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Cotgrave's World: Book 11 Church

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Thoughts, proverbs and Sayings from the 16th Century

Extracts from a French to English dictionary by, R Cotgrave. Published 1611.

A pavilion, tent, or hall; also, a shed, shelter, or little shop of boards; also, a gaudy cabinet, an arc- ark, box, or chariot to set, keep or carry images in.
[ 'Ark, Arc, appears in both lists, because, was accessed by a lid, yet also a gaudy cabinet, it was also carried from place to place, and was rested in its own tent, type pavilion, thus it was for display, not burisal. Every Egyptian Temple had its Ark, wherein, objects pertaining to that particular god were stored in between ceremonies.]


f, excess of scruples
or ceremony in matters of religion,
idle worship, vain reverence; a
superfluous, needless, or ill governed

Old foolish books; also, foolish charms, or superstitious prayers used by old and simple women, against the toothache, etc; any such threadbare and musty rags of blind devotions, trinkets etc, to ward off evil spirits.

'Sourd comme vn tapis'
As deaf as an image in painted cloth;
[Turin Shroud]
Or, as deaf as a door nail, -post. 0r,

'Plus muet qu' un poisson.'
More dumb, than a fish.

The last prayer that is said for the dead.
When the dead find out they have been
fiddled out of everything.
[Fedelium, adopted from Lat.]

'Il y a bien de auguille sous roche'
There in lurks some further matter;
there is more in it
than the worlds aware of.

A teacher, or interpreter of mysteries,
and ceremonies; also,
a keeper of the churches relics.

Mystery; a religious secret,
hidden rite, obscure
and high point of religion.

: m. Holy Moses; whose ordinary counterfeit having on either side of the head an eminence, or luster arising somewhat in the form of a horn, has emboldened a profane author, to style Cuckolds,

'Parents de Moses'
[ referring to Moses parents as cuckoos- for having left the Egyptians to rear him and? Although the word cuckold, signifies, an unfaithful wife? It signified originally one who conceived by another, but pretended the child was her husband's issue, thus he was tricked into feeding and bringing up another man's child.]

'Qui veut apprendre a prier aille souvent sur la mer'
He that wishes to learn to pray,
let him go to sea often.


The transmigration, or passage of the soul from one body to another (Pythagoras' error) [there is no such thing, reincarnation is foolish antidote for death].

Masorites, the very people who the late, and very honourable, Sir William Drummond, slated over their vicious punctuation, however, they were, such Jews who corrected the falsely written or copied words of the Scriptures, but not blotting them out; {for that they made a scruple- law - not to remove or change any word, but to note them with a little o, and setting their corrections in the margins]. Which seems fair enough, at least the interested may decide for themselves whose interpretation is wrong or right? [ I would highly recommend any student of truth, seek out and read carefully any of Williams works. [ a massoret, can also signify, a spirit or ghost, a hobgoblin. But think more, access to, of spiritual nature].

Marian, a proper name, also 'Robin a trouve Marion' seek biblical, also Jack hath met his gill or a filthy knave with a fulsome queen-ie. He has met his match, found his equal.

The name of a saint; whence came,

'Pear St Valier'
The fear of St Valier.
Is more through overmuch fear,
of the mischief or danger feared;
as when a man, that is threatened
with hanging, dies before
he is turned off the ladder; for so,
as report goes, St Valier did.

'C'est vn banquet de diables ou il n'y a point de sel'
A feast that lacks salt
is fit only for Devils.
Did they not give Jesus to say?

'Men without knowledge of God,
are like vegetables without salt,
while both are still edible,
neither is desirable'.

'Telle semence telle moisson'
Look to how you sow,
for so shall thee reap.

'En cent livres de plaid n'y pas vne maille d'amour'
The more law, the less love;
there is no love,
between those who resort to the law.

'Tel est plain qui se plaind'
Some, how sever full they be,
are never contented. [They eat,
but are ever hungry,
they drink, but ever thirst.
See but never perceive,
hear but never understand.

'Les vertus surmontent les signes'
Worth exceeds wonders,
good example prevails more than a sign,
for the conversion of a sinner.

'Mieux vant servitude ex paix que seigneurie en guerre'
Better a vassal of peace, than warfare's Marshal.

A scroll of parchment, with the ten commandments written on them, worn by the Pharisees about their heads and arms. Both the Historian Josephus and Saul, who became Paul, studied for a time as Pharisees. But consider, 'Pharisien', hypocritical, Pharisee like? The Pharisees were the priests of pharaohs, guardian of his temples especially zealous over the observance of the law, who's religion is it anyway?

'Mal, ou Maladie, de St Jean,'
the falling sickness,

'La Nativite de St Jean (John).'
Midsummers day. [To understand why, John the Baptist was said to be born then, one must understand the mystery of the Dance of the 7 veils and his beheading.

'Decollation St Jean'
[John]. The feast of the beheading of John the Baptist, 29th of August.

Philip; a man's real name, they say it signifies, a lover of horses, deriving it from Phil=love, and Hippo=horse; but Philip to my understanding relates to the 4th sign, Taurus, it is the number of man, containing the stars of Orion. Philip was the 4th disciple; I will leave it there, for there is more to this than meets the eye.

'Mace.' A proper name- Matthew.
Fesse Matthieu. An V Surer, a banker, a returner, or lender of money, with interest or by exchange- [pawn]. [Matthew, they said was a tax collector? A banker, a tax man, not much difference I suppose, both rob people.

