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Nostradamus Dictionary

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The primary concern of this dictionary, is to aid any would be translator of Nostradamus verses; it is not in any way a tool for learning French, and certainly not for learning how to speak French. It treats the words used by Nostradamus, both with regard to their various meanings in dictionary terms, but also with sympathy to their use within the verse it is quoted as occurring in. The reason for this is twofold, one being that a word may occur in many verses, but not necessarily in the same context, or with same intent. Secondly, to allow the translator to decide for themselves the most fitting word to use.

Generally, all accents are omitted, they are not required, as they mostly effect the sounding of the spoken word, rather than affect the meaning.

The dictionary gives additional insights, and information, references etc.

It also includes, variations that occur between various original works, as whether by printers or copiers errors, varied spellings of the same word occur in different additions; I have also taken the liberty of comparing them to the work published by John Hogue, this is noted by JH. This in no way implies he is right or wrong, indeed he often gives the correct spelling, but on other occasions the wrong. But the purpose of including them is merely to alert any would be translators, as to the various spellings they may encounter depending on what source they use as a basis for translating.

Of course, you may not wish to translate in general, it might be the case, that one verse seems odd to you and you may just want to check out the odd word.

The dictionary will be subject to continual updates, especially regarding extra insights and information, and I will add words, that either I may have missed, or that occur in the Presages, the Sixtains, or century 11 and 12.