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Cotgrave's World: Book 19 Astrology

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Thoughts, proverbs and Sayings from the 16th Century

Extracts from a French to English dictionary by, R Cotgrave. Published 1611.

The Mathematics, {to comprehend 4 of the liberal sciences, being principally, arithmetic, geometry, music and Astronomy, known uniformly as Astrology, {as anatomy is to biology. As body is to mind. Neither one, without the other can exist in this world. [further, music as a science is not the study or ability to play music as we now think of it, but of harmony the music and flow of the spheres, understanding that which makes the sciences tick and work together; while arithmetic is of numbers-thus physics, and thus measure and time; geometry, - chemistry and what comes form it, is that which forms from them all, as mass, and physical existence.
Astrology-astronomy, contained all sciences, nothing was excluded].

f. the perfection of all knowledge, and liberal sciences; an art that comprehends all others; or, learning that comprehends all arts. (yet it may be said, a whole dictionary will not illuminate the darkness of an evil or base mind; as the brightest light will not spark a fire in the mind of a fool.)

'Les chansons procedent de la mesine cornemuse'
All these matters have but one head,
all theses businesses but one origin.
That is why the word,

f. signified, learning, skill, science,
clerkship. Thus,

'Il a des miuds de clergie en la teste'
(so were, they wont, in old times to say,
of a great and learned man;)
he has a bushel of learning in his head.

'Muid de clergie'
A store of clerkship,
a bushel of cunning,
abundance of learning.
( 'muid,
-a great amount,
or measure of,)
[ The insights given by Cotgrave, included in this section, are worth serious attention, for those who would study Oedipus Judaicus, and all other works by honourable Sir William Drummond, and consequently, but not least the Old Testament, and those who would seek to properly understand ancient Astrology; should take note.]

'Le cours des loix, de medecine,
de philosophie & c'

The whole order, or proceeding
of the study in those arts,
from the first and smallest rudiments,
to the last and deepest
mysteries thereof.

Astrology; a reasoning,
or speculation of heavenly motions.

An Astrologer,
a skillful discourser, judicious beholder
of celestial motions.

m. an astronomer; a teacher,
or professor, of the knowledge of stars,
or heavenly motions.

Thundering from high,
or from above.

f. vehement passions of the mind; strange and doubtful conceits floating in the thoughts; also, divine fury; or, inspirations from above, ravishing, and transporting the spirit out of its proper seat; ecstasy.

A star, a planet; also, destiny,
fate, fortune or fate.
[Astrology and Astronomy until very recent times were but one discipline, only in the last 500 years have they started drifting further and further apart. Astrology is now at its lowest ebb, while Astronomy has left this world, and lost itself in an infinitely growing space. Only a fool would pretend that Astrology and Astronomy were always separate arts, they were the same and included the knowledge of all known sciences. L of M.]

A flowing in; (and particularly)
an influence, or influent course, of the Planets; their virtues infused into, or their course working on, inferior creatures.

m; Heaven, also the sky -
wELKin, firmament.

Heavenly, of heaven, divine,
Also, belonging to the firmament.

'Astre Argente'
The Moon.
Croissant; half Moon, in blazon-
a crescent Moon.

quintessence, {the essence}
or the philosophers stone,
as Elixir, (some take it for the
chemical powder of production),
the word originally signified,
force or strength,
of life and instinct.

An essence; or being;
the nature or subsistence of things.

To bring unto the same
nature and essence; essentially to
mingle with, or be joined unto.

made or become of essence
with; essentially joined or linked unto.

m, f. essential, real,
natural, material; effectual, forcible,

the ecliptic line, or way-
route of the sun, so termed, because eclipses happen when the Moon is either in conjunction or opposite, under this line.

A tropic, or circle of the
firmament, when unto the Sun once coming, either descends [lowers- wanes] or ascends [rises-waxes], thus the lowest and highest points are the 2 Tropics: thus, we have,

'Tropique de Cancer ou a'este'
Was around the 12th of June in Cotsgrave' time. At this time the Sun {then at its highest} enters the first point of Cancer, and gives us the longest day, solstice.

