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Nostradamus Biography

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In this section we look at Nostradamus and provide an insight into his mind and subsequent works. The introduction by Lux Nova is a direct extract from his first eBook 'The March of the Antichrists'. In this ebook Lux examines the previous analysis on Nostradamus works, questioning specific translations, assumptions and insights provided and, in turn, presents a frsh analysis of the phophecies of Nostradamus providing a more detailed translation, analysis and holistic, rounded analysis of Nostradamus Prophecies.

Nostradamus Biography

NameMichel de Nostredame
Date of Birth1503, it is believed on or near 14th December, exact date is unknown.
Date of Death2nd July 1566
Place of BirthSaint-Rémy-de-Provence, Provence, France
Star SignIf the suggested date is right he would be of Sagittarius, which goes against those authors who suggest he was of the Jewish tribe of Issachar, for which he would have to be born under Cancer.
Fathers NameJaume (or Jacques) de Nostredame.
Mothers NameReyniere Nostredame.
ReligionCatholic (Judaism by Family Bloodline).
EducationUniversity of Avignon: Baccalaureate (1 year completed)
University of Montpellier: Doctorate in Medicine (Expelled)


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First published1550
LanguagesFrench, Latin and sometimes Italian, he may well have been able to read Greek, and Hebrew as in his day, many manuscripts were only available in Latin, Greek, or Hebrew.
EmploymentApothecary come herbalist, produced make-up for woman. First Almanac published 1550. First publication of the Centuries 1555, at Lyons. Author. Astrological consultant.
Counselor and Physician-in-Ordinary to King Charles IX of France
InventionsRose Pill: Provides protection against the plague!
Hobbies/InterestsTravel. Herbal medicines, one presumes Astrology and alchemy, but there is no true record of when any such interests started, if they ever did.
Wives 2
ChildrenFirst wife and children are not recorded though widely belived to be 2 children, and it is thought they died of plague. Second wife, Ann Ponsarde, by whom he had six children, 3 boys, 3 girls. children. It is believed 2 from his first wife, but their names are not recorded. 6 by 2nd wife but only Caesar named.
PetsNot known
Medical ConditionsGout, Edema
Places Nostradamus livedSt Remy. Agen. Salon de Provence.
Places Nostradamus travelled to:Marseille. Aix en Provence. Italy.

Introduction by Lux Nova

The following introduction by Lux Nova is a direct extract from his first eBook 'The March of the Antichrists'

Traditionally there are two types of author, upon the life and works of Nostradamus.

  1. Obviously those who are for him; are blinded by their need to make Nostra' credible, for their credibility relies on his; for there is no merit in interpreting the words of charlatan.
  2. Then there are those against, who are heavily armed; not only is there little proof of his life, education, or natural ability; also, there has not yet been one verse, that has been proven beyond doubt to concern the events the many authors for Nostra', have suggested it is about.

No one has gained any knowledge or understanding;
Nor have they avoided or changed
The present or future in anyway,
from reading the books of those who support Nostradamus.

Yet those against, as correct in facts, and seeming common sense, have not deflected one-bit mankind's appetite for books on Nostradamus, even though they are based on the many [1] authors hindsight, educated guesses and pure fantasy.

One female author has written a book apparently on the good news for woman foretold by Nostra. Extremely odd, as there is little good news for women, unless the ending of a plague that kills far more females than males, by a massive margin, should be looked forward to: or perhaps the fact that a certain religious leader will come to condemn all unmarried or widowed woman to death; and that the number of Women capable of bearing children will become so few in number, that it will require great efforts to avert extinction. As always some women will hold great power, but not necessarily for mankind's good, nor for the general salvation of women. [ To be honest Nostra' is not the bearer of good news for many if anyone, let alone women.] [indeed if the messiah read Nostra' words, before he stepped on his cloud and descended down into hell again, he might well think he is wasting his time, and not bother.]

