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Star Signs: Aries

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Which Star Sign were you born in?

If you were born between the 21st March- 20th April, then you were born under the star sign Aries. In this page we examine the image associated with Aries, current and hostroic names for Aries, look at historic figures born under Aries and share interesting facts about the Aries star sign.

Aries. Fire (21st March- 20th April)

Belier-French, Agru- Babylonian, Ariete- Italian, Widder- German, Ramm-Anglo Saxon, Multuns- Anglo Norman, Rubu- Assyrian, Ku, I Ku-Akkadian,

Other names for the month.

Nisanu- Babylonian, Nisan- Hebrew, Amru or Emru-Syrian,

General description

Depicted as a ram, sitting on the rear end of the bull,

Famous ancients of Aries

Gad the son of Jacob, Andrew the Apostle and disciple of Jesus.


Colour. Red- white

Associated planet. Mars

Bodily parts. Head and face

Emblems and symbols.



Thorn bearing trees, Acacia, hawthorn, redwood and desert trees; under the influence of Mars, cashew, hawthorn, juniper and all gum and mastic trees.


Rams, lambs,

Signs and constellations around them. From direct right clockwise

The Bull, Orion, Cetus, Pisces, Cepheus (king of Ethopia) which is now called Perseus.

Notes of interest

Alexander the Great, took to wearing a helmet sporting Rams horns after conquering Egypt and making himself a Pharaoh.

Ancient countries etc. under the influence of Aries include.

Egypt-Nile, Persia, Syria, Hellespont, Propontis.

Modern countries and cities supposedly under the influence of Aries, include,

Denmark, England, France, Germany, Switzerland, Lesser Poland, Capua, Naples, Verona, Syria,

Qualities general

Strength and determination to resolve problems, execute plans, resolve situations

General qualities

Determined, assertive.

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