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The Descendants of Adam and the Secrets of the Zodiac: Pisces

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The Sons of Jacob and Sacred Astrology: Simeon and Levi (Pisces)

From simple words
The language of the heavens grew,
And Man, soon forgot
What he never knew.
But here and there a weed
Amongst the flowers set,
And soon enough
The seeds were sown
The flowers of truth they did infest.

Jacob said.

Simeon and Levi are brothers,
Instruments of cruelty
are in their habitations.
(Or, Their, swords are weapons of violence.)
[b] O my soul, do not be tied by their shackle.
Unto their assembly,
Mine honour, be not thou united
[c] For in their anger
they slew a man (have killed men.)
And in their self-will [a] they castrated a bull
Cursed be their anger,
For it was fierce,
And their wrath (fury), for it was cruel.
I will divide them in Jacob
And scatter them in Israel.

The NIV. Has in [a] they hamstrung oxen. But I cannot disagree with Sir Drummond, he quite rightly points out that Pisces descends as Scorpio rises, and it is the Scorpion which attacks the testicles and castrates the Bull of Taurus.

[b]. The fish of Pisces are tied, fettered, shackled, bound, sometimes by their tails, sometimes by their mouths, other times by their midriff, facing away from each other. [It is worth considering words of Jacob's first, but unloved wife Leah. At the birth of Simeon, she said,

Because the Lord hath heard that I was hated, he hath therefore given me this son.

And upon the birth of Levi she said,

Now at last my husband will become (joined) attached to me.

[c] I suspect that the translators of later versions have turned >a man, into men, as it fits better with the actions of Simeon and Levi, in the story of Dinah, their sister. I am with Sir Drummond all the way, on this one, for the man in question, was the Egyptian Osiris, in Genesis's version it was Abel.

Now Pisces was a sign horror to the Egyptians, fish were detestable to them, in the first place the stench of rotting fish etc. trapped as the Nile flood receded was extremely pungent, certainly bad enough to put you off fish for life. And fish and other creatures of the water were some of Seth's-Satan's-Neptune's, oldest and fiercest servants and allies. And if Aquarius was first sign, the dawn and golden age of mankind, then Pisces was its end, mankind at its worst; and how right they were.

Simeon and Levi.

When Jacob traveled into Canaan, he set up camp near the city of Shechem; and he bought the small plot of land from the sons of the father of Shechem, called Hamor.

Now Dinah, Jacobs only daughter wandered about the area, meeting some of the local women. When it just so happened that Shechem, one of Hamor the Hivite's sons, saw her, then he took, and raped her. But he was smitten by her, and afterwards talked fondly to her and asked his father to arrange for her to be his wife.

When Jacob heard, what had happened his sons were still with the flocks, and he awaited their return. When Jacob's sons found out what had been done they were furious.

Nevertheless, Hamor came out to see Jacob, and made him many offers of friendship and cooperation, if Jacob would agree to the marriage. Shechem, his son had also come with his father, and also pleaded for Dinah; offering to pay any price, and bring gifts, if only they would agree.

But Jacob's sons said they could not let their sister marry into a tribe of un-circumcised men. And only if they agreed to circumcise all the male citizens would they agree, both to the marriage and other proposals his father Hamor had proposed.

It was agreed and Hamor persuaded the men of the city; who agreed thinking they would absorb this small family and by default gain all they possessed. So. it was, that all the males of Shechem were circumcised.

Three days later when all the men of Shechem were still nursing their wounds. Simeon and Levi armed themselves and attacked the city, killing off every male; then they took Dinah and left. When Jacob's other sons came across the dead bodies, they looted the city and carried everything off with them. But Jacob was far from happy: worried that the other peoples that lived roundabout might come after them and destroy them, for they were many and they were few, and they left the area.

