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Ward C. The Oracles of Nostradamus.

The information, details and comment herein are the opinion of the Author based on in-depth, broad research and comparison of resources related to the works and Prophecies of Nostradamus. We encourage you to broaden your knowledge of Nostradamus by examining the approach and translations of previous Authors in regard to these works.

Misdirection borne of Misinterpretation,
Illusion the tool of the fool.
Read, examine, open you mind.
Let enlightenment flow through comprehension

Ward C. The Oracles of Nostradamus.
Book Title The Oracles of Nostradamus.
Author Ward C.
Published 1891
Review Ward Charles A. (1846-1908) The Oracles of Nostradamus, first published in 1891.
You can get this as a book, or in kindle, various publications since first published, some are copyrighted.
This is a must, Ward gives up to 3 versions, taken from 3 original copies.
Where they were the same, you get one version, but when they varied, you maybe presented with all 3 versions, even if the difference was the addition or dropping of one letter, there is no better source for looking at the original French than the originals themselves.
The English translation is good, but lacking in the knowledge of events foretold.
This is the number one book for the would be translator, who doesn't have access to at original. thus it's rated 10 out of 10.
Overall Rating1 10
French Originals Rating2 10
Commentary Rating3 n/a
Reliability Rating4 8
Correlation Rating5 n/a

Nostradamus Reference Rating

A rating has been applied where relevant to provide a weighted assessment (range 0 to 10) of the book within key parameters for the understanding and comprehension of Nostradamus Prophecies as he wrote them. The following weighting is applied:

  1. Overall Rating : An overall assessment of the resource as a tool for furthering the knowledge and understanding of Nostradamus
  2. French Originals Rating : An assessment of whether or not the book provides Nostradamus original verses in French and if they are copied correctly.
  3. Commentary Rating : An Assessment of the Authors commentary on the original texts: identifying spelling mistakes, bastardisations, Latin, or Italian words used etc.
  4. Reliability Rating : An Assessment of the reliability of the Authors translation of the Prophecies of Nostradamus
  5. Correlation Rating : An Assessment of the connection of verses to past, present or future events.

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