'Tropique de Capricorne, ou d' hyver
Was around the 12th of December [ epiphanie-epiphany, typhaine {typhon], the sun then at its lowest, enters the first part of Capricorn, giving the shortest day, solstice.

The equator, or quinoctial circle; one of the 6 chief circles imagined to be in the firmament, thus called because it is equal distance from the Poles and night and day are of equal length. [today about the 20th March in spring, and about 22nd of September in Autumn].

A lesser circle, whose enter is within the circumference of a greater circle, hence, a lesser circle that comprehends, and carries about with it a planet, itself being. carried about by a greater, the seat of the planet, or stars wherein, it is fixed.

Imperfect circle in the sphere,
of which divers [several], kinds {all imagined to join at the Poles}, but the 2 principle ones are,

'Le colure des equinox's'
goes through the beginning of
Aries and Libra, and

'Le colure de Solstices'
goes through the beginning of
Cancer and Capricorn.

. f, a girdle, ardentes,
the fiery zone, between the tropics
and ordinarily called
Torrida Zona.

'Cercle sinissant'
. The horizon, a circle that, separates-divides, the visible part of the heavens- sky, from the unseen, that is below.

'Le poinct vertical'
The Zenith,
or point of the firmament which is
directly over our heads.

an azimuth, or vertical
circle, which hangs from the zenith.

to decrease, or,
as the Moon in wane.

'Chemin s'lacques'
the white streak in
the night sky, termed, via lactea; the Milky
Way. [ known as the heavenly Nile, and the seed
of the Word, the Creator, by the Pyramid builders].

of, or, belonging to the
Island of Cypress, or
Unto Venus, the patroness there of.

'Les bras d'un Scorpion'
The cleyes, claws of Scorpio,
which now form the dishes of Libra.

a swan, or the constellation of.

the Northern wind.

'Entrelunaires, iour en'
The days, or space, wherein neither
the old or new moon can be seen.

'Faire le guet au temps'
To observe narrowly the change
of seasons,
course of the stars,
revolutions of the sky;
To effect or study for weather wisdom,
Also, to let slip no advantage,
that the time offers, or affords.

The god or planet, Jupiter-
also tin, so termed by the alchemists.

The point in heaven wherein
any planet is nearest to the center of the
earth. To observe narrowly the change of seasons, by the course of the stars; revolutions of the skies, to effect or study for weather wisdom; also, to let slip no advantage that the time offers or affords.

A shroud, or den under the earth, also the point in heaven wherein the Sun or any planet is furthest from the center of the Earth. Also, the

out of center, clean with the compass of,
{mathematicians apply this word to the Sun, when its center being at full height of his epicycle, is furthest from the center of the Earth.]

November, [9th month].

Of 9 months
or at the end of 9 months.

A ninth or number 9.
[see, section on interesting oddities, for
number 9, the most influential occult

a crab fish; also, the Zodiac
sign of Cancer.
Also, a canker, or a hard and uneven swelling, an ugly black fish, or a blueish colour, also an ancient engine for battering walls etc, whose head was made like a crab. [see. The sons and signs of Jacob, under Issachar, for full insights into the secrets of the Zodiac sign of Cancer, formerly a Scarab, a Lobster, a polyp etc.]

Carbon, action- result of
charring, char-burn, as cancer.

Carrion, a stinking
putrefied carcass, corpse or flesh.

A carre- carriage, cart, or waine.

'Carene, -Carine'
the keel of a ship [Argo.]

Fleshy, of flesh; bloody, cruel; flesh devouring, blood affecting; living or feeding on flesh.

flesh time, the season when it is lawful to eat flesh; also, a slaughter, slaying, butchery, killing, murder of men.

'Cancre' 'il est demeure
entre deux selles a' terre'

Between two stools his tail is come to ground. Or. Between two stalls he rests, a very famous child did exactly that in Bethlehem.

as crieche [ creche]- a rack, a
cratch, ox stall, stall, or crib.
[it is also applied to a hunted beast, that
beset on all sides, goes down on it
hunches and holds it attackers at bay,
as the crab in Cancer, or as we might say,
between a rock and a hard place.]

a stall.
[see, sons of Jacob, under Benjamin.]

m. assessments; or impositions.

m-f. Set, fitting; seated,
placed, settled, fixed, planted; also
limited, appointed; also, taxed, assessed.

an assessor, in the matter of

Assent, consent, (an old

Sworn, bind, or bound
by oath, put unto an oath.

