticae Hebraeae.

Euripides work.

Bacchae. Dover Thrift Editions.

Heracles and other plays. Translated by R. Waterfield. Oxford W. classics.

Alcestis/Hippolytus Iphigenia in Tauris. Trans by P Vellacott, penguin classics.

Robert Graves.

The Greek Myths, complete.

Eratosthenes and Hyginus.

Constellations Myths. Trans' by R. Hard.

Works of Plutarch; all, but with special regard to,

(Concerning the mysteries of) Isis and Osiris.

Adam Clarke's biblical commentary, most volumes.

The Age of Alexander.

E. E. Rice.

Alexander the Great. Jacob Abbott.

Works of Samuel Bochart include.

Opera Omnia, Hoc est., Phalege,


Heirozoicon. Sive bipartitum opus de animalibus S. Scripturae -- .

Works by Charles-Francois Dupuis include.

The origin of all religious worship.

Memoire explicative du zodiaque chronologipue et mythology. 1806 ed.

Albert Einstein. Ideas and Opinions.

Lamblichus Porphyry. On the mysteries of the Egyptians, Chaldean and Assyrians.

Alexander Hislop. The Two Babylons. (or, the papal worship proved to be the worship of Nirod etc.) ISBN. 1-59986-654-4.

Aleister Crowley. 777 and other qabalistic writings. Definitely not recommended for those who have fragile minds.

C.W. Oliver. Handbook of magic and witchcraft.

Cassandra Eason. Ancient Wisdom, magic from around the world.

Carole Stott. Celestial charts.

Bill Manley. The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Egypt. ISBN 978-0-14-0-51331-8.

Hilary Wilson. People of the

Babara Watterson. Gods of Ancient Egypt.

B Watterson. The Egyptians (the peoples of Africa) ISBN. O-631-21195-0

Ancient Egypt, Myth & history. Geddes & Grosset. ISBN 1-85534-353 3.

Island of Isis- philae temple of the Nile. W. Macquitty. pub by, book club associates 1976.

Naomi Ozaniec. The Elements of Egyptian Wisdom. ISBN 1-85230-497-9.

Robert Gleadow. The origin of the

The Encyclopedia of Ancient Egypt. Amber. ISBN 1-904687-85-7.

The Pyramids and the Sphinx. Readers Digest. Wonders of Man.

Lewis Spence. Egypt Myth and Legends. ISBN 1-85958-47-5.

Chronicles of Ancient Egypt. J Dee, pub Collins & brown.

Egyptology, an introduction to the history, culture and Art of ancient Egypt. J. Putman. ISBN 1-85076-226-0.

Peter A Clayton. Chronicle of the Pharaohs.ISBN 0-500-05074-0.

Astrology a History. Peter Whitfield. ISBN 0-7123-4718-6.

A.T. Mann. Millennium Prophecies.

William T. Olcott. Star lore of all ages. Concerning the constellations of the northern hemisphere.

Concerning Napoleon. These books have between them generated quotes.

Memoirs of the Emperor Napoleon. By Madame Junot.

The Memoirs of N

Napoleon and Josephine. By Evangeline Bruce.

Elizabeth Longford.

Wellington pillar of State.

The great commanders. Phil Grabsky. ISBN, 1-85283-417-X.

Maxims and Opinions of Field Marshal his grace the Duke of Wellington.

Antonia Fraser. Mary Queen of Scots.

Niccolo Macchiavelli. The discourses. and

Art of War.

The Strategemata, (the Art of War) Sextus J. Frontinus.

Macrobius. Saturnalia, books, 3 to 5.

By Juvenal. Satires. 1. 3. 10. Also the sixteen Satires, (Penguin classics.)


The Histories. Complete. Fantasy and truth float side by side, he had no idea what the truth was when the Egyptian priests told him, why they placed a Scarab beetle instead of a crab in the sign of Cancer. But you cannot write the book off, because, here and there shades of the truth appear.

Michael Grant. The History of ancient Israel. ISBN 0-75380-180-9.

R Clayton Brough. The lost tribes (of Israel, history, prophecies doctrine.) horizon pub. ISBN o-88290-123-0.


A history of my times.

Conversations of Socrates.

The Persian Expedition.

By Hesiod. Works and Days, Theogony and the shield of Heracles.

Cicero. The Nature of the gods.

Polybius. The Histories.

Martianus Capella and the Seven Liberal Arts. Vol 2. Trans. W. H. Stahl and R. Johnson.

H. A. Guerber. Greece and Rome. myths and legends.

Kenneth McLeish. Myths and legends of Ancient Rome. ISBN 0-582-00288-5.

R Turcan. The cults of the Roman Empire. ISBN 0-631-20047-9.

Tacitus. The Annals of Imperial Rome.

Caesar. The Conquest of Gaul.

Suetonius. Lives of the 12 Ceasars.

The Ceasars, Thomas de Quincey.

History of Julius Ceasar. Jacob Abbot. Thomas Cranmer. ISBN o-300-07448-4. Also,

Tudor Church Militant, Edward VI and the Protestant Reformation. D MacCulloch. Peguin press.

Thomas Cromwell. T Borman, ISBN 978-1-444-78288-2.

Henry VIII, a European court in England. Edited by D Starkey.

