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David and Goliath or the Invention of the great Game

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The scene, Saul reigns as the 1st king of Israel. Under his rule the Israelites have shunned their own beliefs and willingly joined and practised the rites of the Pagan Philistines, riddled with the sin of divination, even to the point of human sacrifice.

Before Saul the Israelites were led by prophets and judges, but the people apparently wanted a king, like all the nations around them had. Despite the warning of the dire consequences the Israelites persisted and the Lord gave them Saul. But Saul was more a man than a king, he was as superstitious and greedy for his own desires as any man. And instead of glorifying the Lord for setting him on the throne, and making sure the people obeyed and respected the laws of God, he allowed the people to do as they pleased, they worshipped in the groves and high places, made offerings and sacrifices to the Sun and the Moon.

Like all Aquarians Saul was to commit the very same sins as Reuben, the 1st son of Jacob. Instead of Glorifying God, Saul glorified himself. Such a state of affairs could not be allowed to continue.

Now Saul had been the choice of the people, a strong handsome youth, he had the stature of a living Hercules, a worthy king, and despite all the Lord had commanded him, he relented not one jot, so the Lord set about replacing him.

Samuel 16

And the Lord said unto Samuel, "How long wilt you mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him from reigning over Israel? Fill thine horn with oil, and go, I will send thee to Jesse the Beth-lehemite (one of Bethlehem): for I have provided (chosen one) me a king among his sons."
And Samuel said, "How can I go? If Saul hear (of) it he will kill me."
And the Lord said, "Take a heifer with thee, and say, 'I am come to sacrifice to the Lord. And call (invite) Jesse to the sacrifice, and I will show thee what thou shalt do: and thou shalt anoint unto me him I name unto thee."
And Samuel did that which the Lord spoke of (said), and came to Bethlehem. And the elders of the town trembled at his coming. And said,
"come thou peacefully?"
And he said,
"peaceably: I am come to sacrifice unto the Lord. Sanctify yourselves and come with me to the sacrifice."
And he sanctifies Jesse and his sons and called them to the sacrifice.
And when it came to pass, when they were all come, that he looked on Eliab,
and said, "Surely the Lord's anointed is before him Lord."

[ but the Lord rejected him, and Abinadab, and Shammah also, in fact he rejected all 7 of the sons of Jesse, who appeared before him, so Samuel asked Jesse if he had anymore sons. And Jesse told him there was the youngest, but he was tending the sheep. Samuel told him to send for him and they awaited his arrival. When he arrived, he was RUDDY, with a FINE appearance and HANDSOME features. the LORD confirmed he was the one and told Samuel to anoint him].


Then Samuel took the horn of oil and anointed him in the midst of his brethren: and the Spirit of the Lord came upon David from that day forward. So, Samuel rose up, and to Ramah. [ Ramah signifies the heavens?].

[ At this time the Lord, withdrew his Spirit from Saul, who was then plagued by his own evil, and became depressed and paranoid. His advisers suggested he acquire a good musician, saying it might help calm him, when his mind was troubled. And he bayed them find one,]

16-18. the answered one of the servants, and said,

"Behold, I have seen a son of Jesse the Beth-lehemite, that is cunning in playing, (the HARP) and a mighty valiant man and a man of war, and prudent in matters, and a comely (handsome) person, and the LORD is with him."

[ King Saul sent for him and was well impressed with young David, whenever the evils took hold of him, David would be summoned to play, and the evil left him. He even made David one of his armour-bearers, and sent word to Jesse his father the David was to remain with him. So Saul certainly knew David very well, well enough to recognise him when he saw him, you would think.]

