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The Disappearance of God, the Lessons of Moses Part 5

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And the 2nd version of Creation according to the Egyptian priests, merely to legitimise themselves and the institutions of power they had created.

So, Re, summoned his mother Nut before him and ordered her to change herself into the form of a cow; and he duly climbed up upon her back.

When mankind saw Horus the Sun Disc of Re riding on the back of the Celestial Cow, they became angry with those who had plotted against Re and caused him to distance himself from them. And they made bows and shot arrows at them; thus, warfare came to mankind.

But Re found he was happy to be free of everyday worries, to be far above the madding crowd of humanity and decided to stay put.

For mankind had become stubborn, they no longer listened to Re's directions, or obeyed his laws; so, Re, decided that he would no longer communicate directly with them.

And Re, created the field of abundance for Nut the Celestial Cow to graze in the earth) and planted it with plants.

He then brought into being the Field of Reeds, through which men would be able to cross to the afterlife, (the same Sea of Reeds Moses crossed).

Then he began to create the stars and planets and eventually Nut became dizzy with all the extra weight and began to shake uncontrollably. So, Re, commanded his son Shu to stand beneath her and place his feet firmly on the ground (the Earth) and support Nut with his arms above his head. But soon his arms grew weak and Re advised him to let Nut rest on his great shoulders, (the Greeks renamed Shu, Atlas,) and Geb, Nut's ex-lover was given charge of Earth.

And so, Re, had created the universe and all that was in it, the air, the sky and the heavens, with all its stars and planets, and the divine places of the afterlife having abandoned mankind on Earth, Re, made himself responsible for the afterlife, where he became the great judge of the dead. He created night and day, and sailed through the underworld in his night barque (barge) and at dawn he emerged on the eastern horizon; where a choir of baboons danced, and sang with joy at his rising.

However, every night when he disappeared over the western horizon mankind was left in total darkness. So, Re, decided he must provide a substitute; thus he summoned Thoth and ordered him to find a way of providing light for mankind during his absence.

And lastly having made provision for all things, Re, appointed Pharaoh, king and High Priest; and commanded Pharaoh to appoint Seers and Prophets and lesser priests to serve them, and carry out the daily functions and rituals desired by the gods.

There ends the 2nd version of creation according to the Egyptian priests. But it is of a much later date; and oddly constructed, more like propaganda, to justify the legitimacy of the Priests and Pharaohs and the laws and institutions they brought about; indeed, the Pharaohs were the first true popes.


The story of Thoth is yet another enigma to the authors of Egypt's history. Many have associated him with the Greek god Hermes, but Her-sem, is a sun god, while Thoth is the male persona of Isis's sister NEPHTHYS, both are Moon gods.

Some authors have also identified him with Chiron the friendly centaur of Greek mythology.

Now centaur was a half man, half horse, and most importantly he was a teacher appointed to train and teach human offspring of the gods. The Demi-gods, like Herakles; he taught them about wrestling, weapons and tactics. But he was over fond of his drink and is accidentally killed by one of his students. Thus, Thoth and Chiron the Centaur are not the same figure.

Now Thoth is associated correctly with the 'Ogdoad' a word that signifies the 8th portion of a Circle, thus with the 8th sign Virgo, thus it confirms what I said in the first paragraph, that he was a Moon god.


And thus, Thoth brings order with his regimental movements, so is considered a teacher of numbers and words. He is thus a messenger connected with all intellectual pursuits in both the arts and sciences. He was the inventor of 'mdw -wtr' the symbols -words of the gods- Hieroglyphics. He was credited with writing 42 books of wisdom, including subjects such as, the Law, Alchemy, medicine, magic, etc. the master of counting with his perfect phases, he was also regarded as a god of time.

He had a wife called Seshat, who most importantly wore a leopard skin, and had inward facing cow horns on her head, with a flower between. [ in Genesis Moses calls her Namaah, 'the Lady of the Leopard, she was the sister of Tubal-cain.] Thoth was quite naturally the god of scribes and bookkeepers, who ritually poured a few drops of water from the ink pots as a libation to Thoth before starting work each day; even Nostradamus would pour a few drops of water upon the Hem of his cloak before he started writing down his predictions at night. This action also brought about Baptism, for it was Thoth's and Horus's duty to baptise each Pharaoh at their coronation. Indeed, it is Thoth's name combined with the word for water that gives us Names like Thutmose or Tutmosis, signifying 'he is reborn'.

Thoth was noted for his knowledge and application of Magic, that could only be matched by his alter ego Isis. He was also the tongue- thus spoke on behalf of Ptah, and considered to know the mind and speak on behalf of Re. And we should remember Aaron (and while the word Aaron can signify, an ark, that is where the law and knowledge of God was stored: but I will reveal more on this later.)

Now Moses tells us the constellations, who were the sons of god, 'Elohim', {which is a plural word, of both sexes} became gods in their own right, they were,

Men of Renown,
The Heroes of Old.
Thus, Thoth invented,
H I E R O G L Y P H S,

Which like most ancient titles should be read, back-wards.

G L Y P H S- I - H E R O'S.



[ Glyph, carved grove or channel, especially on a vertical surface, from the Greek 'gluphein' to carve. Another word for Hieroglyphic. (Collins.) Heroe, a worthy; a demigod; one whom valour has deified, or immortalised. RC.]

Summary and Reflection

Now there are other contentions, other stories, but these are those required at present. There is a great deal to be learned from them, the numbers used are significant, the theory behind it, little different from those today. Now there were a great many gods, in Egypt, but we have enough here to explain them all, astrology is the key, to the entire mystery. Mankind could only evolve beyond natures favours if it could take advantage of it; to do this he needed to be able to predict its moods. Thus, they might take best advantage and maximise food production, the progress of civilisation, depended on food production. Kings, their fools, Priest's their tools, ladies and the maids must all eat bread, born of the sweat of the labourer's back. But to gain the best crops, you must know the seasons, most of all you need to be able to tell the time. You need a clock, and that is what astrology is about, the ability to read the clock and therefore somewhat declare what is most likely to happen, but primarily to know when, to plough, sow and reap.

When most, people take the trouble to look at the stars on a clear night, see speckles of light on a black background, some will not recognise a single cluster of stars, others may know some, a few may be able to recognise and name many. But they do not any of them see a clock, the ancients did.