A lot, portion, part, share,

Divided by lots, apportioned, shared, parted from. Today we think of Lot, in terms of chance, a lottery, but this was not the original sense; in the New Testament, Zechariah, eventual father of John the Baptist, was apparently chosen by lot to serve in the temple for a certain month. That does not imply, that for example, there were several priests, of which or from whom, by straws or some other foolish manner, one or more were picked out to serve in the temple that month. But, that, his already allotted, given time, the month in which he was trained to perform the required duties within the temple, were due and preset by the stars. His Lot had nothing to do with chance, luck or misfortune, the stars and the seasons are not random. It is further taken from chance, when you realize the Biblical Lot, nephew of Abraham was not a man, but the Moon.

'Nud comme vn ver'
Then we said,
bare as a bird's backside, 0r, as poor as Job
{Jobless, as it is today].

An oracle, a sentence delivered, an answer (pretended to have been) given, by God or gods.

'Oraculeux- oraculeuse'
Oracle like,
as true as the Gospels; thus infallible.
But the words of the oracle
cannot be trusted.

'Oreille de Iudas'
the mushroom or
excrescence called Jews Ear,
The Ear of Judas.

Marian, a proper name.

'Invention saincte croix'
The invention of the holy cross, kept by the church, 3rd May. [also, a shift or invention or device for the getting of money]. [an invention it may well be, considering 2 of the gospels say he was hung or crucified on a tree],

'Vive pasture, le temps de la vive pasture'
Is from Michaelmas to St Andrews tide, or seeding time in corn ground and the season of pawnage; or letting of swine into the woods to feed, {which by law is to begin at Holyrood day, and to end about Martilmas. [note, Michaelmas and martilmas are the same in meaning, and St Andrew is Aries by sign, thus from roughly 14th September to 21st march when the month of Aries begins, and the tide of Aries comes in, it was lawful to allow pigs to forage- feed, in woodlands; but to allow new growth to replenish the ground, they were to be removed before the seed and nuts etc started to sprout and grow. Also,

'Quand il tonne en Mars, nous pouvons dire helas.'
(so evil is the thunder of March
held to be.)
[March comes in like a lion,
and goes out like a lamb].

'Chardon de Nostre dame'
Our Ladies thistle, white thistle,
milk thistle.
Carrobe; the carob, or carob bean or end of it, also called,
St John's Bread; [baptist].
A nunne, a nun that is. Even I have used the retort, 'sanctimonious bitch'
when a woman gives it, that, holier than thou crap. Said of that not so rare woman, who believes she is always right, even when she is blatantly wrong, and that you are always wrong point blank. A nun should be as a vestal virgin, abstaining from the sins of the flesh, in all manor or form, and they are all sanctimonal'

'La translation of St Martin'
4th July.

'Feu St Marcel, ou, feu Martial'
same as St Anthony' fire {a swelling full of heat, and redness, that begins as a blister and grows to a scab or sore, the size of a tit-nipple; and in the end, mortifies, turns to stone the bone and parts it hath seized upon. [mar-cel- mar-tial= Mars god of war].

'Des courir sainct pierre [Peter] pour couvrir sainct Paul'
To rob or borrow of one, therewith to enrich another. We say, rob Peter to pay Paul; And even more to rob one church to pay another, because Paul and Peter represent 2 opposing churches.

The Judas Tree, the kind of tree whereon (it is thought) he hanged himself. [you need to consider all the words beginning with Fab, fabal- fable, fabricate etc, all sure a common sense, that is of, being made, made up, invented, imagined. For where are we told Judas hanged himself, I thought he committed Hari Kari, and spued his guts over the ground: The implication has a knock-on effect.

'Oeil de Iudas'
the Judas nut, or friars piece of a leg of mutton.

'D'evesque devenir musnier.'
From rich to poor,
of noble to base,
of venerable, to, miserable;
to fall from a high estate to a low one;
(the original was)

'Devenir d'evesque Aumosnier,'
But and (perhaps reason) has changed 'Aumosnier' into 'Musnier'. [ 'evesque' bishop, prelate; 'devenir', wax, become, grow; 'musnier' miller; 'aumosnier' a giver to the poor, charitable, alms giving person. Thus, the truth behind the original was to go from one who fed off the poor, to one of them, for churches and kings commonly rob the poor.

'Les paroles du soir ne resemblent pas a celles du matin'
He that gives the good morrow,
may yet before night procure thy sorrow.

'Cabale' f, the Jewish Cabul - Kabul, or, a hidden science of divine mysteries, which the Rabbi's affirm was revealed and delivered with the Law, unto Moses, and from him derived the successive relations unto posterity; (yet it is, in truth, no better than a vain rabble of their own traditions)

A curious examination, searching, canvassing; or sift out, the depth of a matter.

The Jewish Talmud, a superstitious and blasphemous book, or law, devised by the Rabbis, and of great authority among them.

A student or professor of the superstitions contained in the Talmud.

{of huict, huit} an 8th or no 8, also: {proportion of} 8 days; the sense coming from the advent and end of the 7th Day, and the 8th sphere which follows it and renews the ages, thus giving a full 7 days for the completion of present cycle. Nostradamus is the only writer I recall as having mentioned and given insight into the 8th sphere. Many have until it passed believed the year 2000 AD, was the 7th day, and thus the End of the World, hence the nonsense of those times. Since 2000 passed, other years have been targeted, especially 2012 and 2013, which have passed, and while the World is hardly at peace, Doomsday, still seems far from immanent, at the point of writing {July 13}.
However, the 7th day is said to be one of rest, and the World has not been at peace but for a few moments in the last 100 years.