Samuel 17

Now the Philistines gathered their armies to battle, and were gathered together at Shochoh (SOCOH) which belongeth to Judah. And pitched (camp) between Shochoh and AZEKAH in Ephes-dammim. And Saul and the men of Israel (Israelites) were gathered together and pitched (made camp) by Valley of ELAH and set the battle in array (that is, drew their battle line to meet) the Philistines.
And the Philistines stood on a mountain, (or hill?) on the one side, and the Israel stood on the other, and there was a valley between them.
And there went out a champion out of the camp of the Philistines, named GOLIATH, of GATH, whose height was 6 cubits and a span (9 feet tall). He had a HELMET of brass upon his head and wore a coat of mail (COAT of SCALE ARMOUR, of and the weight of the coat was 5000 shekels of brass (modern authors prefer Bronze.) and he had Bronze -brass, GREAVES, on his legs (shins) and a gorget of brass- Bronze between his shoulders (on his chest, a cuirass, like the moulded chest armour Roman emperors and generals, wore.) And the shaft of his spear was like a WEAVERS beam (rod); and his spears head (the metal end of his spear,) weighed 600 shekels of iron: His Shield BEARER went before him.
And he (Goliath) stood and cried unto the army of Israel,
"Why are ye come out to set your battle array? (basically, why have you lined up for battle against me?)
Am not I a Philistine,
And ye (not?) servants of Saul?
Choose a man for you (yourselves, or from among yourselves) and let him come down to me (before me).
If he is able to fight with me, and to kill me, then we will be your servants; but if I prevail (overcome)against him, and kill him, the you shall be our servants (subjected to us) and serve us."
And the Philistine said.
"I defy the army of Israel this day!
Give me a man, that we may fight together" (each other, as in single combat.)
When Saul and all the Israel-ites heard the words of the Philistine (Goliath) they were dismayed and greatly afraid. [in fact, they ran back to their tents].

Gen 17-12. Now David was the son of that EPHRATHITE of Bethlehem -(of-in) JUDAH, whose name was Jesse; and he had 8 sons: and in Saul's time Jesse was an old man of many in years.

13, and 3 oldest sons of Jesse went and followed Saul to the battle, and the names of his 3 sons that went to battle were Eliab; the 1st born, and next unto him (2nd) Abinadab; and the 3rd Shammah.

And David was the youngest: The 3 oldest followed Saul.

But David went and returned from Saul to feed his father's sheep at Bethlehem.

And for 40 days the Philistine [Goliath] came forward every morning and evening and took his stand.

[ Jesse meanwhile sent his son David to take provisions to his brothers and to enquire after their wellbeing. While he was talking to them, Goliath came out to taunt the Israelites, and when they saw him they once again ran away. Then David heard some of them telling each other how king Saul would bestow great riches upon any man who could kill Goliath. David discusses the matter further with several men and this upsets his eldest brother Eliab, who accused him of just coming to gloat, and watch the battle. Something David said was overheard and reported to Saul, who summoned David to appear before him.]

Gen 17-32.

David said to Saul,
"Let no man's heart fail because of him; (Goliath); thy servant will go and fight with the Philistine."
And Saul said to David,
"thou art not able to go out against this Philistine to fight with him; for thou art but a youth, and he a man of war from his youth."
And David said unto Saul,
"Thy servant kept his father's sheep,
And (whenever) there came a LION
or a BEAR
and took a lamb out of the flock,
I went out after him,
and smote (struck) him,
and delivered it out of his mouth.
And when he rose against me,
I caught him by the beard,
smote him and slew (killed) him.
Thy servant slew both
the LION and BEAR;
And this uncircumcised Philistine
shall be as one of them,
seeing (because) he has defied
the armies
of the, living God.
And David said moreover.
The Lord that (who) delivered me
from the paw of the LION,
and the paw of the BEAR,
He will deliver me out of the hand
of the Philistine.

And Saul said to David,
"Go, and the Lord be with thee."

[Then Saul dressed David in his own tunic. He put a coat of armour (chain mail) on him and a brass-bronze helmet on his head. David fastened on his sword over the tunic and tried walking around, because he was not used to them, but they were a restriction to him.]