Assented, agreed, accorded

Affirmation; also,
demonstration, or documentation. thus,

Enthralled, subjected,
submitted unto, tied unto servile bonds,
or slave of.

raldom, or enthralling of;
and hence, land bound for a debt, held
as a bond.

To baulk, or plow up

Sunned, seasoned, hardened,
or dried in the sun.

To fell, strike or knock
down, to overbear with blows; also to,
cast into heavy sleep; also, to sum up,
or cast a reckoning.

2 little stars in the sign of
Cancer. Asnichons, young ass';

an ass.

certain stars which rise
about 28th Sept and are gone again
towards the evening of 29th Sept.

an -the constellation Altar.
( to be found under the tail of Scorpio)

the constellation called the
Charles wain, or Ursa Major {the great
Bear]. Also, as a chariot or wagon, also,
called the 7 stars of the Charles wane.

a Bear, or the northerly stars
called the Charles Waine.

a star called Altar,
or Censor, placed under the sting
of the Scorpion.

a Scorpion.

the ascendant of a birth-
nativity, a diligent observation of the just
time where in one was born, also the part
of the firmament which rises every hour
from the East.

'Pour Venus advienne barbet le chien'
The Dog star.

'Avant -chien'
the lesser dog star,
which Appears when the dog days begin.

'Herculiane, & pierre Herculienne'
A loadstone.
[ the weight bearing stone of a building, Hercules, -Herakles, was associated generally with buildings or structures of large-giant stones. Even today there are still ancient structures constructed with huge stones, so large and so precisely fitted together, that it defies our logic to understand how they were planned, cut, moved and erected, by human minds and hands, thus they were credited to a race of Giants; but it was in myth that 'Herakles' the Roman 'Hercules', who relieved Atlas from the weight placed on his back, by taking it upon his shoulders. From the insights of M.]

'Chasse- monstre'
Monster pursuing, {an epitath for Herakles- Hercules},

'Miel Heracleen'
Herakles honey {Samson's honey}, it
clears the skin and takes away black spots and that come by crushing or bruising; but on the downside, makes those that smell it sneeze, and mad that eat it. [Samson found honey in the carcass of the Lion he had killed; but the spots that it cured, were those of the leopard.]

Sagittarius, an archer, bowman, shooter.

To hit, strike, pierce, transfix, or shoot through with arrows.

'Sagittale' 'Commisiure sagittale'
The seam which runs along the top of the
head, and distinguishes the right side,
from the left. [ Our brain is in simplest terms formed of 2 interacting parts, the right half of the brain, controls the left side of the physical body, the left half the Right side of the body.
Now mankind no longer understands how astrology works, in the deeper depths of human enlightenment, everything reflects creation, and thus the Creator, but to create one must release 2 opposing forces, in simplest but nevertheless, important terms, we can imagine it as Spring and Summer, in opposition to Autumn and Winter, half the brain is influenced by the needs, of Spring, Summer, birth and growth, the other by autumn and Winter, death and decay.

is no different to Sagittarius, it is his thunder bolts and lightning, his great arrows that fired from afar strike home, on target, setting fire to the end of Summer and growth.

'Estoille poussiniere'
the 7 stars of called by some the hen and her chicks.

'La poule & les poulsins' 'Calendes'; calends;
the first day of every month.

Nones of a month, the days next
after the calends-kalands; there 6 in the
months of March, May, June and October,
but only 4 in each of the other months.

The winds which rise
a little before the dog days.

'Caniulaires (les jous cu)'
the dog days.

'Avent chien'
The lesser dog star,
which appears when dog days begin.

Rogation, or gang weeks;
religious feasts, or walks, wherein the fruits of the earth are prayed for.

[cycle], a circle, compass round.

Lunaire'. The Golden number,
or full course or compass of the Moon,
performed in 19 years.

