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Greek Gods and Goddess: Ichnaea

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Introduction to Ichnaea

The ancient Greek Gods and Goddess contain a wealth of stories and legends, wrapped in Myths which typically provide a story with a morale code designed to influence the reader into behaviour as fitting Greek culture of the era.

In this article, we look at Ichnaea and the myths and legends surrounding Ichnaea, Ichnaea relationship to and with other Greek Gods and Goddess and key events and stories which relate to ancient astrology and the changing seasons.

About Ichnaea

The tracker? Ichnaea, who appears very rarely in myth at least not by that name, is recorded as one of the goddess' who act as witnesses to the birth of Apollo by Leto. Some think she may be associated with, Themis, or Nemesis, thus also, with Adrasteia. But I am reminded, that that Hera, wife of Zeus sent two great snakes to kill Herakles, and his twin brother Iphicles, because Herakles was conceived by Alcemene when Zeus, disguised as her husband visited her and laid with her. Herakles strangled the snakes with ease, and in one myth Apollo also kills a python that protects the spring by the Delphic Oracle. And further that the Egyptian god Atum had to turn himself into a giant Ichneumon (the Egyptian mongoose) when attacked by a snake, to destroy it. So, it would seem to me plausible that Ichnaea, was there to ensure Apollo was not attacked by any snake Hera might send to destroy Apollo, who like Herakles was the result of one of Zeus' many affairs. Ichnaea- Ichneumon. And the Egyptian goddess Wadjet, we are told by Herodotus was said to be the same as the Greek goddess Leto, and further, statues of Ichneumon dedicated to Wadjet have been found.

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