And David said unto Saul,
"I cannot go in these,"
He said to Saul
"Because I am not proved (used to) them."
So, David put (took) them off.

And took his staff in his hand,
And Chose 5 smooth stones
Out of the brook, (stream),
And put them in a shepherd's bag (pouch)
which he had (wore)
even in a scrip;
and his sling was in his hand,
and he drew near (approached)
the Philistine.

[Meanwhile, the Philistine, with his shield bearer in front of him, kept coming closer to David. He looked David over and saw that he was only a boy, Ruddy and Handsome, and he despised him.]

And the Philistine said unto David,
"Am I a dog,
that thou cometh to me
with staves (a stick-s?)"
And the Philistine cursed
David by his gods.

And the Philistine said to David,
"Come to me,"
"And I'll give your flesh
unto the fowls (birds) of the air
and to the beasts of the field!"

Then David said to the Philistine,

"You cometh (against) to me with sword
and with a spear and with a shield:
but I come to thee (against you)
in the name of the Lord of Hosts,
the God of the armies of Israel,
whom thou hast defied.
This day the Lord will deliver you
into mine (my) hand;
and I will smite thee,
and take thy head from thee;
and I will give the carcasses
of the host of the Philistines this day
unto the fowls (birds) of the air,
and to the beasts of the earth;
that all (whole world) may know
that there is a God in Israel.
And all this assembly shall know
That the Lord saves
Not by sword or spear
For the battle is the Lord's,
And he will give you into our hands."

Gen 17-48

As the Philistine moved closer to attack him,
David ran quickly toward the battle line to meet him.
Reaching into his bag
and taking out a stone,
he slung it and struck
the Philistine on the forehead.
The stone sank into his forehead,
and he fell face down on the ground.

'How's that!'
shouted the Israelites,
and Cricket was born.

So, David prevailed over the
Philistine with a sling and with a stone,
and smote the Philistine,
and slew him;
but there was no sword
in the hand of David.
Therefore, David ran,
and stood upon the Philistine,
and took his sword,
and drew it out of the sheath
(scabbard) thereof,
and slew him and cut of his head therewith.

When the Philistines saw that their champion was dead, they fled. And the men of Israel and Judah arose, and shouted, and pursued until thou come to the valley, and to the gates of EKRON. And the wounded of the Philistines fell down by the way to Shaaraim, even unto Gath, and unto Ekron. And the children of Israel returned from chasing after the Philistines, and they spoiled (ransacked) their tents. And David took the head of the Philistine, and brought it to Jerusalem: but he put the armour (Philistine's weapons etc.) in his (own) tent.


And when Saul saw David go forth against the Philistine, he said unto Abner, captain of the host (army), "Whose son is this youth?"
And Abner said, "As thy soul lives, O king, I cannot tell."
And the king said, "Enquire thou whose son the stripling (youth), is."
And as David returned from the slaughter of the Philistine, Abner took him and brought him before Saul, with the head of the Philistine in his hand.
And Saul said unto him,
"Whose son art thou, thou young man?"
And David said, "I am the son of thy (your) servant Jesse the Beth-lehemite."

[ It is baffling, David had already served Saul both as Harp player and an Armour bearer, and only moments before Saul had spoken with him and even given his own sword and armour?]

This story of Saul, David and Goliath, like that of Noah makes no sense, at face-value, as a story of true historical events. In fact, David's life story gets odder, but 1st, we must understand what Moses has already told us.

We are told that David is the 8th son of an Ephrathite of the tribe of Ephraim, called Jesse, who was from Bethlehem in Judah (and presumably people who lived in or very close to Bethlehem were called Beth-lehemites. David tended his father's flock on the outskirts of Bethlehem.

