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Kind Solomons Mind

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'Nul n'a trop pour so de sens,
d'argent, de foy.'

No man for his own use
Has excess of wisdom,
Money or faith.
[R. Cotgrave.]

Oh wise king,
You cannot hide.
Your love of life
Your selfish pride.
Your luxurious palace
Your myriad of brides.
Whose is this wisdom
Which you hide behind?
Sitting on a throne of gold,
The Midas touch
Does make you shine,
That you are not sullied
Even by time.

King Solomon, is almost without doubt the most famous wise king in history. But was he?

Our story begins with his father King David. One day when David was walking around his palace roof, he clamped eyes upon a woman bathing naked on adjacent roof terrace. He was instantly besotted by her beauty and asked one of his men to find out about her. But the man knew her and said she was Bathsheba, wife of Uriah the Hittite.

And David sent for, and when she came he bedded her. Then after washing she went home. But she had conceived and told David of her conception.

'Tel cuide vanger sa honte
Qui l' accroist.'
Some thinking to redeem their shame
Redouble it.

So David sent for Uriah, who was fighting under Joab at the siege of Rabah. After asking how things were going with the war, David sent him home; hoping he would lay with his wife. But Uriah slept with David's servants near the entrance of the palace.

When David heard this, he called him again and asked why he did not go home. But, Uriah said he could not do so while the other soldiers were still fighting and sleeping in the open.

So David made one last attempt to get him to go home. He bade him stay two more days, and wined and dined him, and got him drunk. But still Uriah did not give into temptation, and did not go home. So David sent him back to the front.

Then David arranged for his certain death by ordering that he be placed in the thick of the fighting.

It worked soon enough Uriah was killed, and as soon as Bathsheba had finished her period of mourning, David sent for her and made her his wife. She gave birth to a boy, but because he had done such a wicked thing the Lord let the child become ill and he died.

Afterwards David comforted Bathsheba and lay with her again and she conceived and gave birth to a son, and they called him Solomon, but the Lord named him Jedidah.

Now I am going to do, and reveal something new, but extremely ancient, that I have not in any work so far revealed.

Mankind has been obsessed by Divination, since Eve persuaded Adam to bite into the apple. The Serpent span, a Web of lies that would trap all that ever lived. A Web that would engulf the world, and draw them all into its multitude of traps. For Satan was always a fisherman of souls, his rods, and lines have every shape and size of hooks, and every kind of lure.

But mankind, blinded by the needs of every day existence ignored the Word.

Every man and woman is a product if their DNA; but what is DNA? I am tempted to say Do Not Ask, as you may not like the answers.

Your computer or laptop records everything you do on it, even when you delete something or by mistake send it into hyperspace. Every correction you make, everything you do, every button you press, remains, till the hard-drive burns or dies out, or you smash it to dust. Every word is a sentence.

J E D I D A H.
E V A T I L E,
H I V     D L L
O L I           L
V N D            
A E              
H S              

Gen 6-2. And God spoke to Moses, and said unto him, "I am the Lord: and I appeared unto Abraham, unto Isaac, and unto Jacob, by my name Almighty God, but by my name Jehovah I was not known to them" considering what happened to the Hebrews, when Moses first spoke to Pharaoh. And that a great many of them died in the desert after Moses led them out of Egypt: it was probably a blessing that they did not know him by the name

H T N   N A B
O E D    G   I R
V N       E N E
A D       A T W
H S     N     S
Jehovah extends (the) hand of vengeance against (the) Hebrews.

Anyway, enough of the occult for now and let us return to our story.

Solomon grows under the dutiful eye of his mother Bathsheba, and she persuaded David to make Solomon his heir.

Now for word game.

It would seem to me that the author of David story has a sense of humour. For David first spots Bath-Sheba while she is bathing naked on her roof terrace. The word Sheba signifies, her of the 7 wells, more than enough to wash in. It is in fact a title of Virgo, and her pet snake the 7 headed Hydra.

And as David gets old and starts to feel the cold night air more intensely as the aged often do, his servants suggested they find a young and beautiful virgin to lay with him and keep him warm. They found a Shunammite virgin and brought her to him, low and behold she was called Abi-shag, but the author stresses that David did not shag her?

Anyway David has Solomon anointed king of Israel and Judah before he dies, and charges him with settling a few old scores for him. Which Solomon carries out not long after David had died.

Once Solomon had firmly established himself on the throne he made a treaty with Pharaoh and married one his daughters. But at that point in his life he as the people did, still burned incense and sacrificed at the high altars, but we are told he showed his love for the Lord by living by the statutes laid down by his father David. Then Solomon went to Gibeon to make offerings, but as he slept the Lord spoke to him in dream and said he would give him whatever he asked for. Solomon asked to be given wisdom, and the Lord pleased that he had asked for such a thing granted his wish.

It was shortly after this that he was given to make judgement over a child over whom two women both claimed to be the true mother.

And when all Israel heard about it they said he was wise.

And all because he managed to cunningly sort out, which woman was the true mother of contested baby.

If both women had agreed to having the baby cut in half; what would he have done, then?

We are told King David was deemed unworthy to build the Lords Temple. Yet Solomon only spent seven years building it, but spent 13years building his own palace.

He had 700 royal wives, and 300 concubines. A truly wise man would avoid having even one.

The yearly gold tribute he received was

6 6 6. Talents.

Makes you wonder whose payroll he was on?

And will he may have built the Lords Temple, but he filled that, with forbidden objects. And he built temples, and high altars to the most detestable gods for his wives, and joined them in their worship and sacrifices. Proof if nothing else that power, money and women lead to corruption.

In the end his wisdom did not save him from himself, for he indulged in all the evils under the

S U N & M O O N

For he was

S O L M O O N.

Therefore, we can only conclude that there is a lesson in his story, a meaning we have as yet failed to discern.

It could simply be that too much power corrupts, add too much money and too many women, and you might as well place your head between your knees and kiss your butt goodbye.