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Word Translations from the Bible

[Egypt] [Aquarius] [Pisces] [Aries] [Taurus] [Gemini] [Cancer] [Leo] [Virgo] [Libra] [Scorpio] [Sagittarius] [Capricorn] [Four Riders] [King Solomon] [David & Goliath] [Samson] [Essene]

For the purpose of quotation, I have generally used the illustrated Family Bible in my possession, that was printed by, James Sangster and co; la Belle Sauvage yard, London, sometime before 1879. However, it is to noted that in copying I have changed the old words to their modern equivalent, most of the time.

This maketh (makes) the words more palatable for the modern reader, although sometimes removes some of the beauty and Elegance of the original. There are variations in the translation of certain words amongst the various bibles, where this is relevant I may give up to 3 or more variants, and their sources. The books- treaties so far.

Bible word alterations
Art are
Answered replied
Believest believe
Behold now, or see
Biteth bite-s
excellency excelling
Enlargeth enlarge(s)
Didst did
Dwelleth dwell(s), live(s), rest(s)
Knowest know
Findeth found or finding
Gaineth gain(s)
Ravin ravage
Thou, thee you, or me as appropriate
Thouest you must
Thy yours
Thus this
camest came
Unto to
Shalt shall
Saith says or said
Put forth reach-ed, as reached out
Which and? Or who?
Whence howbeit, how come
Wherefore why-fore, why