Astrologically the tribe of Ephraim
were allotted to the house of Taurus.
The title 'Bethlehem'
is Beth =house, le=of, hem, -skirt,
thus 'the house of the skirt',
that is Virgo.
Judah is allotted to
The house of Leo.
The title-name David,
Signifies, division, thus is
Linked to Libra, which
Is where David tended his father's flocks,
on the outskirts of Virgo,
That is in the fields outside the town,
the boundaries of Bethlehem:
for Virgo lays horizontal, with her head near Leo and her skirt and feet touching the scales of Libra.
An Ephrathite is simply a member
of the tribe of Ephraim,
Thus Taurus.

The name -title, Jesse also signifies Taurus, and Taurus is the father of Gemini, which is David's true sign.

The sign of Gemini, is the sign of the Messiah, the sign of Gemini, is the only sign able to cross the Milky way, in other words, go between Heaven and Earth. In the Egyptian mysteries, the Messiah is called Horus, the apparent son of Isis and the 1st Egyptian Earthly king and god Osiris. Horus was in fact conceived when Seth, Osiris's brother, murdered him and then took his brother's wife into the vineyards and deflowered her.

Thus David', {Gemini} father was Jesse {Taurus}, his mother was Virgo, Bethlehem, the house of Isis, which Moses says is in Judah {Leo}, which is true, both on Earth, as Bethlehem in Israel is in Judah, but in the heavens, it is also true, because Virgo lies on her back above Leo, with her feet in Libra. David's name signifies Division, thus Libra, for the balance divides the year.

Thus, David represents the Messiah figure, as Does Moses. But it must be remembered that Herakles-Hercules also resides on the outskirts of Virgo. Goliath is also doubly connected, being both resident in Sagittarius and thus the house of Satan, but also, he appears at the beginning as Orion, whom David the Gemini child defeats. [ it is interesting to see that in the Glastonbury Zodiac, the Gemini figure is portrayed sitting in the ship Argo, and appears to be holding a sling in his right hand, the sling being drawn out as if in the motion of launching a stone towards Taurus.]


Goliath, was not some sort of giant man, not a human warrior and champion; but he was a Hero, a word that signifies he was a god. In fact, that is what he was to the Philistines.

But the word 'hero' does not signify he was their highest, or one and only god, but that he was one of the 'Suns of the Sun god, in other words he was a constellation.

And what we are told about Goliath tells us which hero- constellation, he actually is.

He was over 9ft tall.
The constellation contains
more than 9 stars.

He has a bronze or brass helmet,
That is the face,
He wears a coat of bronze Scale armour, weighing 5000 shekels. [5000 is astrologically only 5, and in this case, signifies months, the 5 months of winter].

But the Scale armour tells us that he is primarily a fish god, of winter, a form of Neptune, the bronze Greaves he wears on his shins represent the tail fins, the javelin on his back represents lightning, one of winters great weapons, his spear shaft is like the weavers, harvesters rod, the iron point of which weighed 600 shekels, Astro' 6 months. That is because a sign is most powerful at its rising, which is 6 months before it holds reign of the zodiac, [ to explain, the month named Taurus, is the month when Taurus is about to disappear from view, but its 1st sighting is as it rises 6 months before in Sagittarius. Taurus is the father of Gemini, as Egyptian god Seth was the true father of Horus. In truth then, Goliath held 2 places in the heavens, he was a storm god, with his thunderbolts and lightning, his weavers rod, signified harvest, of which he was king. But he was also associated with the sign of man, Orion.

David had stated he had already slain a lion and a bear, that being Leo, who was also the first kill of Hercules, the bear was Ursa Major, to us, the very bear whom Seth set upon Osiris.

Or in plain terms, Gemini- David, defeats Winter-Taurus in the form of Goliath as Orion. The stones or pebbles David picks up from the stream as he approaches Goliath, are 5 in number and represent the main stars of his birth sign Gemini, and thus the stream he takes them from is the Milky Way, for as I have stated Gemini is the only sign able to cross over the Milky Way. But we are far from finished with this multi layered story.

Now let us consider the taunt of Goliath against the Israelites.

