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Randle Cotgrave Quotes

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The Quotes in this section are related to the works of Randle Cotgrave and the associated thoughts and analysis from Lux Nova published on the Secret Vault.

Randle Cotgrave Quotes

This Randle Cotgrave quote is extracted from Book 2 (Women - The Woe of Men) from the Books of Cotgrave by Lux Nova

Deux chiens ne s'accordant point a vn os
We say,
Two cats and one mouse,
Two wives and one house,
Two dogs and a bone,
Never agree as one.
I might forgive you, but I'll never forget.
The truest words a woman ever spoke?
[ but men, not wishing to offend blamed an
Who with its large head and small brain,
Huge ears,
And long nose that gets everywhere,
And who thinks it good to bath and
Plaster themselves in mud,
can hardly considered the characteristics
of a woman? L. N.]

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