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Books of Cotgrave by Lux Nova

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Too many words pass over the heads of fools
And serve only to confuse the intelligent,
prepare to be confused.

Introduction by Lux Nova

The dictionary is not only an insight into 16th Century France, but men's minds, and perhaps an insight into Cotgrave's mind, a man {and what I am about to say is merely my impression, gathered from the book, I have at this time not bothered to look into his personal history,} he was a man who was religious and yet detested the way religion was prostituted by the churches, esp' by the church of Rome. A man who it appears abhorred laziness, gays, priests, pedophiles, women, whore's, fools, arrogance and criminals, as much as the Devil loves Holy Water.

He must have been acquainted with many Roman and Greek myths, but chooses only now and again to make reference to them, except in the case of Bacchus, and his followers, on this subject, he gives great insights. He is obviously know's about King Arthur, Robin Hood, he knows the truth behind the now childish rhyme of Jack and Jill, Druids, Morris dancers and. I decided to read and absorb the entire text and write down everything I thought was of note or use; then I quoted, and wrote what follows.

Important note

I have corrected the spellings of the English words, except on the odd occasions where I could find no justifiable alternative. Further note, that I have neglected to add the French, accents, as they are meaningless for my purpose, and those who can read the French, will realize, and to those that can not, dashes and squiggles have no sense, and for the greater part they merely change the sounding of the spoken word.

Accent: m a local way of pronouncing words.
Accent aigu A sharp accent marked s '/' above a letter, and much used.
Accent circonflex, ou contorne The bowed accent that often looks like an upside down 'V' or a small arc, like a banana hanging over a letter and is not used often in French.
Accent grave Is marked as '\' and is set over words, a, ou, la, etc.
Accentue-e: m -f Accented, noted, or pronounced, with an accent
Accenteur To mark, note, or pronounce, with an accent.

If you wish to translate French yourself, there are words where you will need to see and understand accents especially the Aigu, and circonflex, ou contorne; as the Aigu especially can change the meaning of the word. Just be clear that this work is not a dictionary or teaching aid.