Gen 17-8.

Goliath stood and shouted to the ranks of Israel,
"Why? do you come out
and line up for battle?
Am I not a Philistine,
and are thou not the servants of Saul?

Goliath also said,

"This day I defy the army of Israel! Give me a man and let us fight each other."

17-16. For 40 days, the Philistine came forward every morning and evening and took his stand.

Question 1, is a fare question if you ask me, for the Israelites and Saul were already indulging in the evil practises of the Philistines, already worshipping and sacrificing to their gods, indeed they had worshipped Goliath himself. So, what the hell were they complaining about?

17-16. But Goliath continues his taunt for 40 days, at dawn and sunset, that is twice a day, for 40 days, 80 times in all.

Now Numbers hold great secrets, and the constant references to the number 40 during the Old Testament and New Testament. Are in no way mere coincidences, Moses tells us,

  1. It rained for 40 days, night and day at the start of Noah's flood.
  2. Jesus spent 40 days in the desert being tempted night and day.
  3. The Hebrews wandered the desert for 40 years and ate manna, after Moses lead them out of Egypt.
  4. They report it took 40 years to build the Main Giza Pyramid.
  5. Moses himself lived as an Egyptian for 40 years,
  6. then he spent another 40 years in the desert of Midian, working as a shepherd, for his father-in-law, Jethro.
  7. Moses was 40 days and 40nights on the mountain receiving the Law from God.
  8. Abraham's son Isaac was 40 years old when he married Rebekah.
  9. When Esau (Isaac's son, and twin brother of Jacob.) was 40 years old, he married Judith, daughter of Beeri the Hittite.
  10. On the birthday of the most gracious Queen of England, they give a 40 cannon salute.
  11. Nostradamus tells us for 40 years the L'Iris would be seen every year, and for 40 years it would not even be seen once.
  12. Quarantine, is historically is a period of 40 days.

There are many more examples of the use of the number 40, at least 120 in the Old Testament. Itself.]

You might be tempted to think that the number 40 is an important Astrological number, but it is not cyclic, that is to say every 40 years a similar event reoccurs, in part or full. In deed as a number, 40 only has the power of 4, it is man's number and equates to instinct.

Astrology holds the key to the truth, but the number 40 is not the number it seems. 40 is not 40 to those knowledge- Able in true ancient astrology.

In order for it to rain continually rain for 40 days, day and night, 24 hours a day, it has to begin before dawn on the 1st day, and cannot finish until after the 40th night, thus the dawn after. Consider Goliath, in order for him to taunt the Israelites, dawn and dusk, for 40 days, he has to have arrived before the 1st dawn, sunrise, and cannot be killed by David, until after the dawn of the 41st day, thus 42 days must elapse, from the outset to finish. In order for Jesus to be tempted by the Devil, for 40 days in the desert, Jesus must first journey into the desert, and he cannot leave until dawn-sunrise after the full 40 days and nights have passed.

The main reason for the Lord to replace king Saul was that the Israelites had become obsessed with the ways of the Philistines. And we are told that Goliath came from


and Gath signifies the winepress, not a city but a constellation. Thus, the Israelites are compared to ripe grapes who Goliath was intent on harvesting.

The story is in no way historical; it is pure prophesy, and is about the defeat of Satan by the coming Messiah. For it is this defeat that brings the division of time, delaying the destruction of mankind by a 1000years.

It is better to know nothing than to know half a story badly, better to say nothing, than open your mouth and prove your ignorance.

So, like the Babylonian Noah,
I give the sign for you to cease
your endless bickering,
your fruitless words,
your soul-destroying illuminations,
of self- possessed reasoning.

For there are times to dream
and times to face reality,
times to take
and times to give
And times to receive.
For there is time to speak
And a time to be silent.
A time to begin
A time to end


All main quotes are taken from the illustrated Family Bible. Pre-1879. For a greater list of books in my possession and other resources I use go to the book list.