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Akkadians Gods and Goddess

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The Ancient Akkadians Gods and Goddess have been a source of huge interest, each containing incredible stories of mystery, power, compassion, control and freedom. Comparable to modern day superheroes, the Akkadians Gods immortality, wisdom and powers often came at the cost of 'human' weakness that threatened or destroyed their seat of power. The Akkadians Gods and Goddess provide an excellent insight into the Akkadians religions and cultures of old, their stories illustrating a morale code, sociocultural desire of legal design to steer the Akkadians society forward in a common belief.

In the Akkadians Gods and Goddess section we categorise the Akkadians Gods and Goddess into their related religions/cults/myths. Each Akkadians God and Goddess is then reviewed and analysed with relationships to other Gods/Goddess and religions/cults/myths to illustrate how the Akkadians Gods and Goddess have, through time, shaped our lives, culture, society and beliefs.