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The Genesis according to Egyptians, the Lessons of Moses Part 2: Creation.

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Creation. The Genesis, According to the Egyptians

The scene, [ The cosmic ocean before the Big Bang.]

Act 1

As Nun, mistress of darkness and solitude, pondered at length her barrenness; her untainted, salt-less ocean, her deep and fathomless womb.
In which nothing stirred,
But emptiness and longing,
Desire without fulfilment,
Like faint waves on a sea
Without shores to die upon.
Once again, she beseeched the Word, her God and betrothed; and he who was, and is, and will always be, remembered her, and the coming of the Word shattered the silence.
"No longer will you be called Nun, from this moment on you will be called,
for in you I have sown the force of physical creation and its wisdom.
And the Word that echoed through all time was,
and the sound it generated was called,
for he was upon her with great power, and their union was Atomic, and the Word would soon become flesh, as Nun became Nut; the womb and cosmic ocean that was fussed with the wisdom of life's physical creation in her now stirring waters.
And Nut became pregnant and gave birth, saying, 'with the help of the Lord I have brought forth a Sun, and she called him,
for with the Roar, of a Lion, her God was upon her, and that life that had been beyond her, was now within her.
And God was well pleased, and said,
'Ra, thou art my firstborn,
My might,
And the beginning
Of my strength,
The excellency of dignity,
And the excellency of power.'
[Adapted from, Jacobs blessing of Reuben, G-49.]

And he sent his Spirit upon him and gave him a coat of many colours, that combined shone like the purest gold; and he renamed him,
for he was the image of his father, with all the powers to create and destroy life.
But unnoticed in the darkness, Nut had brought forth a second child, and she called him,
and as he lay naked, cold, kicking in his own blood; Nut called on the Word, to bless him also. But the Word came forth,
"I have given all my Blessings to RE,
there is nothing I can do."
But as Nut hovered above Geb, her neglected son, her heart was moved to pity and she wrapped herself tightly around him.
And in the beginning the Oneness, God, by his Word, created the Heavens and the Earth.
Now the Earth (Geb) was formless (naked) and empty; darkness (nut) was over the surface of the deep and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters of Nut.
And as time ebbed by and Geb grew, a child's love for his comforting mother; turned to a young man's lust for a woman. And Geb and his mother Nut, embraced with frenzied passion; their lovemaking was unceasing, their lustful groans drowning even the noise of RE's birth.
Re, the Sun god was rudely awakened by the strange noises emanating from the deep.
And he was instantly filled with immense and explosive anger, as it dawned him that only his brother Geb and mother Nut, were out there alone in the darkness. Re's anger flared ever greater and he decided he must decisive action to rectify the situation and separate the illicit lovers; before Nut could become pregnant again and any challengers to his crown could be born.
Re hastily consulted, the Sun Disc, his great Eye. [later called 'Horus the Great', who glancing upon the situation, Recommended the Re send forth his own son,
'SHU', to shed further light on the matter. So, the fiery Re, opened his great Eye fully and sent forth his son Shu to strike the body of Geb with his burning rays and thus force Geb [Earth], to release his passionate grip on Nut.
And as the first rays of Re's anger struck Geb, the Earth's waters boiled; and thus, Shu begat Seth, who with the help of the boiling muddy waters of Nephthys gave birth to life in the boiling springs amongst the rocks and in the deep Ocean.
Life had begun, and Seth and Nephthys brought forth a beautiful daughter called,
who rose towards the sky in a glistening gown of misty mystery. As she danced quite naked through the swirling clouds and haze; teasing and tantalizing the fiery Shu; his hands felt her cool sultry-ness, his anger turned to passion, his fierce intent, to desire, and love; they soon married and gave birth to the most beautiful daughter, called,
But Shu had many hands and as his arms spread throughout the depths of Nut, his nimble fingers uncovered the true extent of Geb's and Nut's fruitfulness. For Nut's myriads of children lay all over her body [ the heavens- space].
Now irradiated and illuminated in Re's glare, they were thev Stars of Heaven,
The sons of ELOHIM,
Who would grow up to be,
Men of Renown,
The Heroes of Old,
The Constellations.
[partly quoted-adapted from NIV, G-]

And the daughters of men would indeed be betrothed and wedded, and all too often sacrificed to them.

