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Randle Cotgrave Quotes

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The Quotes in this section are related to the works of Randle Cotgrave and the associated thoughts and analysis from Lux Nova published on the Secret Vault.

Randle Cotgrave Quotes

This Randle Cotgrave quote is extracted from Book 12 (Ignorance) from the Books of Cotgrave by Lux Nova

Dequoy, adverb: where to, wherefore;
to what end, means or purpose,
what is the use of it,
'Dequoy me sert cela?',
what use do I have for that, what purpose?
or use is that-it, to me?
(it is neither fish nor flesh,
neither here nor there:
there is no reason or rhyme to it,
it is of no matter or
consequence to me.)

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