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Canaanites Gods and Goddess: Sydyk and Misor

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He is given the attributes of Justice, righteousness, linked to Jupiter, twinned or simply brother of Misor, they were said to be the first to discover the use of salt. Sydyk is also reported to be the father of The Dioskouroi or Kabeiroi, who are given to have invented the Ship. some authors wrongly associate him with the Corybantes or Korybantes, but they are the followers of Dionysus and Baachus. Thus, we need to investigate further.


Sydyk and Misor are reported to be the sons of Amunos and Magos, now Amunos-us, is generally known as Ba’al Hammon who like the Egyptian god Ammon was worshipped as a Ram, the Greeks associate him with Cronus (time) and the Romans with Saturn. Amumos or Hammon was a fertility and vegetation god, as such I am immediately drawn to the Egyptian god Osiris, whose astrological station is often given as being in Taurus, however, the Ram sits on the back of bull, and both Hammon, and Osiris, really reside in Aries? this has knock on consequences, as in the mystic cult of Jupiter he stands on the back of a bull. However, it cannot be ignored that there is a goat in Taurus, which sits on the left shoulder or arm of Auriga, which is associated with Amalthea the goat that suckled Jupiter. Now Hammons wife is called Tanit, (see SV, Encyclopaedic for other names) she is considered to be similar to the goddess Astarte? Tanit is associated with rain, but as it seems all ancients associated the moon with the provider of all water, it comes as no surprise. But Tanit was also considered a virginal goddess of war, a nurse and symbol of fertility, all these attributes can also be placed on Isis, the virginal Egyptian moon goddess and consort of Osiris. She helped Osiris care for the crops, she acted as a nurse, when she put his dismembered body back together, she helped her son Horus in his battles with Seth-Set (see in book 6, of SV Egyptian myths). And of course, Spring begins in Aries, a fact that not only ties in with the non-movable sacred zodiac, a point that Moses tried so hard to explain to the Hebrews who persisted in worshiping the bull. If then I am correct, then the sons of Aries, (for the father of a zodiac sign is the sign that proceeded them,) are of Taurus. Could this be true?

The sons of Aries

From what we have learned so far, I think it highly unlikely that Sydyk and Misor were twins, indeed I would venture that Misor was of Taurus and may well be the bull itself, Sydyk could be either Orion, or perhaps Auriga -Agitator (the Charioteer) of the same sign thus they were brothers, in the sense that they occupied the same sign. What clues or evidence do we have for such an assumption?

Well if Sydyk was the father or mentor of the Dioskouri, better known to us as the twins of Gemini, Castor and Polydeuces or Pollux, in whose sign the prow of the Argo is, it would make sense to pretend that they invented the ship, now in other discussions I have said how the twins were depicted as two boys, a boy and a girl, and sometimes as two boys and two girls, but in Old Testament that is not always the obvious case, as King David is a child of Gemini, and he has no obvious twin brother, at least in birth. But also in the Glastonbury Zodiac, one child sits in the Argo, appearing to let a sling shot go towards the Bull of Taurus.

So, we come to Misor, while it might seem we know little about him, we do know that he had a son called Taautus, and that he was credited with inventing letters, therefore writing, which links him directly with the Egyptian male moon god Thoth, however Thoth was a male moon god. But I find, Minyas [moon man] Minos [moon’s creature] Minotaur- Minos bull, Menos [moon] and the moon is frequently equated with cows.


It would logical to me Ba’al Hammon as a personification of Zeus, or Jupiter whose station would be in Sagittarius which was also the Sign of the Egyptian Seth-Set, and who was the true father of Horus, whose station like that of his predecessor Osiris was in Taurus, that Ba’al Hammon would astrologically be the father of Sydyk and Misor in Taurus, and that Sydyk would have been the father of Gemini, the Dioskouroi, the twins Castor and Polydeuces, and that as Zeus transformed himself into a bull (Misor) to mate with the moon Io, that he would be the father of a male moon deity, who they Taautes, who like Thoth invented letters and writing.