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Greek Gods and Goddess: Evenus

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Introduction to Evenus

The ancient Greek Gods and Goddess contain a wealth of stories and legends, wrapped in Myths which typically provide a story with a morale code designed to influence the reader into behaviour as fitting Greek culture of the era.

In this article, we look at Evenus and the myths and legends surrounding Evenus, Evenus relationship to and with other Greek Gods and Goddess and key events and stories which relate to ancient astrology and the changing seasons.

About Evenus

Was reported to be a river god, thus it makes sense that he would be the son of Poseidon and Tethys, although several others are listed in different sources, they include, Ares and Demonice (a daughter of Agenor) or Sterope (one of the Pleiades), or even Heracles. Evenus married Alcippe, daughter of Oenomaus. According to myth he is mortal king of Aetolia. He refuses to let his daughter Marpessa marry Idas a Messenian prince, because he wishes her to remain a virgin; but Idas abducts her, as they are both deeply in love. When Evenus cannot catch them, he commits suicide, jumping into the river, known by his name. now if he was a river god, his daughter should have been a naiad, thus infertile and very dangerous.

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