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Ever since the Dead Sea Scrolls came to light around the middle of the 20th century. Those interested or involved had hoped they were the find of the century, and would produce some sort of evidence, or at least shed some light on the authenticity on the life of Jesus.

Unfortunately, all they have done is produce questions. Still even now the authors seem unsure of exactly who or what the Essenes were. The Essenes were credited with writing, copying or leaving commentaries on various Old and even some New Testaments as well as others, which might be considered apocryphal. It is also said that they were responsible for hiding the Scrolls amongst 11 or more, caves near the Khirbet Qumran site, near the shore of the Dead Sea. The reason generally given and accepted is that the sect quickly hid them there in the face of oncoming siege and destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans, in 69-70 AD. And there lay undisturbed by man for the best part of 2000 years.

[the first publication in English dealing with the subject was 'Discovery in the Judean Desert, in 1956.]

Unfortunately, the authors, and there have been quite a few are misguided, too busy looking for things that are not there and not understanding one jot the real truth behind the whole endeavour.

Brave words, you might think, madness perhaps. But the truth is undeniable, so let me put things right.

Firstly, you must bear in mind that astrology forms the backbone of the Old and New Testament and of Egypt, and in fact all historical religions.

So, we should not find it strange that the apparent person we call today St, Paul, was first called Saul, just as the Israelites under King Saul, the 1st king of Israel followed other gods, they also did during Paul's time on earth as Saul.

But just as Nimrod left Egypt perhaps intending to go further via the coast he stopped at Damascus and had a change of heart and mind and turned in land towards Assyria.

Thus, we have Saul, he is zealous for his beliefs, whatever they were. He was apparently born near the Tarsus, that is Taurus mountains in what is now Turkey. He was supposedly the child of a Roman man who married a Jewish woman. He was as David a Benjamite, a child of Gemini, reportedly circumcised on the 8th day, a Hebrew of Hebrews. Somehow, he ended up in Jerusalem, and trained as a Pharisee. The Pharisee's basically were sticklers for the laws of Moses, and believed in the resurrection and spirits and angels; although they probably saw the later as messengers or prophets.

He was so zealous for the law, that he was there in Jerusalem when the great persecutions began and Stephen was stoned to death; he went from house to house, dragging off men and women alike and put them in prison. But if that wasn't enough he obtained letters from the high priest authorizing him to seek out the followers of the Way; who he had heard had sought refuge in Damascus. He set out for the city, determined to arrest and bring to trial as many of them as possible.

But as Saul neared Damascus a great light floored and blinded him and he heard a voice,

"Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?"
"Who are you, Lord?" Saul asked.
"I am Jesus, whom you are persecuting," he replied.
"Now get up and go into the city,
And you will be told what you must do."

So, Saul went into Damascus, and joined the Essenes, as they were known at that point in time. And Saul became Paul, and joined the Essenes, he then set about his task.

[The name- term, Damascus, signifies, an angle, a point where the sun changes direction.]

Later Barnabas brought Saul to Antioch and they taught many, it was at Antioch that the Essenes were first called Christians.

So, the word Damascus is used in the Old and New Testament, to imply change, Nimrod changes physical direction whereas Saul-Paul changes his mind, astrologically I am given to thinking that it must signify the point of the year when the sun stops being the sun of winter and death, and stops persecuting the sons of Horus and becomes the benevolent sun of spring and joins his children once more.

Now the Essenes, who were they?

Where did they come from? and more?

It is reported to us by the Jewish historian Josephus that there were around 4000 Essenes in Jerusalem alone when the great persecution started. And the rediscovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the Qumran site nearby brought the near forgotten Essenes back into the limelight. Outwardly you would think that the Essenes would make the perfect disciples of Jesus. Basically, they shared everything, they strived towards all virtues, truth, honesty, justice and more, they were so trusted they held many high positions both within business and the church, because of these Ways they would become the victims of the first Holocaust.

They wore their clothes and sandals until they literally fell apart, sexual relations of any kind where frowned upon and a great many abstained from marriage. It is also reported to us that many of them lived for up to a 100years old and more.

Now for Josephus to report such a thing, it must have already been an established fact, for if the Essenes had been a recently formed sect or breakaway religion how could you know their beliefs and ways would bring about longer life. The word Essenes, stems from the same Egyptian word as Essence does today, the essential, the bare minimum, the Way of Horus, Horus the sheaths of wheat.

It points to the fact that this sect, group of people had been around for quite some time, in fact that this Way was Egyptian. This is worrying, because the religions of Egypt were all based on worshiping the Sun. Indeed, we are told that they rose before sunrise and said prayers to encourage the deity to rise [as birds and other animals seem to do as dawn breaks].

They were meticulous about making sure they never exposed themselves, to the suns view, especially when going to the toilet etc. They were obsessed with washing themselves, and the idea of things being unclean and therefore defiling. If a novice touched an elder or vice-versa they defiled and had to wash themselves; they were structured in 4 levels and were much like monks should have been. They were very interested in herbal remedies and the writings of the ancients, and decoding them, seeing such books as Isaiah as prophecies rather than histories. They not only employed to copy scrolls they also wrote down their commentaries on them, and how they the children of light, should behave when Seth, Satan rose to destroy them.