Some [1] authors claim the century and verse numbers actually give an indication of the date or year of the event spoken of in the verse. This is as pathetic as the so called 'Bible Code'. It is forbidden in prophecy to give exact or obviously decipherable dates, and Nostra does not do it? Even though those authors both for, and against will point out he does give years in several verses, 1999, being one of the most notorious of them: but the things the verse talks of did not happen that year; but that does not mean the verse failed. Nostradamus tells us that the years quoted are according to the liturgy, but which? [ liturgy, signifies' the laws-rules governing the prescribed form of public worship.] The Catholic Church tried many times sort out the rules of the liturgy, but which one of the many councils they held is Nostra citing? For whatever year it was, and the first attempt in the 4th century AD; it is that year, whether it be 312, or 563 AD, or any other year the Catholic Church debated these things, that must be added to the year given in the verse, [ Century 6, v 54, by the Arabs the king of Morocco captured, the year 1607, by the liturgy.] for example, if the verse mentioned 1605, and the year of liturgy was 312, it would signify the year 1917, as being the year the events spoken of in the verse would or have occurred. [ however, the century and verse numbers used are not directly related to the dates, of events revealed in any verse, and the numbers I used above are merely used to explain {provide an example of} how the system works, when a verse does appear to state a year. This insured only those, or him allowed, would understand, and thus he has broken no holy law of prophecy, for in effect he had not given the true year, which is forbidden.]

Nostradamus Facts

The Century number and verse number are not used by Nostra to indicate, years, of events.

Let us reason sensibly, could century 10, verse 21, be about events in 1021 AD, or Century 8, verse 91, be about 891 AD? Even if we twist our number play, and pretended, C-10, v 21= the 21st of the 10th month, what then of 8-91, while there is an 8th month there is no month of 91 days.

All such ideas are nonsense, the Century and verse numbers, are used only in their Sacred form occasionally, which requires the reader to understand the power of numbers.

Thus Century 6, verse 66 is about the human Satan. He tells us,

During earthquakes in April, the poorly buried tomb covered by marble will appear, at the finding of a Great Roman's bones they will found the new sect.

It would be foolish at this point, to explore the verse further. But be assured that the authors are wrong, as I stated before, giving definite dates is forbidden in prophecy.

Even Jesus said:

"It is not for you to know the times or dates
the Father has by set by his own authority.
[Jesus of Nazareth, NIV, Acts 1-7.]

Some authors for Nostra's cause, make the incredible mistake of citing certain verses as being about situations that occurred during or even previous to his life, but how can they support this, for hindsight is never prophecy.

Further, those against, suggest Nostra has copied or simply rehashed the prophetic verses of others. But if the Authors they mention were all credible seers, and their predictions were correct, they should all be very similar, because they should all be describing the same set of events.

But I am neither with those for, or against; both are blind.

[ I apologise to all readers who do not know anything of the following Authors, but for those who do, it has to be stated in case they have been taken in...}

[ at this point I feel it necessary to say something on two authors on Nostra's work:

Mario Reading

Mario Reading appears to be Reading and working from a copy no one else has ever seen. Words have been altered and even added to the original French?

Sol Adoni,

Sol Adoni seems to really think he is a prophet of some kind, a Holy man? Yet his attacks on other authors are closer to the rants of a madman. He refers to the great work of R. Cotgrave; but he forgot to read it thoroughly:

'Se mocque qui cloque'
Some jest at other men's defects,
and yet are most defective. Or
'De prescheur qui se recommande
en tout temps bon heur nous defende'
From preachers Who themselves commend,
God and good fortune defend us.
For ignorant priest's lead
their flock straight into hell.

Sol Adonai boasts of his ability with languages, yet he informs us that there is no such word as 'loing', in French, yet in the very dictionary {Cotgrave} he mentions we find, Loing. =far, much, a great way off. His French is pure fiction; and while he may be correct in thinking C2v 28, is connected to Princess Diana, he was not the first to suggest it, and his thoughts on the verse's meaning are pure fantasy. What is also odd is that, after his serious accusations on other authors translations, he pathetically attempts around 30, and makes a complete fool of himself; he then goes on to give almost word for word the same English translations as the authors he so despises for the rest? And gives no indication of their meanings; an author who merely dabbled in Nostra to promote his own madness: if he is messiah, were seriously Fukced. He boasts he has a million to back himself, but not long ago a company produced a puzzle, offering a million-pound prize to anyone who could complete it. It was finished within days of release. Mr Adoni, should not forget, 'a fool and his money are easily parted. I would gladly take his money and give it to those charities dealing with metal health issues, at least that way he may gain some benefit from it.] [ I further consulted his book 'Lost History', which made Erich Van Danekin, and those idiots who pretend to speak the language of Angels, seem almost intelligent.]

