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The Lessons of Moses Part 1: General introduction

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Introduction, The beginning of the myths

As Adam sat quietly beside the gently flowing stream of Shiloh, all was calm, the silence sublime. Of cares he knew none, he worried little and perceived less.

Then the silence was shattered as Eve appeared, hurrying from amongst some nearby trees.

She clasped a ripe fruit in the palm of her outstretched hand, and glanced about widely, as if she was in a place she had never been before.

She handed the fruit to Adam and told him to eat, and Adam ate.

As the juices fermented in the pit of his stomach, his eyes were drawn to the forbidden tree of knowledge; and as he looked he saw another tree hiding slightly behind it. He had never noticed it before and what looked like flames danced amongst its leaves and branches, yet it did not burn up.

As he looked upon her nakedness, the vision faded, and Eden was lost.


The Twentieth Century is now dead, confined to the Ark of history; yet like the Dead Sea Scrolls, that which is hastily buried will come back to haunt humanity.

If we look back at those years we see,

A time of violence, barbarity and corruption on a vast scale, where the rich live off the poor, the strong devour the weak, the mighty destroys the small.

In which judges condemn the victims and compensate the criminals.

A time when technology and science quite literally exploded.

A time of diminishing dimensions, as almost everything gains in ability and function, while at the same time shrinking in size and durability, even the Earth itself.

It was an era when intellect lengthened its horizons, while ignorance and selfishness narrowed its view.

An era when religious persecution became ethnic cleansing.

We have all to varying degrees of interest and perception witnessed the continual rise of mankind through endless self- caused adversity. As sciences have continually triumphed over natures boundaries and pushed further towards Heaven, but as we reach the peak, the ground below us seems ever shakier.

In a moment, a thinking man can envisage mankind's rise a fall, holding hands like age old friends; perhaps they have been here before, but you have not.

Mankind in theory has the ability to end all poverty and strife, cure all diseases and preserve nature and the World; but only working together as one: and the last time mankind did that they built the Tower of Babel.

And the Lord said, (Genesis 11-6.)

'Behold the people are one,
And they have one language;
And this they begin to do:
And now nothing will be Restrained
From them.
Which they have imagined to do.'

We live in the Age of Pisces, the Age Jesus reportedly said would not pass away until many of the things he had spoken of had come to pass.

He also said that some of those present (apparently talking to his disciples) would also be witness to these events and he was not lying?

Pisces was the Age the ancient Egyptians detested as one of destruction, death and decay. Yet the same Egyptians saw the coming age of Aquarius as one of rebirth, regeneration and renewal, the first sign of GOD'S might, his strength, excelling in honour and power, (NIV.) The age once again when the heavenly Nile, the Milky Way would burst its banks and spread its fertility amongst the waters of Nut, before returning to its original course.

And we can safely say most theologians and theorists on the subject basically agree; seeing some sort of worldwide disaster at the closing stages of Pisces, heralding in a brave new world and Age of Aquarius.

However, while you could take your pick from a great many possible and highly plausible antichrists, who flourished like weeds on the back of the 20th Century. The same period produced not one credible candidate for the role of Messiah.

So, have we misunderstood?

Quite simply, yes.

All myths, legends, even the Old and New Testaments etc. are based on a common knowledge, a knowledge that comes from the study of the heavens, which we commonly call Astrology.

But it has been a long time since anybody understood what this Sacred Astrology was and how it worked.

For instance, many authors realise the twelve Labours or Tasks of Herakles-Hercules are purely Astrological; yet no one explains why these Labours are necessary. And the Biblical story of Samson, is just another version of the life and labours of Herakles, but again no one explains the truth behind the story. The story King Arthur and his knights is not history, but astrological tale laden with prophecy, yet men still insist he lived. And it is the same with the story of Robin Hood, It, is another astrological story that has been mistaken for a historical truth.

Supposed academics still insist the Pyramids were built for the burial of Pharaohs despite the fact that not one has been found buried in one. Nor have they explained why Pharaohs would spend so much money on a Pyramid, while at the same time spending just as much having elaborate tombs cut into the sides of a desolate valley, for the same purpose: it is illogical, indeed an absolutely ridiculous misunderstanding of the Truth.

Across Gt Britain they call ancient sacred sites Hill-forts? And pretend Cairns and long burrows were tombs. There again it took them long enough to realise that the rings of standing stones that litter the country were for Astrological purposes.