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Canaanites Gods and Goddess: Eshmun

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The Canaanite god Eshmun, a title which signifies the Eighth one, was said to be the equivalent of Greek god of medicine called Asclepius. It is said that Sydyk brother of Misor, bore seven sons by an unnamed mother, then an eighth, either by a Titaness or Artemis. In my book on Sydyk and Misor, I have reasonably proved that both brothers resided in Taurus, and they hold the initial key that will unlock the truth behind Eshmun’s true story.

How he came about

Now if we take Artemis, who resided in Virgo, as the mother of the eighth child, I would count the sons of Taurus, as two in Gemini, one in Cancer, one in Leo, one in Virgo, giving five till that point, Libra may count as two, as it is half in Virgo, and half in Scorpio, for very anciently the claws of Scorpio were in the place where the scales of Virgo are now, thus we have seven, and the eighth would be in Scorpio itself, which brings me to the Snake tamer or holder of Ophiuchus.


And it would seem I am correct, for the mythical Libyan Psylli tribe, were renowned for their snake charming abilities, and were considered to be all males, who were immune to snake bites, and known for their ability and skill in curing the bites of poisonous serpents, and in the works of the Persian Astronomer Abd al-Rahman al -Sufi, in the Islamic golden age, in the tenth century, we find the name given to the Snake Tamer- Charmer, Ophiuchus is le Psylle.

The Roman historian Cassius Dio, reports that the Roman Emperor Octavian sent out envoys to find one of the Pyslli to draw out the venom, the legendary Cleopatra had poisoned herself with.

King James the 1st said of Ophiuchus, under his Greek name Asclepius, ‘A mediciner after made a god’ with whose worship serpents were always associated as symbols of prudence, renovation, rejuvenation, wisdom and the ability to find healing herbs. Asclepius was said to be the surgeon on the Argo, and was even credited with the ability to bring back the dead to life, which quite obviously Octavian had in mind for Cleopatra.

I could not help remembering that Pharaoh’s rat, a weasel like mammal was called ‘Ichneumon’ not far I think from Eshmoun- Eshmon?

Novidius equated the constellation with St Paul and the serpent or viper that bite him with no ill effects on the island of Malta, thus Paul shook it from his hand, into the fire, destroying the foolish beliefs of mortals, the serpent that deceived Eve and all humanity was consumed in the fire, and they thought him a god. And it was Paul who not Jesus, that took the word of god beyond Israel.

The Roman author Caesius connected it to Aarons- Moses Staff, which represented the knowledge of mankind, thus, Exodus 7. Then the Lord said to Moses, “See I have made you like God to Pharaoh, and your brother Aaron will be your prophet.” In other words, Aaron, knowledge filled Moses head, and thus Moses filled with the understanding of all things, spoke like a god, knowing everything.

Last words

And there is something even stranger concerning the Snake Tamer, for the ancients record that there was once thirteen zodiac signs, this was never fully forgotten, that is the very reason a baker’s dozen, contains thirteen loaves, or buns and so on; and if you were a sailor, who travelled the great seas, you could not have steered your course without recognising the constellation of the Snake Tamer, for it is the biggest constellation in the heavens, sometimes referred to as the hidden one, it is connected to the coming Messiah, I could say more, but the constellation clouded out by mankind has returned.

Woe unto us,
For we are ever seeing but never perceiving,
Ever hearing but never understanding.