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Greek Gods and Goddess: Rhadamanthys

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Introduction to Rhadamanthys

The ancient Greek Gods and Goddess contain a wealth of stories and legends, wrapped in Myths which typically provide a story with a morale code designed to influence the reader into behaviour as fitting Greek culture of the era.

In this article, we look at Rhadamanthys and the myths and legends surrounding Rhadamanthys, Rhadamanthys relationship to and with other Greek Gods and Goddess and key events and stories which relate to ancient astrology and the changing seasons.

About Rhadamanthys

Was a wise king of Crete, his name has two roots, the first part signifies, a staff, wand, rod or as such things were, a sign of power a sceptre: the later as Mantis, signifies, a diviner, seer, or soothsayer.) he was an ancient and wise king of Crete and son of Zeus and Europa and thus brother of king Minos and Sarpedon. All three of them were brought up by the stepfather Asterion (whose name generally signifies stars, but the reflection should not be missed in the still waters of divination 'aster-orion' the stars of Orion. (others note the Rh-adamas-thus, from which they may well derive 'untamed' although not invincible, for Eve certainly tamed Adam: they also give Damazo, to conquer, tame, overpower.) Rhadamanthys is in life remembered for one law in particular, which basically stated, that if a man being attacked by another and who initiated the violence, he should face no punishment for defending himself. Hercules used this law in his defence to justify his killing of his tutor Linus, who was beating him. Rhadamanthys was forced out of Crete by his jealous brother Minos, and went to Boeotia where he married Alcmena, Amphitryon's widow and mother of Heracles. After he died he was made one of the judges of underworld, he was the judge of Easterners, while Aeacus judged Westerners, and Minos held the casting vote.

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