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The Secret Vault: Prophecy Books of Nostradamus by Lux Nova

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Whether a critic, veteran scholar, student or layman, Nostradamus has touched your life in a myriad of ways. His works are world renowned and create intrigue and discussion across race, religion, countries and cults.

The significant interest in his works has motivated a multitiude of interpretations and opinion on Nostradamus original works, publications including books, media and online press. Unfortunately, as we will explore in these works, you will discover that a considerable number of those works and analysis were incorrectly based on poor/incorrect translations. The Authors seemingly content to accept original translations rather than studying the core, original text and exploring alternate hypothesis to provide a more informed and relevant translation of Nostradamus works.

In the Nostradamus section of the Secret Vault, we explore the works of Nostradamus and provide an insightful interpretation and analysis of Nostradamus works. We also review previous interpretations and explain the rationale for their misinterpretations.

The analysis on the works of Nostradamus is split into separate chapters which can be read in order or accessed directly to allow you to focus on certain content or information. These works are also available in e-book format, contact us for more information. You can also find a list of the books read and reviewed in preparation for the production of these works, the Nostradamus books section contains our reviews and assessments, particularly useful if you are completing research or are new to the works of Nostradamus and are actively seeking reliable resources.

If you are new to the Secret Vault and the works of Lux Nova or the Phopecies of Nostradamus, we suggest you read the Introduction to Nostradamus before you review the Books of Nostradamus or the Verses of Nostradamus.