But that time was coming to them fast. Rome had taken over the wings of Greece, the power of Alexander, first quartered was by then drawn. And Israel was on a collision course with the might of the Roman empire, Israel was fragmented, 3 factions of the same religion, held sway.

The Sadducees

Were generally the richest and most corrupt, as such they held great power over those they dominated, who tended to be the wealthiest and easiest led. They relied on people's gifts, donations etc. even though many of the were wealthy through the church and other means. They said life was for living, there was no afterlife, or resurrection, no spirits or angels. The

Sadducees were indeed,
Seduced by their own power.

There were the Pharisees, who did believe in the fore mentioned, and in total obeisance to the laws set out by Moses. However, there are some deep problems for consideration, in total law; for example; if a man walks up to another in front of many witnesses and kills that person. Then the killer must also suffer the same fate, that is a law interpreted without conscience. Any man who plans to do such a thing and carries it out is also guilty and thus condemned; but if a man supports in anyway a man to commit murder is he not also guilty? A wealthy man who passes a starving man, and lets him starve to death, surely is also guilty. A nation which extracts from another more than it can afford, so that death occurs because of it, it is surely guilty. This is not to say that a murderer should not forfeit his life, he should, but nations will, as will all who take more than they need, find themselves condemned. That is why Jesus is given to emphasize, that the Way is to release yourself from the law, by taking your conscience from God and not mankind or the physical world.

But to the Pharisees the law was unbending and thus all men are guilty, and bound to hell, for no totally innocent man ever lived. For,

he who is without faults,
lives not,
as he who does not falter is already dead.
'il n'a nul si.'
He is perfect
Without fault or defect,
No want or error
Can be found in him,
{he is dead.]

The Essenes.

Then there were the Essenes whose truthfulness and hate of corruption was

causing ever serious problems for the previous 2, who relied on the people's offerings and donations to support their less than pious lives. Amongst the Essenes there

were various factions, Zealots, the extremists of their day, just like today their tactics were based on guerilla warfare, hit and run, open warfare is just plain suicide. But it necessarily makes them bandits, raiders.

Julius Caesar had arisen, and conquered Egypt, as all great Anti-Christ' do, and Anthony would soon fall under Cleopatra's spell, But, in between he was to help and support Israel's 2nd most obvious anti-Christ king Herod, who through the gratitude of Caesar, became king of many lands. Money flowed like monsoon rain into his coffers, faster than he could spend it, and he spent a lot. Towns, cities, temples, were raised, the temple of Jerusalem was restored and enlarged, the whole city revamped and like Solomon before him, he lavished no end of money and time on his own palace. He paid constant homage to his Roman patrons, naming cities and temples etc. after them, and commissioning endless statues of them and himself. He re-established the Greek games, the Olympics; and dedicated them to Caesar. But much of his benevolence was miss directed, one city or town gained, while a 100 fell into disrepair; many of his great building works were allotted to countries beyond the borders of Israel.

And the country and its people suffered greatly, he murdered and tortured more

Israelites than he slew foreigners in battle. And the later years of his kingship and life, revolved around the endless conspiracies of his brother, his sister, his sons and many more.

But anti-Christ's only get 27 years to pursue their war against God, Herod spent the last few years of his life destroying his own family and followers.

But the death of Herod did not herald better times, Israel was in turmoil, contenders for the throne and power appeared like a rash, bandits and zealots raided, and soon enough the mighty hammer of Rome would be poised over Jerusalem.

But before that something far more sinister occurred, the Essenes of who there were many in Jerusalem, and in fact all over Israel, held many important positions, especially in the church. Just as Pharaoh had entrusted all Egypt's affairs to Joseph so had the Pharisees and Sadducees left the mundane to the Essenes, they were the best copiers of the scrolls, the most honest accountants and most reliable of men. But their honesty set them at odds with their employers, the Sadducees, seduced, the Pharisees threatened with the law.

But the Essenes were an ever-growing thorn in their side. The Sadducees and the Pharisees had no intention of becoming honest, or of living pious lives, they lived well on the donations of wealthy widows and the wills of dying men; and the gullibility and superstitions of the poor. Situation and opportunity would soon arise for them to rid themselves of the Essenes who partly through the actions of individuals like Simon and his Zealots were easily blamed for the turmoil in Israel.

The churches of Israel and others turned the population against the Essenes, as Hitler would turn the tables against them. A holocaust was unleashed and Stephen fell under a hail of stones, those that could escape the growing terror, fled and regrouped in other cities, but the furnaces would be busy for many years and 12 Caesars. It was the Jews that were responsible for starting the first holocaust, and by blaming the Romans they hoped to escape vengeance. But the writers of the New Testament made it obvious to all, for Jesus was not found guilty of anything by the Romans, it was the Jews who condemned him to death. They had a choice, but they condemned the innocent one, freeing a fellow criminal, for they were all sinners; then they hoped they could blame the Romans and all would be forgotten.

