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Exploding Myths

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The Prophecies of Nostradamus attract incredible interest and have done for centuries. Unfortunately, throughout the centuries, two things as remained constant.

  1. Various Authors (online authors in modern times) have sort to profit (whether finance or kudos) from his works Their end aim has often shrouded them to the truth (whether intentionally of accidentally) with the subsequent result that false interpretations and purported correlation of events to verses occur.
  2. Nostradamus works have been discredited due to the wide potential for interpretation, typically due to the regurgitation of poor original translations of his original works.

In the 'Exploding Myths' section, we provide details on those myths, both current and old and explain why the publication is nonsense and present and alternate, considered and subjective view. Our aim being to support a fair study, analysis and understanding of Nostradamus works (if that is possible, see the introduction to Lux Nova first eBook, the 'March of the Antichrists', free snippet here below Nostradamus Biography.

We welcome your feedback and engagement in Exploding Myths, you can leave comments, submit a link to a published article, blog of news snippet on Nostradamus for us to investigate or join us in our forums or official Facebook page to discuss further.

Foreword by Lux Nova

In the run up to the Millennium, and the 21st Century, authors and writers from all quarters have been telling us what Nostradamus said was about to happen, and sing his praises for predicting events, that had occurred, (c1v35) the death of Henry 2nd of France from a fatal jousting accident; (various verses) the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte; (c2v24.) the advent of Hitler and WW2; (c6v37) the assignation of JFK: (c10v72)

and their great white hope,
in 1999 and the king of terror
got the vote.
But 1999 came and went,
the verse defiant,
and the Millennium passed
like a sleeping giant,
but still the authors were not silent.
Through 911 (c1v87),
they thought to save their bacon,
and 2012 was placed on the table,
until 2016 when they
played their Trump card (c3v81)
only to prove none them were able.

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