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Greek Gods and Goddess: Amphictyon

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Introduction to Amphictyon

The ancient Greek Gods and Goddess contain a wealth of stories and legends, wrapped in Myths which typically provide a story with a morale code designed to influence the reader into behaviour as fitting Greek culture of the era.

In this article, we look at Amphictyon and the myths and legends surrounding Amphictyon, Amphictyon relationship to and with other Greek Gods and Goddess and key events and stories which relate to ancient astrology and the changing seasons.

About Amphictyon

He was one of the two sons of Deucalion and Pyrrha, his brother was called Hellen, all three fled from Lycorea to Athens, where Amphictyon became the king of Thermopylae married the daughter of the king of Athens named Cranaus, after Deucalion died, Amphictyon usurped Cranaus' throne. It was reported that Dionysus visited him and taught him how to mix water with wine. He apparently had a son called Itonus and an unnamed daughter, who nevertheless, bore Cercyon by Poseidon, and Triptolemus by Rarus. Amphictyon was also to have inaugurated the Amphictyonic league, but after ten or twelve years he was deposed by Erichthonius.

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