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The Descendants of Adam and the Secrets of the Zodiac: Virgo

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The sacred Virgin, mother earth
And the two-faced moon,
All are one, in birth and tomb.
They give, they hold, they take
For all things born to live
Are born to break.
And so, it was and will be,
The three faces of a woman,
That in their time all men do see.

The Sons of Jacob and Sacred Astrology: Naphtali (Virgo)

Naphtali is a doe set free
that bears beautiful fawns.

[ I could make no sense, at first, of the above 2 lines, the older versions have, a hind set loose, but both Bochart, and Sir W. Drummond render it as 'Naphthali is a tree shooting forth, producing goodly branches.']

The fig tree, all nut and fruit bearing trees, are sacred to Virgo, under one of her Egyptians names as Hathor she is called 'Lady of the Sycamore'. And the Egyptians produced planispheres with Virgo holding a palm branch, in another I see a large fig like tree above her. Jesus makes at least one illusion to the fig tree and Virgo, when he tells Nathanael he saw him sitting under the fig tree, that is to say he knew him when he was still in the womb.

But let me refer back to words of the NIV. A doe set free, that bears beautiful fawns.

Hercules 3rd labour was to capture the Cerynean Hind. Now woodland creatures like deer, hinds, boars, owls etc. are all sacred to Virgo, that is why Hercules was supposed to capture it and return it to Artemis (Virgo), unharmed. The beautiful fawns are of course the twins of Gemini, who are born 9 months after Hercules removed her restricting girdle, a labour he carried out in the sign of Virgo.

And Leah said upon his birth,

A with great wrestling's I have wrestled with my sister, and I have prevailed.

Leah and Rachel, are no different from Sarai and Sarah, who are no different than the Egyptian moon goddesses Nephthys and Isis.


N E P H T H Y S,



Are simple variation on the same word. For Nep and Nap carry the same meaning.

O Naphtali ,
satisfied with favour,
and full with the blessing of the Lord.
(ANaphtali is abounding
with the favour of the Lord
And is full of his blessing:)
possess thou the west and south.

[ Virgo is basically harvest time, a time of plenty, it was also the time when the sun started to return from the Northern Hemisphere towards the Equator, thus towards the south and west, according to the sacred calendar, which starts with Aquarius. Of the various and manifold names give to Virgo, a great many of them carry the title, Harvest Queen.]

Virgo is the station of the Amazon queen and her hippolyte girdle and also Berenice's golden hair, and at some point, a hippopotamus surely could be found. It is the 21st century, and there are still people in this world who actually believe that there was a race of superhuman women, called Amazons who were led by a great and beautiful warrior queen, who was a skilled hunter, armed with great spear, even a sword and a shield. But it seems they shunned men, detested them, just like a man, they used, abused and slaughtered them; but she did not wear a crown. The sign of her authority was her great girdle, perhaps something like those oversized belts that champion boxers receive. But Herakles slew her and took her belt.

Let me tell you the story
Of how Berenices hair,
Came to be placed in the heavens.

There once was a very great king, and this king had a very beautiful wife who was famous, not only for her beauty but her long golden blonde hair, an extreme rarity in those times and latitudes. They were both deeply in love with each other and were rarely parted for more than a few hours. Then one day it came to pass, that his kingdom was threatened, and war declared. The king mustered his army and upon his leaving bade his beautiful wife to pray for his safe and speedy return.

His loving wife went straight to the temple and told the priests how much she loved her husband, and was willing to do anything the gods demanded in return for her husband's safe return.

The priests told her she must make a vow, a promise; she must pledge to give the gods her most treasured and desirable possession, her golden hair; that, and only that could guarantee her husband safe return. She agreed and the priests cut off her hair.

Very soon her husband returned, he had been victorious his enemies were no more. But as he hurried from his horse to greet the woman he loved, his triumphs seemed worthless.

What had happened to his beloved wife, where were her golden locks; he felt bereaved, as if his beloved had died, surely the gods who had brought him such swift and unanimous victory would not bereft him so; why had he come home to a bald queen. His blood boiled, he knew only the priests could have made his wife agree to such a thing. And he called them to stand before him and explain why they had done such a dreadful thing, he was furious and on the verge of going berserk, and he fully intended berate them and slaughter every last one of them.

