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Greek Gods and Goddess: Clymenus

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Introduction to Clymenus

The ancient Greek Gods and Goddess contain a wealth of stories and legends, wrapped in Myths which typically provide a story with a morale code designed to influence the reader into behaviour as fitting Greek culture of the era.

In this article, we look at Clymenus and the myths and legends surrounding Clymenus, Clymenus relationship to and with other Greek Gods and Goddess and key events and stories which relate to ancient astrology and the changing seasons.

About Clymenus

He was recorded as being the king of Arcadia, who committed incest with his own daughter Harpalyce [ravenous she-wolf], there are two similar versions of his story, in one he is the son of Schoeneus, who was in reality a river god, who falls in love with his own daughter and rapes her, when the child is born she kills and cooks him and serves him to her father, who then kills her. In the second Clymenus is the son of Teleus and Epicasta, he starts a longterm affair with his own daughter Harpalyce, who bares him a son, later Alastor the son of Neleus (another river god) and Chloris, turns up to claim his bride for Harpalyce had been betrothed to him from a very young age, but as they were on their way home, Clymenus abducted her and lived with her as if they were married. Harpalyce unhappy with this slew the child and cooked him and served him to Clymenus; then she prayed to the gods who turned her into an owl, while Clymenus committed suicide. See under Alastor for more insight.

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