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Star Signs: Aquarius

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Which Star Sign were you born in?

If you were born between 21st January -18th February, then you were born under the star sign Aquarius. In this page we examine the image associated with Aquarius, current and hostroic names for Aquarius, look at historic figures born under Aquarius and share interesting facts about the Aquarius star sign.

Aquarius, water sign, (21st January -18th February)

French-Le Verseau. German- der Wassermann. Italian- il Aquario. Anglo Saxon-, se Waeter-gyt, Arabian- Al Dalw. Persian- Dol, Dul, or Vahik. Hebrew- Deli. Syrian-Daulo. Turkish- Kugha. Gula- Babylonian,

Other names for the month.

Hebrew- Shevat, Babylonian- Arah Sabatu,

General description

A Man, or boy pouring water from an urn, jar or bucket, sometimes a man with urn on his shoulder falling backwards, towel in left hand, mule carrying two barrels.

Famous ancient Aquarians

Adam, Cain, Reuben son of Jacob, Sumerian god Sinundu/Rammanu, Greek goddess Hera, Roman goddess Juno, Lancelot- first knight of Arthur, Peter the Apostle.


Colour. White-Blue

Associated planet. House of Saturn, ruled by Uranus.

Bodily parts. Legs and ankles.

Emblems and symbols.

Urn, jar, bucket,


Fruit trees, flowering cherry; under the influence of Uranus, jacaranda, cherry, coffee, nutmeg, myrrh and pomegranate.

Animals, and animal associations

Goose, peacock, lord of camels, far east ‘the rat.’

Signs and constellations around them. From direct right clockwise

Pisces, Cetus, River Eridanus, Pisces Australis, Capricorn, Delphinus, Pegasus.

Notes of interest

Vercingetorix, Caesars enemy in Gaul 52BC, is recorded to have put on his totems the title Diota= two handled, or eared jug-Jar.

To the ancient, Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians, the heavens were a sea, which was under the total control of Aquarius.

To the Persian Magi, and the Druids, it represented the whole science of Astrology. Astrology-astronomy, contained all sciences, nothing was excluded. The Mathematics, {to comprehend 4 of the liberal sciences, being principally, arithmetic, geometry, music and Astronomy, known uniformly as Astrology, {as anatomy is to biology. As body is to mind. Neither one, without the other can exist in this world. [further, music as a science is not the study or ability to play music as we now think of it, but of harmony the music and flow of the spheres, understanding that which makes the sciences tick and work together; while arithmetic is of numbers-thus physics, and thus measure and time; geometry, chemistry and what comes from it, is that which forms from them all, as mass, and physical existence.

There is a very ancient proverb that Marcus Manilius quoted amongst others, ‘SIC PROFLUIT URNA’ said of a pleading lawyer, or a woman, ‘and the urn flows on.’

Birth sign of Ronald Reagan USA.

Ancient countries etc. under the influence of Aquarius include.

Cilicia, Phoenician city of Tyre.

Modern countries and cities supposedly under the influence of Aquarius, include,

Arabia, Tartary, Russia, Denmark, lower Sweden, Westphalia, Breman, Hamburg,

General qualities

Capacity to learn, adaptability, integrity, resolve

Less known but important qualities or spheres of influence

If my understanding concerning the Equinox’s is correct, the ancient Sumerians, Akkadians, Babylonians and more, refer to what we call the Vernal, Equinox (the start of spring, the growing season) as occurring in the sign of Aquarius, if this is close to the truth, there are only two possible outcomes, mankind had developed their knowledge of Astrology, at least by around 11000BC, or if vernal Equinox occurred in Aquarius, in the Northern hemisphere, almost 25000years ago. This has serious knock on effects, around 11000BC, Leo, the Sphinx before-in front of the pyramids, would

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