But a priestly astrologer, who was amongst them, sensing the danger, told the king that the gods had indeed honoured both him and his queen, for as a sign of his great victories, they had set her hair in the heavens; her cut hair hung down from a ribbon of stars above Virgo, and from that moment on, till this day, this ringlet of stars was known as 'Berenices hair', but this ring of fire was also known as the girdle of the Amazon Queen, and the mouth of the hippopotamus. Never the less the king was happily fooled and the priests survived, and her maids knitted a Beret to protect her head from the sun's rays, and called it a BERAY.

In ancient Egypt, the hippo was a major problem, or at least a major obstacle, they clogged the Nile, and could become very aggressive towards passing boats, etc. they hunted them with harpoons but I suspect that only certain people like the Pharaoh himself, was actually allowed to hunt them; and both Horus and Seth are recorded as turning themselves into hippo's during their contentions with each other.

Which brings us to the point where an explanation is needed. The word has the answer.

The ring of fire, or Berenices hair, or, that had previously belonged to the Amazon Queen, actually represented the bindings used to hold together the Shocks of wheat etc. After cutting the wheat was tied in bundles and stood up in the field to await being transported to the threshers. It was a restriction, and a ring of fire, or girdle is certainly a restriction or binding. Berenices hair actually represented the shocks themselves.

And very rarely, if ever do words lose the real meaning.

So. a


restricted the river, a

HIPPocratic oath,

was, a binding oath taken by a doctor to observe a code of medical ethics.


wine flavoured with Spices, which is most importantly strained, or filtered, also known as,

HIPPcrates sleeve.


HIPPolyte girdle,

that belonged to the Amazon queen. A


an open-air course for horses and chariot races, usually circular. And after a certain


trousers cut so that the top encircles the hips.

The origin of the word implies a restriction, primarily with reference to the cord that was used to bind the sheaves of wheat after it was cut, and stacked for drying. Berenices hair was golden wheat sheaves, not hair at all, the ring of fire that only Osiris' seed could pass through, not his body. But before the Girdle could be placed above Virgo it had be taken from her. For the Amazon queen was a personification of the virgin Isis, whose womb was restricted by a girdle that prevented her conceiving, once Summer is over, the restriction is removed and Seth gets her pregnant. [see my treaty on the labours of Hercules and Samson.]

[ I further note that Virgo, is portrayed as a sphinx in one of the Egyptian planispheres, and the Sphinx is a restrictor which is hard to get past; and when I first saw pictures taken from above the Sphinx of Pyramid, I thought the dimensions of its body were more typical of a lioness or leopard. I could not see from any angle that there was once a great main of hair, adorning the Sphinx, it might well explain why the carving of the pharaoh's head is so small compared to the body of the Sphinx itself: food for thought.] [ see plate 30.]

Elizabeth the 1st was born with the sun in Virgo. And achieved near cult status as the Virgin Queen.

And in Samson's story we find he goes down from his lofty place in the heavens to Virgo's vineyards in Timnath. In Virgo,youtube there is a star called Vindematrix, previously known as Vindemiator, the gatherer of grapes, from its rising in the morning just before the time of vintage; and the Greeks said it represented Ampelus (vine).

The disciple allotted to Virgo was none other than JUDAS ISCARIOT. It undoubtedly seems strange that I should say this, but the name Judas carries the same meaning as Judah. What's more, it was the Moon, that was to be blamed for the death of the Suns offspring, the harvest moon. Isis betrayed Osiris, when she went with Seth to her own vineyards, Delilah betrayed Samson. And it is interesting to note that the disciple chosen to replace Judas's vacant seat was Matthais, which they say signifies the gift of the Lord, but I read, that Re, the Egyptian sun god, brought his daughter Maat, the embodiment of truth and justice, as a gift when he established his kinship on earth. All female names, originally, were names of, Mother earth, the moon and Virgo, there never was any other women in the zodiac. And all three are Astrological are but one. Indeed, I find that all the names in the Old and New testaments that begin with Matt, signify gift, whether it be Mattan, Mattahais, Matthat, Matthew, or Matthais, and they all originate from the word Maat-i. and MAAT was the embodiment of wisdom, social and religious order, of relationships between the people and the gods, the Sophia, she was the moon and Virgo combined. And Matt is just a variation of Maat; enough said.

But remember always Naphtali was no man, he was sign of Virgo.

Astrology: The Descendants of Adam

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