But there was an unforeseen problem, the ancient writings, that is the scrolls were sacred, they were the written word of God, as such they were viewed as being endowed with life, to mistreat them in any way, was like mistreating God himself. Old worn out scrolls could not be burned, or in any way destroyed or dismembered, only nature in its course was allowed to return the words to the one who had delivered them. Outside of Jerusalem it was the custom of the churches to bury the scrolls under the church floor, and let nature take its course.

But this was totally out of the question in Jerusalem, the Temple sat above the grave of Moses, it was holy ground, they had to find another way of disposing of the temple scrolls.

The answer came from astrology, and the Essenes did the business.

And here's how, firstly, the scrolls that were past their usage, that is became delicate, or faded, or as such there was deemed a chance that they might tear or disintegrate in any way on opening or handling, were retired and as so consider dead, thus unclean.

But where do you bury such holy things, the way of return was to allow time and nature to reclaim the ink and the parchment it was written on, from the womb of Mother Earth the ingredients had come and Moses had turned them into the living word of God, at Gods command, who then would risk hell for defacing or damaging the very words God had commissioned to be written.

It can only be wondered at how great is the connection is between earth and space in terms of numbers.

From the time mankind made a conscious effort to tame and control the earth for his own gains the passing of 12 signs of the Zodiac was allowed. However, there were originally 13 recognized signs in the zodiac, although this affects the amount of time given, it has other effects, for instance. it is the reason a baker's dozen has 13 rolls in it and not 12. It by nature then matches the 13 lunar months, no sailor can navigate the great ocean of earth without recognizing this sign, and the huge number of stars which are allotted to it. 13 miles from Jerusalem we find the Qumran site by the Dead Sea. Near here were and are some natural caves in an area known for its frequent tremors, the caves were home to bats, hardly a sensible place to put holy writings if you wished them to survive the ravages of time; the Dead Sea, also formerly known as the 'Salt Sea,' or the 'Asphaltitis' was however the perfect area to lay to rest unneeded scrolls.

The unwanted scrolls were taken from the temple, by the elected priests who took them to the caves via Qumran, all priests who participated were deemed unclean and could not return to Jerusalem or the temple till after the cleansing process was completed, hence we may further understand the Qumran's sites necessity and usage.

But mixture of scrolls that has so far been released, requires some reflection, while some of the scrolls appear to have been literally thrown or stacked on the floors of the caves others were apparently laid to rest in clay jars.

Perhaps, originally, they were all carried and laid to rest in jars, and later somebody decided they needed jars? But while the mixture contains scrolls one might expect, like copies or part copies of the books of the Old Testament, others are the works of the Essenes themselves.

Some authors have suggested that the Essenes had dumped them there prior to the siege of Jerusalem. Hoping perhaps to retrieve them when the siege was over and things had settled down again.

There is only one problem with that idea, the persecution of the Essenes in and around Jerusalem occurred well before siege, so whether they were put there to secure them for the future, or put there to hide the evidence, for the moment you may decide.

Now for the occult message,

The ancient Egyptians who were responsible for the Pyramids of Giza, calculated the 4 methods of measuring the length of the true year. We use these same methods to determine the same 4 measurements and according the Great Pyramid, of which each of its base sides reflect these measurements they are correct to 3 decimal points in each case. They calculated that it took 72 years for the Zodiac to pass through 1 degree of its procession, thus 2160 years to pass through each sign, and 2160 x 12 = 25920 years, but hopefully you have read my book of the Antichrists, in which a prove that those against God, get a maximum of 27 years. And in Sacred Astrology 27, and 27000, years are the same in power. But I have told you that the 13th sign was omitted from the zodiac even though it is the biggest, and no ancient sailor could navigate the oceans without knowing of it.

The total destruction of mankind, is due when the 27000years end, but if we read with understanding, Reuben was the first son, and for the first half of his life he was the first sign of gods might, excelling in power and all things, but at the mid- point he beds his father's concubine, and falls from grace. So, the end of Mankind is not yet, but half way through Aquarius.

Weep, repent for this is what the numbers reveal!

2160 x 12 = 25920 years
25920 + 2160 = 28080 add the missing sign
28080 - 1080 = minus half a sign which
27000 years.

But do not be deceived, understand this, the Qumran site was 13 miles [thus 13 zodiac signs.] from Jerusalem and the temple, so that is why it was chosen. The works were never intended to be retrieved, they were sacred, but on them was written the living Word. It was hoped by depositing near the Dead, salty Sea, the Sea nearest to the womb of Mother Earth that she would in time naturally receive them back.

The Essenes were not wiped out by the great persecution, but under their derogative nickname Christians overtook the greater part of the world. But they worshiped the Sun, not the Creator, and we will pay a heavy price for it.

Josephus mentions several top Essenes and they were all disciples of Jesus.

But the word DISCiple, signifies a worshiper of the Sun Disc.

References. The Old and New Testaments. The complete works of Josephus. Ancient myths of Israel volume 1(Angelo S Rappoport.) For a more complete list of possible sources see my full book list.