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Akkadians Gods and Goddess: Lamassu

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This god is woefully misunderstood by the authors, who sometimes get so close but end up so far away. The Biblical god Nimrod, has many such statues, the authors generally say the depiction shows a figure with a human head, the body of a lion or bull, bird or eagles wings. They say they represent the zodiacs? there is only one zodiac, or parent stars or constellations?

What do they represent?

Yes, it does represent signs of the zodiac,

Taurus, the legs and feet of the bull,

Leo, the body and tail of a lion,

Scorpio, the wings of eagle,

Aquarius the face of a man with a wave beard representing water.

Another side to the story

But it is also a form of Janus, the protector god of doors, portals, gates, even borders, all entrances, both in this world and others, even the gods had enter or leave this world through doors or portals; in Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian and other beliefs he as the, Akkadian- Papsukkal & Amasagnal, the Sumerian- Lahmu & Lahamu, or sometimes Lammar, the Canaanite-Isimud (Insinu), is most often depicted after but right next to Aquarius marking the last day of the old year which automatically becomes the first day of the new year, even when there two of these gods they always share one body, with two heads one looking forward the other back. They like Lamassu are considered messengers, even oracular, for they can see what has gone and what is coming, as gate or door keepers all must pass through them, they are, and he is a very movable gods, opening and closing the gates as one month ends and another begins, sometimes they are assigned a permanent position and assume the form of Libra. When used on borders, or entrances to palaces and the likes they carried a much more obvious meaning, that being that the king, of that land or that palace was the master of everything under the heavens.

Last word

Anciently the sign of Libra did not exist, but was part of a larger sign of Scorpio, but the Sumerians placed the two-faced messenger goddess Ninshubur, in Libra, and the Akkadians had Papsukkal and Amasagnul in that sign, although different cultures like the Egyptians placed the gate keepers as scales, where the claws of the scorpion originally were, and moved the claws away, a very long time ago, but they had no marker for them in Aquarius, this is why when the Romans re-invented them in the form of Janus, they pretend they invented this form themselves, which is of course utter bull.