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Randle Cotgrave Quotes

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The Quotes in this section are related to the works of Randle Cotgrave and the associated thoughts and analysis from Lux Nova published on the Secret Vault.

Randle Cotgrave Quotes

This Randle Cotgrave quote is extracted from Book 17 (Great Matters) from the Books of Cotgrave by Lux Nova

L' Arbre ne tombe pas
du premeir coup.
Though a little man
can fell a great oak,
yet it falls not at the first blow;
Rome was not built in a day,
nor are great matters achieved
as soon as attempted.
[the 1st blow fells not the tree,
the 1st attempt, or effort,
carries not the matter.
all things are difficult
before they are easy.}
The straight road begins in hell
and ends in heaven.

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