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The Descendants of Adam and the Secrets of the Zodiac: Aquarius

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The Sons of Jacob and Sacred Astrology: Reuben (Aquarius)

Once upon a time the youthful maid
So, beautiful in her prime,
Unknown by name,
Her coils did unwind.

And why, oh why, did that foolish man
Fall for he charms,
That Mona Lisa
In the sky?
The moment when all innocence died.

The lazy lion thus adorned with pride:
Does leave the plains
And takes the world
Stride by stride.

From simple words,
The language of the heavens grew,
And man, soon forgot,
What he never knew.

Rueben was the first born, that makes him an Aquarian, for all sacred Astrology for the purposes of prediction are based on Zepti, first time and the end time, which are the same. And Jacob said,

A Rueben you are my firstborn,
my might,
And the beginning (sign) of my strength,
The excelling in dignity,
And the excelling in power,
Unstable as water,
Thou shall (no longer) not excel,
Because you went up to your father's bed;
Then thou defiled it;
He went up to my couch.

There are not that many words about Rueben's life, but it does tell us that Rueben slept with his father's concubine Bilhah, and that Jacob heard about it. This has led to some writers, ignorant of Sacred Astrology, to imply that rather than being blessings or predictions upon his children's futures, that they are merely some sort of summary of their lives to that date.

But they forget, that because Rueben is an Aquarian it is only fitting that he should behave like one, and we have plenty of examples of Aquarians acting in the same way.

In Rueben's case his downfall involves Jacob's concubine, but it could just as easily have been his wife or even a sister or mother, the implication is that somehow Rueben tried to take his father's place as head or leader of the family or group.

Geb the Egyptian earth god, showed his Aquarian side when he made love with his mother Nut.

Adam, the firstborn man and first Aquarian did it when he accepted the apple from Eve.

But probably the most famous Aquarian outside the Bible is Lancelot.

[Considering his liking of jousting, Lance-a-Lot would seem a very apt name, but in view of what he does, one wonders what lance he was really named after.]

Lancelot was king Arthur's best knight, he was tall strong and handsome, nearly unbeatable in the joust or single combat and formidable on the field of battle. He rode a white horse and wore shining armour. But he fell in love with king Arthur's wife, and they started an affair; Arthur found out and he was banished, and she was banished to a nunnery.

And Moses said,

Let Rueben live and not die.

And Lancelot was not killed, indeed, he was brought back from exile, to help Arthur in his final battles.

Amongst the disciples, the sign of Aquarius is allotted to Peter. For we cannot doubt that he was the first of the disciples rounded up by Jesus, along with his brother Andrew, or can we?

There are great, and numerous differences between the four Gospels; due, as much as anything to the fact that, firstly but not necessarily because they were written at different times, by different authors; but mainly because the knowledge of Sacred Astrology, and ability of the authors to understand the truth and prophecies contained in the Old Testament was at best, poor.

In the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, SIMON, who will be renamed Peter, and Andrew, his supposed brother, are called by Jesus together. In Luke's Gospel, Simon [Peter] is called first and James and his brother John, second, no mention is made of ANDREW at that point. Then in John, we are told that Andrew is a disciple of John the Baptist, who along with an unnamed follower of John, follow Jesus when they are alerted by the John the Baptist, that Jesus is there. And only then does Andrew go off to find Simon [Peter] and bring him to Jesus.

Now, I require you to concentrate very hard.

Andrew, as we will learn when we come to discuss the 3rd sign was allotted to Aries. Though we have not got that far yet, bear with me and accept at least for the moment, that this is true. We will also see as Jacob, rightly says, Simeon and Levi are brothers. These brothers were allotted to the sign of Pisces, as we shall also see. Reuben was the firstborn of Jacob, and Simeon and Levi followed.

Now the authors of the Gospels, may not be as ignorant as I suggested, or at least, not all of them. For, in reality there is no difference between the names, Simeon, and Simon, and we may see this,

Aquarius Pisces Aries
Reuben Simeon/Levi Andrew

In Sacred Astrology, each sign is said to be the father of the sign that followers it, but they are at the same time also considered brothers. For they are zodiac signs, the constellations and connected to each other.

Thus Simeon-Simon is the brother of Andrew. But Jesus, renames and removes Simon from the sign of Pisces, and places him in Aquarius, and renames him Peter, [the Rock.]

We will come to learn about the significance of rocks, or stones, which were used to mark borders as we progress. But obviously, Aquarius is on the borderline, between winter and the New year.

In Luke, we find, the author has already moved Simon-Peter to Aquarius, so having filled his net to bursting, he calls his partners James and John to gather up the excess fish, without any mention of ANDREW.

[PLEASE ponder the previous words carefully, because having removed Simon from Pisces, to Aquarius, Jesus calls, James and John, to take his place in the vacant sign. To which end he calls them 'The Sons of Thunder'. As we will find, as Pisces descends Scorpio and Sagittarius are rising, and all the bad things associated with those signs, are associated with the demise of Pisces.

Thus, we may see,

Aquarius Pisces Aries
Peter [Simon] James/John Andrew

[How I love to play with words, Abram was of Aries, and his life considered, who cannot say he was not to


from place to place and is it not the LAMB, Jesus in the same sign as


who was to bring about the final confrontation, and


of the Anagram.


So, let us consider Peter the person. Peter is the first disciple, a word that merely tells us he is a follower and worshiper of the Sun Disc. He is just another version of Reuben, the first sign of the might and strength of the 'New years' Sun; but just like Reuben he is unstable as water.

Matthew makes this point beautifully in the story of the feeding of the 5000. He tells us that after Jesus had finished teaching and the people had been fed, he sent the disciples off in a boat to go to the other side of the lake. Then he dismissed the crowd and stayed to pray alone. Later while the disciples were still crossing over Jesus walked on the water towards them. When they saw him, they were afraid; but when they realized it was him, Peter said.

Lord if it be you, bid me to come to you on the water.

And Jesus said.


Peter left the boat and headed towards him, but the wind unnerved him and he began to sink and called out to Jesus to save him. Jesus put out his hand and pulled him up, saying,

O you of little faith, why did you doubt.

Then sometime later Jesus asked the disciples who they thought he was, but only Peter said he was the son of God; to which Jesus told him, that he Peter was,

Simon son of Jonah

Now Jonah was swallowed by a great fish, not a whale as some children's books like to pretend. That fish we now call Pisces Australis, and it swims below Aquarius's feet and swallows the water coming out of the Urn of Aquarius. In Jonah's story he is thrown overboard by the crew of the ship he has boarded to escape doing what the Lord had commanded; because the Lord sent a storm that threatened to sink the ship. As he sinks lower and lower he is swallowed by a large fish, and after praying when 3 days had passed the Lord ordered the fish to vomit him out. The story resembles the death of Jesus, who swallowed by death, emerges on the 3rd day. But in astrological terms, the Sun is pretended to die in Capricorn and emerge on the 3rd day as Aquarius, thus he compares Peter to Jonah, saying also that it only by God's will that Peter knew who he was.

Anyway, back to our story. Peter was the first sign of his might, but being as unstable as water he would no longer excel. From the time, Peter faltered on the water of the lake, he no longer excelled, he questioned Jesus's motives several times and would deny him 3 times, who can deny he was not an Aquarian.

Jesus also said that upon the rock- stone of

Peter, he would build HIS CHURCH, and that he did not come to bring peace but WAR.

You should seriously ask

Whose side was he on?


Oublier dieu parmitous les saincts,
il oublie=,
The nearer he is to the church,
The further he is from God.
We say better,
The Devil lurks behind the cross.
R. Cotgrave.

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