So, through Seth and Nephthys, life below the waves and in the soil, began as a consequence of the arrival of Shu (light- energy) but this also triggered the forming of Atmosphere, when Shu joined with Tefnut. Thus, Re's objective was achieved as Shu and Tefnut lifted Nut, the Sky goddess forcibly from the surface of the Earth (Geb) upon the great shoulders of Atmosphere; she would later be known by her Greek name as 'Atlas'. Then as Shu became ever stronger and his daughter Atmosphere grew to her full height and power, they had another child, whom they named Osiris; who sprang from the ground. This made Re, the Sun god even happier; for no longer did he have to look upon the nakedness of Geb's exposed body. And Re's great Eye Horus, was brought to tears, by the beauty and fruitfulness Re-vealed, by Shu's marriage to Tefnut; and as his tears were absorbed in clay of Geb, the first man and woman were formed. And RE was concerned for the safety of his new charges, for he could not watch them twenty-four hours a day; and he ordered Shu to seek out a suitable helper. Shu glanced a body moving in the shadows of created by Geb's body and reported it to Re. Re called out to the form hidden in the darkness, and slowly the body came into view. A beautiful woman appeared,

"Who are you", asked Re.
"I am the SIS-ter of Geb, the first daughter of Nut, the EVE-ning of man".

And Re immediately appointed her to look after his children while he travelled through underworld at night.

She was thus the Eye's (I) a-SIS-tant, who provided light to Re's children (mankind) at night, for she was not only the true ISIS of Geb, but of also of Re, the Sun, thus EYESIS, who like Miriam kept an eye on her brother Moses.

And it was thus so revealed by the Word.

Thus, we have the first Egyptian myth of creation, and it is time for a short recap and summarisation of how the Egyptians viewed the act of Creation.

  1. The WORD, GOD, The CREATOR, the LIVING SPIRIT - ON, OHM, that was, is, and will be forever; and whose true name is not given or spoken.
  2. NUN, the primal ocean, the barren salt-less, womb of dark space, or black matter. Like Nuns have always been, she was betrothed to God, and remained fruitless until the day of union, when the Big Bang sealed their marriage, and fertilized her womb.
  3. ATUM, the seeds, building blocks of matter, the debris created by the Big Bang, that opened and fertilized NUN'S womb.
  4. NUT, the salty womb of space, where physical creation began and continues, (Nut like a nutter was full of disorganized matter, as madness is close to Genius and Genesis.) Nun, became Nut at the coming of the Word, [the Big Bang theory.].
  5. RA, the Sun and firstborn of Creation, before he exploded with rage and opened his fiery eye on the Universe; Our Sun.
  6. GEB, the Earth before the Sun RA-as RE exploded into life.
  7. RE-ATUM, the boiling Sun, the first star.
  8. HORUS the GREAT or ELDER, the EYE of RE, who sent forth RE'S son,
  9. SHU, Re's radiant arms of energy and light, which on reaching the Earth, started the alchemy of life. (Shu was sent forth out of Re's great anger, at Geb's illicit affair with his mother Nut, thus Shu comes down to us in English as
    SHUn, avoid- keep clear of.
    SHUnt, divert, side track.
    SHUt, close off [but Shu failed, he shut the stable door after the horse had bolted- so to speak.] Shu is often depicted as rays of light coming from the sun disc, sometimes ending in hands, and some of these hands are often shown holding the Ankh (mistakenly perceived as a form of cross, which it never was.).
  10. NEPHTHYS, the muddy waters, seas, all places below atmosphere, where water mixed with mud and minerals. But also, Isis's sister, a moon goddess and queen of winter and darkness in her own right.
  11. SETH, all life forms originating and remaining in NEPHTHYS, often without light from the Sun. He with his wife, Nephthys was the first king and ruler of Earth. He was the identical twin of Osiris, but whereas Osiris promotes life, Seth tends to destroy it.
  12. TEFNUT, (whose name remains today in words like, Teflon, and Tefal, for she was omitted by the Earth-Geb to resist the burning rays of the Sun.) gases, moisture, vapour, omitted from the earth, who's union with Shu, brought forth,
  13. ATMOSPHERE, who separated Geb the Earth from Nut, space, and brought forth,
  14. OSIRIS. The first vegetation on the body of Geb, who was given Seth's Crown, and the sister of the Earth and Sun, ISIS for his Queen. The death of Osiris, will bring about the birth of HORUS, the younger, son of Re and Isis via Seth, who has been called Jesus in later times, as we will see.

And thus, God spoke, and said,
"let there be light",
and there was light (Shu);
God saw the light was good and separated light from darkness.
And God called the light day, and the darkness, he called night.
And as Shu's light hit Geb the Earth, there was evening and there was morning on the first day.
And God said,
"Let there be an expanse between the waters and body of Geb and Nut, to separate water from water; so, God separated the waters of Geb from the ocean above it, and it was so.
God called the expanse sky (atmosphere), and it was so.
God gathered the waters of Geb and called it Sea, and the dry ground he called Land;
and God saw that it was good, and then he said,
"Let the land produce vegetation (Osiris,) seed bearing plants and trees on the land bearing fruit with seed in it, and it was so.
[adapted from, G-creation, written by the Egyptian, Moses.]