Mary Tudor. A Whitelock. ISBN 978-1-4088-0078-2.

The life of Thomas More. P Ackroyd, ISBN 0-7493-8640-1.

The lives of the kings and Queens of England. Edited A Fraser, ISBN 1-84188-027-2.

The Tudors. J Ross, ISBN 1-898799-23-7.

The Hutchinson illustrated Encyclopedia of British history.

Martyrs and Murderers (the Guise family and the making of Europe. S Carrol, ISBN 978-0-19-95679-9.

K. E. Maltwood. Glastonbury's, Temple of the stars. [Something that did, and still does exist, despite mankind's ignorance.]

Enchantments of Britain, or, king Arthur's, Round table of the stars. [If you do not realize that the story of Arthur is an astrological myth, then there is little or no hope for you. I will explain the truth in the appropriate work, keep watching and reading.]

William Blake.

Selected Poems. 3 volumes. These are astrologically based occult mysteries.

Sir Thomas Malory.

Le Morte D' Arthur. [Prophecy not history.]

Sir J. Knowles.

The Legends of King Arthur and his Knights. [Astrological tales based on the signs of the zodiac.]

Wace and Lawman.

The life of king Arthur.

ARTHUR the King. G Fife (BBC) ISBN 0-563-21510-0.

Arthur and the Grail. H Lampo & P.P Koster. ISBN 0-283-99705-2.

J. Matthews,

A Glastonbury Reader. Selection of myths, legends and stories of Ancient Avalon. Mixture of myths and truths, can you fathom one from the other?

Geoffrey of Monmouth.

The Life of Merlin. [Astrological myth concerning events and birth of a MESSIAH, you need to read all the books on Arthur I have mentioned, they hide and reveal a great secret between them.]

M. I. Ebbutt. The British. (myths and legends)

R. Hutton.

The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles. ISBN. 0-631-18946-7.

T. D. Kendrick. The Druids. ISBN. 1-8598-036-x.

Lewis Spence.

The Mysteries of Britain. Also,

Egypt; myth and legend.

Janet & Colin Bord. Ancient Mysteries of Britain. ISBN 0-261-66001-2.

A.S. Rappoport. The Sea, myths and legends.

Ancient Israel. Vol, 1.

W.L. Bowles.

Hermes Britannicus, a dissertation on the Celtic deity Teutates.

Sir Richard Gregory. The Vault of Heaven.


Mark Vidler. The Star Mirror.

R. Descartes. Meditations and other Metaphysical writings.

The Chaldean account of Genesis. George Smith 1876.

E. Walter. Astronomy of the BIBLE.

A Walk through the Heavens 3rd Ed. ISBN 0-521-544157. (guide to stars and constellations and their legends) Milton D. Heifetz & Wil Tirion.

J.T. Hill. Astral Worship.

Richard H. Allen.

Star Lore and Meaning. This is a very important book for its time, while there are some errors, that is not necessarily the authors fault. It is for the reader to determine, from previous endeavours to separate the wheat from the chaff. It is highly enlightening when it is right, destructive when wrong. But the author is reporting from a very wide range of sources. Read as a book, only afterwards use it for reference, otherwise you may never understand but a fraction of its worth. 9 out 10.

Arthur Schopenhauer.

The Horrors and absurdities of Religion.

On the suffering of the world.

Marcus Aurelius. Meditations.

Works of E. W. Bullinger include.

Number in Scripture.

Commentary on Revelation.

The witness of the Stars.

Word Studies on the Holy Spirit.

The two natures in the child of God.

E.A. Wallis Budge. Include.

Gods of the Egyptians. Vol' 1 and 2.

Egyptian Religion.

The Dwellers on the Nile.

Legends of the Egyptian gods.

Egyptian Magic.

H.A. Guerber. (myths and legends of) Greece and Rome.

Barry Cuncliffe. The Ancient Celts.

P.B. Ellis. The Celts (a brief history)

T. W. Rolleston. (myth and legend) Celtic.

J Abbott. Hannibal, Makers of History.

L. Beatty. The Garden of the golden Flower. (exploring myths from the Egyptian Sun cults to Christ) ISBN 1-85958-151-X.

Andrew Lang. myth, Ritual and Religion vol 1.

L Spence. Introduction to Mythology.

Aesop. The complete fables.

Apocalypse Pseudo-Methodius, an Alexandrian World Chronicle. Edited and Translated by

Joseph A Seiss. The Gospel in the Stars.

Roger Beck. The religion of the Mithras cult in the Roman Empire.

D Ulansey. The Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries.

Philip Matysak. Mithridates the Great. ISBN 18445, 5834-9.

Florence & Kenneth Wood. Homer's Secret Odyssey.

M. Reeves. Joachim of Fiore and the Prophetic future.

H, Bett, M.A. Joachim of Flora.

John Hogue. The Last Pope. (considers the prophecies of St Malachy.) pub. ELEMENT, ISBN. 1-86204-202-0.

K Fleming. God's voice in the Stars.

Apocalyptic Spirituality. Classics of the western world. President and publisher

H. Schonfield. Essene Odyssey.

Hershell Shanks. The mystery and meaning of the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Geza Vermes. The Dead Sea Scrolls in


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