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Exploring the Biblical

[Egypt] [Aquarius] [Pisces] [Aries] [Taurus] [Gemini] [Cancer] [Leo] [Virgo] [Libra] [Scorpio] [Sagittarius] [Capricorn] [Four Riders] [King Solomon] [David & Goliath] [Samson] [Essene]

Introduction to the Biblical online books by Lux Nova

Today the Old Testament [in particular] has fallen from grace, even amongst some churches.

We should ask why? And ponder these changes. All too often the fault lies with those who perhaps have considered themselves staunch supporters, who in failing to come up with convincing evidence to back up their convictions have left so many disillusioned.

One of those sticking points has been the insistence that the Old Testament, was somehow an accurate history book. Yet nobody in their right mind today, would try to insist, either the world or mankind began a mere 6000years ago. Indeed, every effort or attempt to align it with history has failed: it quite simply is not a history book.

Another great controversy comes from the sheer violence that fills its pages. Which seem totally at odds with the New Testament. It seems there is little tolerance, peace, or forgiveness in Old Testament. We constantly read of war, murder, treachery, adultery, sacrifice, and robbery and evil. Which has led many people, even churches to dismiss or side-line it.

Yet, one of the greatest problems is the dogma that has shackled us from using the one great and greatest tool of understanding we possess; our minds.

Many of the stories in the Old Testament. Are so foolish, that we ought to realise our approach to understanding them is totally wrong.

Do you really Adam and Eve it? Was there ever a 600year old man on this earth, or giants? Any scientist of worth would know it is ridiculous. Archaeology in no way supports it, despite the endless nonsense on 'You tube'.

The books- treaties included in this web site, are given to start those who wish to start, to see things differently, the truth is in there and out there we just have to realise it. Then we might read the Old and New Testaments differently, the great secret of the triplicity of the stories will emerge and the prophets and the prophecies understood.

For simplicity of modern reading and comprehension, certain words have been updated/translated, please see the word/phrase alterations made the Bible texts for further details.

  1. Egyptian myths
  2. Aquarius - Reuben
  3. Pisces - Simeon and Levi
  4. Aries - Gad
  5. Taurus - Sagittarius. Ephraim - Joseph
  6. Gemini - Benjamin
  7. Cancer - Issachar
  8. Leo - Judah
  9. Virgo - Naphtali
  10. Libra - Asher
  11. Scorpio - Dan
  12. Taurus - Sagittarius. Ephraim - Joseph
  13. Capricorn - Zebulun
  14. The Four Riders of the Apocalypse
  15. King Solomon's mind
  16. David and Goliath
  17. Essene

More books will be added in due course.