The Moon, moon goddess. Also, astre argente, Diana, Dia Mona, hence the 'Mona Lisa'

'Cicle Solaire'
The revolution, or full course of the Sun, performed in and consisting of 28 years. [note, it strikes me as odd, or maybe not, that the number 19, is more significant to the Sun than the Moon, and vice-versa, 28 is a Moon number].

'Maisons au ciel'
Circles drawn from one pole to the other, to separate the 12 signs of the Zodiac, and dividing the whole sphere
into 12 equal parts

'Cours du ciel'
The course of the stars, planets, or the regions, {signs} wherein they are seated; also among gardeners, a certain bad constellation, which hinders the growth of herbs.

Tempered, and thus forged by
the course and constellations of the stars.

'L'arc au ciel'
the Rainbow.

Capricorn, last of the 12
signs, (containing {main} 20 stars).

the star Bootes [which
follows the Charles wain, Ursa major.

the harp of heaven, a group of
stars which are pretended
resemble a harp.

'Pouldre d'oribus'
Powder of projection or of the Philosophers stone; termed thus, {in derision, and} because so much gold has been wasted in the search for it: thus, also a cursing or juggling powder, used for effect.

'Feu d' Helene', as 'feu st Herme'
Saint Helens or St Hermes fire,
a meteor that often appears at sea.

'Orphee oreilloit les rocs'
Orpheus gave ears,
Or hearing to rocks.
Ianuer, Janiuer, January- Rain.
Fevrier. Feurier, Feuerer, Pisces-
February. Wind.
Mars, Marche March. Bud.
Apuril, Aprille, April. Flower.
May, Maye, May. Meadow.
Iung, Iuyn, June. Cancer- seed.
Iullet, Iuyll, Juliet, July. Heat.
Aougst, August. Virgo- Harvest.
Septembre, September. Vintage.
Octobre, October. Scorpio- Fog.
Novembre, November, frost.
Decembre, December. Snow.
[ that in blue as designated by the bodies of the French revolution.]

part of an Astrolobe.

'Verseur d'eau'
The sign of Aquarius.

A bull, the sign of Taurus.

A thump. Dust, cuff, rap, knock, also, a
number of mischiefs, a multitude of Evils.
Also, the sign of Orion in Taurus.
[Orion is part of the zodiac sign of the bull, and Orion, the constellation, is very important in ancient astrology. Orion was often depicted with a club in his left hand, with which he is likened to a raging bull in a china shop. Thus Orion, a Thump, cuff, clout, knock, cudgel. (Why do those foolish authors not realize that 'the Cerne Abbas Giant', in Dorset England, is a depiction of Orion, what ancient god was not attracted to his own reflection. [ 'Gross flattery, and yet imperial Crest surged up: there is nothing like godlike power will refuse to believe of itself in the way of commendation. Juvenal, satire 4, line 69-.] England is littered with circles representing Orion's belt; but we are blind and easily led, it is too obvious for us to recognize that the Giza Pyramid complex, is modeled on the stars of Orion. [accepting the few, who realizing, still have no idea what they are really looking at.]

the 5 {or 7} rainy stars which
be on the head of the sign of Taurus.

Of Autumn, belonging unto
harvest, 'Automne'
harvest time, Autumn.

'Le fiot de Septembre'
The great spring tides
of the Autumn equinox.
Celestiel; heavenly, devine, celestial.

March, planet Mars,
god of war, Aries
of iron, according to the alchemists,
the month of thunder.
March comes in like a lion
and goes out like a lamb.

one of the seven stars.

the serpent Cenchris,
whose singing breeds rottenness,
and a continual sleeping.

'Peau diphthere'
the skin of the
Amalthean goat, wherein Jupiter is
pretended to record humane

'Cicle lunaire'
The golden number, 19

'Cicle solaire'
28 years.

The 3 graces, reputed
daughters of Jupiter and Venus,
adored as goddesses,
by the ancient 'painims'

'Il a besoing de sacrifier aux Graces'
he is a harsh, unpleasant,
rough hewed, currish, fellow,
lacking in all graces.

'Ve Jove'
A wicked spirit, a god
that can do no harm will do no good.

