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Star Signs: Scorpio

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Which Star Sign were you born in?

If you were born between the 24th October- 22nd November, then you were born under the star sign Scorpio. In this page we examine the image associated with Scorpio, current and hostroic names for Scorpio, look at historic figures born under Scorpio and share interesting facts about the Scorpio star sign.

Scorpio. Water sign, (24th October- 22nd November)

Al Akrab- Arabian, Akreva-Syrian, Girtab- Akkadian, Escorpiun- Anglo-Normans, Throwend- Anglo- Saxon

Other names for the month.

Samnu- Babylonians, Cheshvan- Hebrew,

General description

Now depicted as a scorpion, occasionally as the god Typhon.

Famous ancient Scorpio’

Dan son of Jacob and Samson of the Old testament. Herakles of the Greek, Hercules of Rome,


Burgundy or indigo

Associated planet


Body part



Emblems and symbols

Caduceus, sickle, fire altar,


Blackthorn, Tamarisk, bushy trees in general especially those growing near salt water; under the influence of Mars, cashew, hawthorn, juniper, all gum or mastic trees


Crocodile, scorpion, eagle, vulture, geese, fox,

Signs and constellations around them. From direct right clockwise

Sagittarius, Ara (the fire altar), Lupus, Scales of Libra, Augur and Ophiuchus

Notes of interest

Scorpio was the house of Venus, ruled by Pluto. It is the house- station of Herakles and of Samson.

Ancient countries etc. under the influence of Scorpio include.

Egypt, Libya, Carthage, Sardinia.

Modern countries and cities supposedly under the influence of Scorpio, include,

Morocco, Barbary, upper Batavia, Judea, Mauritania, Catalonia, Norway, West Silesia, Valencia, Messina,

General qualities

Penetrating vision, secrecy, revealing hidden talents, bringing things to an end, assertiveness,

Less known but important qualities

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