'on ne trouye chez luy ni fric ni frac.'
There is nothing to be had, gotten, or gained, at his house.

Comprehending the Incomprehensible

Nostra gives adequate reason for all and sundry to leave his works alone; stating, that unless The Creator should change his mind, there will be only one person who will be able to fully understand what he has written. But by the same coin, he knew, that to say so would tempt those incapable to try; that is how the trap works, set an unanswerable question; beware the Sphinx, or the Grail.

The Grail and the Sphinx have one thing in common, both ask a question, to which only one person knows the Answer. Yet all who encounter or consider them, are given to believe they can find, or know the answer.

It is better to die ignorant, than think, you have solved the question of life, and passed safely past the Sphinx, {which they say was a lion, but when viewed from above looks more like a Leopard,} or held open the pages of the Grail, which was never a cup but a book, long enough to read or understand them.

Let us reason as men, with common sense, the simple fact is Nostradamus is dead, his earthly years were short, he died in his 'climatic' year, that being for men the 63rd year.

['L'an climactere'. The climaterical year; every 7th or 9th, or 63year in a man's life; all very dangerous, but the last the most. Or, 'Climacterie de 63 ans'. The climaterical, or dangerous year of 63, at which diverse worthy men have died'. [quoted from R. Cotgrave.]

Nostradamus Religion

He was by blood a Jew, but by confessed faith a Catholic, indeed he presents himself as the then penultimate -or near, if not perfect Catholic, with good reason.

But let us consider the circumstances of his time.

Nostra' was a Jew, but the family had converted to Catholicism around half way through the 15th century, 1455 is favoured and considering that year Cardinal Alfonso de Borgia {Callistus 3rd} was elected pope, and who directed church policy against the Jews, banning all social interaction between them and Christians as the former were responsible for the crucifixion. And later Pope Paul the 4th [1555-9], issued his first Bulls, 'Cum nimis absurdum', which reconfirms the Jews as Christ killers, and thus should be treated as slaves, they were restricted to selling second-hand clothing and food, and those who had businesses were forced to sell them at a loss, and any possessions of worth were likewise sold. It is from this time that the areas that the Jews who had long been confined to were called Ghettos.

[ I noticed the other day, an author had released a book questioning the Popes actions or lack of them to help the Jews during WW2. As if any Pope ever helped the Jews; it has to be said that it took a very powerful Antichrist, to release the Jews from the ghetto's and other restrictions in France, Napoleon no less.]

So it seems Nostra's family made the right decision. For Catholicism was as necessary in France, as Nazis party membership card was, if you wanted to work and travel freely in Germany, during the reign of Hitler.

Nostradamus, A Man amongst Men in his time

From Nostra birth until his death there were 10 to 11 popes, it was a renaissance, although it is referred too, as the Renaissance, as if it was the only one. It gave us artists like,

Leonardo de Vinci [1452-1519], Pinturicchio [1454-1513], Rapheal [1483-1520], Michelangelo [1475-1564].

Church reformers like, Erasmus of Rotterdam, Catholic [1466-1536], Martin Luther, Protestant [1483-1546], Hugh Latimer. P' [1487-1555], Thomas Cranmer, P' [1489-1556], Nicholas Ridley, P' [1500-1555], John Calvin [1509-64], Henry the 8th, [1491-1547] [king, 1509-47], demolition of the Catholic Church in England. John Knox [1513-72]. 1533, rise of the protestant Huguenots. Edward the 6th [1547-53], continuance and strengthening of the Church of England, P'. Elizabeth the first, crowned 1558 -[1533- till 1603].

Thinkers, like Niccolo Macheiavelli [1469-1527], Julius Caesar Scaliger [1484-1558, Joseph Justus Scaliger. Astronomers, including, Copernicus [1473-1543]. The Catholic seer, Joachim de Fiore. Supporters of 'Peter's Church',

Christopher Columbus [1450-1506], Thomas More [1478-1535], Catherine de Medici born 1519, 1528 the founding of the Catholic house of Guise; Mary Queen of Scots [1542-1587], 1534, formation of the Jesuits, [1553-58] Bloody Mary.