The office or dignity
of a pagan Arch priest, a flaminship.
[sun worshipers, lovers of the eternal flame,
and sacrifice through fire. Listed as priests of Ceres, Rhea, Dionysus, Ops, and every other goddess or god of the Vine.

libation. A sacrifice, a thing
offered or tasted in offering.

'Acolyte, as Accolite'
He that ministers to
the priest while he sacrifices, or says mass.

a satire, half man, half goat.

[ 'chevre pied'
cloven hooved-
footed, a title- name for a satire].

the feasts of Saturn,
celebrated by the ancient painims in
December. Saturn, the planet, also,
lead amongst alchemists.

Neptunes feasts-holy days.
[exactly the same as Poseidon,
or the Jewish and Egyptian Seth.]
The vestal virgins, the nuns of the heathenish Romans. [ they like all other priestess's, would eventually be known by their Egyptian title, Nuns, after the goddess Nun, who was the first virgin betrothed to God. See, Egyptian myths, for full explanation of Nun, goddess of the barren cosmic ocean prior to creation.]
The sacrifices of Bacchus. [see, interest for fuller insights to Bacchus and the hiddeious rites of the priests and priestesses.]

Household gods.

'Iour Civil'
The civil day; continues, as the
( 'Iour Naturel')
24 hours, but differs in its beginning,
by the different use,
or constitutions of several nations;
whereof some
(as the Chaldeans and Persians)
begin it from Sunrise;
(such as Jews, Athenians, ancient
Egyptians, and modern Italians)
from Sunset;
(as Umbrians)
from Noon;
and others
(as the ancient Romans,
and at this day,
the French, Spaniards, Germans
and the greater part
of the people of our world)
from Midnight.

Philip; a man's real name, they say it signifies, a lover of horses, deriving it from Phil=love, and Hippo=horse; but Philip to my understanding relates to the 4th sign, Taurus, it is the number of man, containing the stars of Orion. Philip was the 4th disciple; I will leave it there, for there is more to this than meets the eye.
Mace. A proper name- Matthew.
Fesse Matthieu. An V Surer, a banker, a returner, or lender of money, with interest or by exchange- [pawn]. [Matthew they said was a tax collector? A banker, a tax man, not much difference I suppose, both rob people.

A lot, portion, part, share, today we think of Lot, in terms of chance, a lottery. John the Baptists father, was apparently chosen by lot to serve in the temple for a certain month. That does not imply, that for example, there were several priests, of which or from whom, by straws or some other foolish manner, one or more were picked out to serve in the temple that month. But, that, his already allotted, given time, the month in which he was trained to perform the required duties within the temple, were due and preset by the stars. His Lot had nothing to do with chance, luck or misfortune, the stars and the seasons are not random. It is further taken from chance, when you realize the Biblical Lot, nephew of Abraham was not a man, but the Moon.

'Nud comme vn ver'
Then we said,
bare as a birds arse, 0r, as poor as Job
{Jobless, as it is today].

An oracle, a sentence delivered,
an answer (pretended to have been) given,
by God or gods.

'Oraculeux- oraculeuse'
oracle like,
as true as the Gospels; thus infallible.
But the words of the oracle
can not be trusted.

Virgo, virgin.

'Ciencture doree'
A golden girdle {in former times worn only by such as went for honest women, noted whores were forbidden it. [from the girdle of the Amazon Queen, the same as Berenices hair],

Cucumber, so called with reference to the great Bull of Taurus, cowcumber- a bull's dick. {which would be green in Egyptian, myth-religion.

Devin: m. a Diviner, Soothsayer, Fortune-teller, guesser at, foretellern of, things to come.
Devinailles: f. divinations, predictions, conjectures, guesses.
Devinance, as devinement.
Devine: m ee, f. divined, foretold, gussed, conjectured.
Devinement: A divining, soothsaying, foredeeming, conjecturing, guesing, supposing, surmising of what will follow.
Deviner: To divine, presage, soothsay it, to conjecture, guess, foredeem, suppose, surmise, presume, what will follow, thus.

'Ill nous a mis a deviner'
He has put us to our plunges, or dumps; he has driven us to our wits end, or to search evey corner of our understanding.

f. a Propetess; a woman that guesses at, or foretells of, things to come.

divine; godly- heavenly,
most holy, participating of the Godhead,
belonging to, or coming from God.
Divinance, a divining, presaging, presage,
foretell. Also devin, & devinailles.

presaging, prophesying, foretelling

a prophet, presager, etc.



