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Books of Nostradamus by Lux Nova

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The Books of Nostradamus by Lux Nova

This section contains the verses of Nostradamus as translated by the Author Lux Nova, first published on the Secret Vault in June 2017.
Each book below collates the verses of Nostradamus into key location, person(s), event or theme as identified in the verses and Centuries of Nostradamus.

Specific comments and discussion points are highlighted where relevant. Some of Nostradamus verses are repeated in different books as

  1. Certain verses mention, places in several countries, or, more than one country, or more than one character.
  2. Certain verses are so general that they cannot be placed.
  3. Certain verses are unplaced because they are covered in a specific eBook by Lux Nova. In these cases a translation is still provided but held separately.