[The story of Simeon and Levi, literally does follow the lines of Jacob's blessing, but that is because they are the stars-constellations of Pisces. The word Shechem, signifies dawn, but it also refers to the Hem of Virgo's skirt, and the Scales of Libra, which were originally the claws of the Scorpion almost touch it. Now, Hamor, is merely a form of >Ham' thus of winter, so his son is metaphorically, the dawn of the Scorpion. Now Dinah their sister, is just a form of Diana, thus the moon is indicated. So just as Isis, the Egyptian moon goddess is rapped by Seth in autumn, so the son of ham, Shechem, who resides in autumn rapes Dinah. Then Simeon and Levi metaphorically emasculate the Bull by tricking the men of Shechem to circumcise themselves, then 3 days later they kill the men, and the sacrifice of the Bull is complete.

It is not hard to see why some authors might consider Jacob's blessings as a mere summary of his son's lives to this point. They were certainly prone to violence.

But, that is only because the authors see them as true historical figures. When, in reality they are Star signs. Sir William Drummond, explains the thinking behind the astrology in Simeon and Levi's case, being they are representative of the fish of Pisces. Basically, the constellation of Sagittarius, Satan's sign starts to rise in the month of Pisces. While the constellation of Scorpio has already begun to set amongst the seeable stars. So, all the bad things associated with those signs are beginning to manifest themselves.

And Jacob said,

By their self will they have castrated a bull.

Now bear this mind, we tend to think that the stars of our birth sign, are perhaps at their height, most powerful and influential at that point. While this may be the case, the stars of your birth sign are on the point of descending into underworld at that time. Thus, Pisces is leaving the visible heavens during that month. Let us be clear on this; there should not be many of you who cannot recognize the stars of Orion, when they appear in the heavens. They appear in the British sky during the winter months. Thus, they begin to appear above the horizon around the months of Scorpio, Sagittarius, from the same area as the sun rises. For three months, they cross the heavens higher and higher in the night sky, then they begin to descend again. By the month of April, Taurus begins its final descent and disappears below the horizon, and will not be seen again for another 6 months. Hopefully you are with me at this point.

Now the star sign, we are concerned with at this point is Pisces. In February, it is leaving its visible time. It began its rise 6 months previous as Scorpio and Sagittarius are leaving, sinking below the horizon. So, the rising of Pisces is associated by the ancients with all the evils predicted by Scorpio and Sagittarius.

Now, let us consider the Bull of Taurus carefully.

If you have a reasonable interest in ancient astrology, and know the Old Testament vaguely, you will know how hard Moses tried to wean the Hebrews off the worship of Bulls. And that Bull was of the Star sign of Taurus. However, he failed miserably, every time he was not watching their every move they reverted to worshiping the golden Calf.

Even in the times of king David and Solomon, we have people afraid of the wrath of their kings running into the temples and clinging onto the horns of the altar.

Just as obviously, we have endless descriptions and illustrations of the castration of, and sacrifice of the Bull.

The emasculation, castration of the bull, is a fertility rite, the bull is forced to spill its seed and blood upon the ground to bring successful harvests. As the Scorpion rises in Pisces it attacks the descending Bull, and Sagittarius cuts its throat.

Now Jacob also says,

I will scatter them in Jacob,
And disperse them in Israel.

Jacob is not the father of men but of the months of the year, and in Genesis 35- 10.

God said to him,

Your name is Jacob,
But you will no longer be called Jacob,
your name will be Israel.

So, Jacob is no different to Abram, he has to be renamed, in order for his influence to extend its borders, thus he is renamed Israel, and thus the evils associated with Pisces, will be scattered and dispersed amongst the 12 signs of the Zodiac, is exactly what he says.

And thus, thunder and lightning can happen in any month, and does, the ancients thought the thunder storms of March as horrendous. [cotgrave.]

Mars = march, planet Mars, god of war, Aries of Iron, according to the alchemists, the month of thunder.

En hyver par tout pluet; en este' la' ou dieu veut.
In winter it rains all over,
in summer but somewhere.

In the New Testament, the sign of Pisces is allotted to the brothers James and John, who he rightly called 'the suns of thunder', they were both fishermen; or both fishes. They loved to drink and argue the toss.

We are ever reading, without ever understanding,
ever seeing, without perceiving,
ever hearing, but never questioning.
Pray then, that your eyes are opened,
that your ears are unplugged,
and that your reasoning is unleashed and
your mouth firmly closed.

Astrology: The Descendants of Adam

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