Divination by the raising
of the dead.

divination, soothsaying,
or conjective of things to come,
by birds; also fore token,
presage, prophecy; forewarning.

a divining, soothsaying, augurising.

A prophet, a soothsayer,
diviner, fore-teller of things to come.

A prophesying, divining,
foretelling, sooth saying,

To prophecy, divine, sooth say
it, conjecture at, foretell of,
things to come.

fore-showing, an argument, or sign,
of a future thing, a guessing,
by signs of things to come.

divining using a hatchet on
burnt meat.
Aeromantie; divination by the air.

divination by cock,
or cock stone.

divination by barley
meal mixed with wheat.

divin' by barley meal.

divination by witchcraft
by virtue of herbs [botany].

'Donner trois tours de baley parla cheminee'
To swing a broom 3 times
about a chimney-
a ceremony used by witches a little before
they go out unto their devilish assemblies.
Sortilege. Witchcraft or divination by lots.
Hydromantie. Divination by observation
of water, or by spirits appearing in it.
Piromantie. Divination by fire.
Pyronomie; the art of governing,
summoning, or ordering alchemistic fire.
Tephramantie, divin' by ashes blown
or cast up into the air.
Solistune. Divining by a falling on the
ground of bread given unto chickens.
Ichthymantie. Divination by fish.
Auspice, divine- forecast, sign, token,
divination by the observation of bird flight.
Auspicious, of good omen, prosperous
favourable, fortuitous, ocassion.
Divining by the moving of birds.

'Astra galoinantie'
Divination by buckle bones.
divining by smoke rising from an altar,
where incense or poppy seed is burned.
Cephaleonomanie; divination by an
Ass's head boiled on coals.
Extipiscine; divination,
or soothsaying by the inspection
of the entrails of a beasts-animals.
Onymantie; divining by oil and wax.
Sycomantie. Divin' by fig leaves.
Daphnomantie; divination by laurel
or bay trees.
Sticonomantie. Divining by words
written on the bark of trees.
Divination by the face.
Gastromantie, divination by the belly.
Gastimythe, a belly god,
one who makes his belly his god.
divining by a mans name.
Divination by a mans breasts.
Onomantie. Divination by names,
also the skill of repeating many names
by memory.
Orneomantie, divination by the
movement of birds.
Necyomance; divination by conference
with dead bodies raised.
Sciomance. {scyomantie] Divining by
conference with the shades,
shadows of dead men.
Libanomantie. Divination by incense,
or frankincense.
Onicocrite. A judger of dreams.
Oniccritique. The judging of dreams.
Oniropole. Expounder,
explainer of dreams.
Ceromantie, divining, soothsaying
by wax put into water.
Rabdomantie. Divining by twigs
or small wands.
Tyromantie, divination by cheese.
Charmeresse; an enchantress,
Witch, or wizard.
Chiromantie, palmistry,
a guessing at one's fortunes by the marks,
or making of his hand. Also
chiromantien, palmer-fortune teller.
Leconomantie. divination by water,
in a basin.
Lithomantie. Divination by the casting
of pebble stones.
Litue. A certain crooked staff
used by Roman augurs,
also, a crosier, or bishops staff.
divination by looking glass.
Consecutif: m, iue, f. divining by the use
of a sieve and a pair of shears.
Giromantie. Divining by circles.
Divination by points and circles
Goetie. The black arts, devilish magic,
or witchcraft.
Songe. A dream.

'Songes sont mensonges'
Dreams are delusions;
or there is no truth in dreams.

A fairy. Also, fatal, appointed,
destined, also taken as bewitched,
or fore-spoken, also charmed, enchanted.
The final word
on the matter,
Moromantie. foolish divination.

a shroud, or den underground,
Also, the point in heaven when the Sun
Or any planet is furthermost from the
Center of the Earth.

'Fiens de chien, & marc d'argent seront tout vn au iour iugement'
All, will be one at the end of days.
After us the deluge.

'La fin fait tout'
The End proves all, or
Is all in all.