France and England were in religious turmoil, persecutions, plague, and war were never far away throughout Nostra' life; so Nostra had to be very careful. For a Jew could not be accused of heresy, but once converted they could be, if suspected or merely accused of reverting to Judaism. And while certain forms of divination were acceptable to the Church, anything that borders on sorcery or witchcraft were not and who knows where one ends and the other begins, the inquisitors were not learned men. Little wonder he burnt his collected books, for Alchemy which undoubtedly they were about was easily trumped up as sorcery.

At least one modern author mentions an incident, telling us, that while Nostra' was on his way home one day, a number of youths threw stones at Nostra'; he fails to realise that this happened not because he was an old man, and vulnerable, or mysterious, but because they knew he was a Jew, and such things happened often in reality. Nostradamus would always have been aware of his situation, and knowing what he did he was in grave danger.

Imagine if the power- or powers that be believed Nostra could really see the future? don't you think they might have questioned him more diligently or intensively. For if he was telling the truth, then he knew the answer to the 'Question', posed by the Grail and the Sphinx.

Nostradamus the Family Man

Nostra' himself reports that he wandered far and wide for 8 years researching herbal remedies, [from c, 1521-29]. In 1531 Nostra was invited to Agen by Julius Caesar Scaliger. There he married, had 2 children, all died in 1534, plague being suspected: {it is only at this conjunction of events, that I can conceive a change in Nostra' that would eventually lead to his prophecies}. Scaliger, a much renowned Renaissance Scholar, and father of Joseph Justus Scaliger, [ whose Astrological understanding was more than good, and thus was his father's] but for Nostra' along with knowledge came love, children, then nothing, Nostra disappears off the Radar; who knows where he went, France, Italy? He reappears in 1545, assisting a physician Louis Serre, fighting a plague outbreak in Marseille, and others that followed. Eventually he settled in Salon-de-Provence, married a rich widow, and had six children. By 1550 he had produced his first Almanac, the rest is history.

[ His success with ending plague had nothing at all to do with his rose pills, there is nothing to this day that you can suck, that will save you from the plague; it had everything to do with his advice, to open windows, let fresh air in, clean clothes, beds, the removal of sewage and clean water etc.]

So where does that leave us? There is till this date no proof that anything Nostradamus predicted ever came true.

But to date, only those warned not to try, or render their opinions on his words have put pen to paper, and if they were doomed to fail, then the truth of his words cannot be tested.

Yet those against have gained no ground.

If, as they have often suggested, Nostra copied, rehashed the works of others, and his words are false, so are those of those they say he usurped as his own.

In the end only when Nostra is proved true or false,
can judgement be given,
and it is far from proved either way.

[ there is a book by Fabio R. Araujo, that covers 25 authors prophecies, another by A.T. Mann, 'Millennium Prophecies' has more, and John Hogue, 'The Millennium Book of Prophecy, gives and discusses others, or though it relies heavily on Nostra's verses. Many of which mention things or events, that are spoken of by Nostra; even so, that is no proof of plagiarism. One point to be noted is that the prophecies lack any real time line. To sum up so many events in a few lines or paragraphs, is nigh impossible, only the greatest and most crucial events can be mentioned; and the condensing of such, gives the impression that all these events happen in a very short period of time; but real time is drawn out over centuries and millenniums,}

Beyond the Fold

At this point of our understanding I will refer to Nostra, Century 6, verse 61.

The first two lines, read,

The great tapestry folded,
will not show but by halves the greater part of history.

The fold, Nostra is talking of, was known to designers of the Giza, Pyramid project, and is referred to in the religious texts, as the 'barge of a 1000 years'. It is not an obscure or unknown mystery, it is often cited as a time when God will dwell amongst mankind, a time when people's lives will be extended, but not for all: a man who dies less than 200 years of age will be thought accursed and to have offended God. This period of time will last around a 1000 years; but at this time we are still far from this period, or fold as Nostra aptly puts it.

And it is this pause in mankind's demise, that causes even near genuine prophecies from being properly understood.

Continue reading Lux Novas insights in the eBook 'The March of the Antichrists'. Alternatively you can review the translations and online publications, analysis and thoughts in the Secret vault.